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4 iria degen private house

10 iria degen private house

elliott barnes apartment paris elliott barnes apartment paris 14

why did you choose this specific property this detached house on lake zurich which i had the honour of designing back in 2003 excellently balances function and aesthetics it is quite a typical example of fine modern architecture in these parts to create a new look for this property and replace textiles after 14 years made sense from a sustainability point of view and was very exciting for me what do you look out for when you enter rooms you will be furnishing their spatial dimensions the flow of the rooms and in general their qualities and distinctive features good interior design can strengthen positive features and play down the negative ones what do you appreciate about the silk & spices collection time and again i am amazed at how création baumann manages to surprise me with every new collection i like the choice of colours in silk & spices its finishes – generally the beautiful contrasts between matte and shiny textures the fabrics are very

elliott barnes “vive la crÉation” elliott barnes apartment paris “silk & spices offers an incredibly wide range of options.” textile inspiration unveiled 16 art direction on set elliott barnes orchestrates his creation small details take centre stage from haussmann to baumann silk & spices meets 19th-century parisian architecture interior design on camera artistic making-of taking the design a step further designing with the

erik bruce “think big apple” elliott barnes apartment paris “i appreciate the wealth of sophisticated structures and colours.” 16 individual textiles sewn by hand welcome to erik bruce fabrik the workspace – distraction-free interaction of forms and colours made to measure the cushion covers are made from several different fabrics once cut the fabric is

“silk & spices” by crÉation baumann elliott barnes apartment paris 16 updated homage to tradition as far as textile technology is concerned the silk & spices collection also stands for traditional expertise however for sibylle aeberhard paying homage to the past by using warp prints jacquard weaves embroidery and so on is not merely an end in itself “it’s always a matter of knowing which technique we can use to achieve precisely the creative expression we’re looking for that’s what gives silk & spices its modern edge.” for the textile designer bringing together technology and creative imagination means combining respect for tradition with the aspiration to break new ground technical refinement for sophisticated creations one of the highlights of the silk & spices collection in both technical and design terms is the sophisticated artemisia fabric “with this fabric we had to

22 erik bruce townhouse new

26 erik bruce townhouse new

index 1 2 4 19 20 21 poufs dandy 67 66 cushions leone 91 maira 23 orfeo 49 victor 611 leone 73 sofa vasco 709 curtains lenta 361 maira 23 poufs dandy 66 cushions chess 1 leone 74 victor 611 orfeo 49 leone 91 maira 34 sofas vasco 709 curtains lenta 361 maira 23 chairs diora 301 curtains lenta 361 maira 23 kissen ramin 419 daphne 14 sessel maira 25 victor 601 vorhang daphne 4 kissen ramin 418 raina 505 sofa vasco 705 dandy 64 vorhänge ramin 425 6 7 8 22 24 26 pouf dandy 66 roman blind estragon 91 curtain solea 110 cushions tobago 84 paraguay 154 trinidad 77 tobago 87 sunbed trinidad 74 headboard leone 79 cushion orfeo 43 roman blind estragon 91 kissen daphne 7 raina 507/526 ramin 406 dalia 2 vorhänge turmalin 224/227 253/254/256 kissen daphne 7 textile inspiration since 1886 sofa velling 363 30 10 12 14 cushions leone 91 armchairs vasco 703 curtains lenta 361 maira 23 cushions ramin 418 raina 505 sofa dandy 64 vasco 705 roman blind turmalin 253 curtains orfeo 41 curtains ramin 425

32 erik bruce townhouse new