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Catalog Gazette Acoustics 2019

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44 crÉation baumann on the theme of acoustics 1 acoustic innovations the world’s largest range of sound-absorbing fabrics is now even larger and more attractive 1 brugg cables by using “sonic” curtain fabric in its new building brugg cables has achieved stylish design with perfect acoustics 1 worldwide references our sophisticated solutions for acoustic interior design are as diverse as they are unique and you can find them

4 4´37 47 0 04 0 2 2 0 0 &5 4 0 00%2 4 2 9 a visit to the new building at brugg cables proves it création baumann can bring effective sound absorption and a stylish appearance into perfect harmony our traditional swiss company creates fabrics that are tested to iso/en standards and perform brilliantly in all sound ranges thanks to our extensive services and our in-house design and production departments we can also offer unique customised solutions in brugg the fabric used is “sonic” in trevira cs which is perfect for classrooms lecture halls and multi-purpose rooms this multi-functional fabric gives top results over a wide frequency range and so creates an ideal atmosphere for total concentration three questions for thomas imhof acoustic designer for brugg cables how do you design the best possible acoustics for a room first you have to decide what a room is going to be used for there are different acoustic requirements for a classroom than for a restaurant and

4 0 340%2 2 2330 0 24 3 6%3 0 24 0 534 03 54 3 &2 0#2b!4 0 5  7 l’art pour l’art location institute of art and music university of augsburg germany design knoche architekten bda leipzig masto dekorationen gmbh co kg essen müller-bbm gmbh planegg acoustics curtains made of sonic sonor and umbria photo dietmar träupmann augustusburg 2 0349 04 9/527/2 0 03/5

0635 0 03/5 03 3!4  534 3&2 0#2b!4 0 5 70 acoustic fabrics in 1,700 colours say it loud and clear création baumann offers the world’s largest and most diverse acoustic collection for stylish properties – be it for an office concert hall or for your own home we are opening up entirely new perspectives for acoustics within interior design by optimising the weight porosity and weaving techniques our textile experts in langenthal have produced ultra-light transparent products produced in trevira cs their properties are impressive these fabrics feel great hang well and noticeably reduce reverberation time and they prove once again that in the world of textiles it’s création baumann that sets the tone 2 photo michael fritschi 1 photo david franck photographie ostfildern photo franz durst linz 3 1 quiet spaces location trumpf logistikzentrum ditzingen germany design barkow leibinger architekten berlin acoustics partition wall covers

8 9 11 photo dietmar träupmann augustusburg 7 photo dominique uldry bern photo manja schmoger 6 photo michael rasche dortmund 10 photo rolf frei weil am rhein photo ralph feiner zurich 4 photo rolf frei weil am rhein

photos architekturfotografie gempeler bern -53 0 04 0&5452 for increased concentration wellbeing and vitality création baumann looks forward to enhancing your interior spaces visually and acoustically with our sophisticated textiles if you have any special requests we’re all ears 0190246 1 soundsmiths location music school bern conservatory switzerland design 3b architekten ag bern teo jakob ag bern gartenmann engineering ag bern acoustics curtains made of umbria to control reverberation time below plus curtains made of ponte for privacy and to reduce glare in the main hall top création baumann ag bern-zürich-strasse 23 ch-4901 langenthal telephone +41 062 919 62 62 fax +41 062 922 45 47 mail