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for an optimum flow of light glare and heat protection by crÉation

using textiles for regulating light and heat the more open the architecture the more important it is to direct the fall of light using the around 140 highly functional fabrics in création baumann’s glare heat collection you can direct the interior sun protection in each room just as you wish the situation light-filled rooms the offering variety with around 140 fabrics it‘s impossible to imagine modern buildings without large window fronts they make it possible to use the daylight and create space landscapes where people feel at ease because they have an unobstructed view of the outside the downside a strong fall of light also requires optimum glare and heat protection the comprehensive glare heat collection provides future-proof options for glare and heat protection with a wide range of functional textiles of up to 300cm in width and different transparencies looks textures and colours reflectacoustic is a textile milestone of création baumann’s this

directing the flow of light crÉation baumann’s textiles for glare and heat protection create the perfect balance between the inside and outside private residence and office starnberg germany photo christoph vohler photographie

tested – according to all the rules of physics création baumann’s metallised textiles for glare and heat protection provide excellent functional values this is also confirmed by extensive testing and assessing of all qualities and colours performed in compliance with standardised procedures the technology metallising in a highly technical procedure aluminium steel brass or copper are applied onto the fabric’s back an additional finish makes the fabrics more resistant against water stains vapour corrosion and contamination an independent testing body checks all the textiles for functional glare and heat protection values this allows architects and interior designers to calculate light and energy during the planning stage key parameters of glare and heat protection these three physical parameters determine glare and heat protection absorption a reflection b transmission c normal transmission – hemispheric the requirement only certified fabrics physical

solutions for every room when the interior and exterior of an open architecture merge textiles contribute to creating an atmosphere and a sense of well-being création baumann flexibly brings glare and heat protection to public and private spaces glare and heat protection in public spaces open space architecture embraces the notion of sunlight textiles by création baumann for glare and heat protection make it possible to exactly direct the flow of light contributing to a high level of glare protection and maximum transparency photo ken’ichi suzuki tokyo glare and heat protection in private spaces textiles by création baumann for glare and heat protection are visually capturing in private spaces with their subtle plays of light they combine a high level of functionality with textile aesthetics their soft drape highlights a pleasant indoor climate photo hannes henz zurich glare and heat protection with acoustic properties public or private open space designs also need 0050047.0000 innovative light direction internal sun protection has had a long tradition in langenthal in 1989 création baumann as switzerland’s leading textiles manufacturer launched the first fabrics for glare and heat protection and the collection is growing – year after year how would you like us to direct the flow of light in your rooms please contact us or our specialist retailers for more information and a personal consultation for the ideal glare and heat protection using our fabrics glare and heat protection by création baumann architecture museum of the technical university munich germany collège et centre communal belmont switzerland halmstad energi hq halmstad sweden hiroshi senju museum karuizawa nagano japan office building and high-rise building of the richti area wallisellen switzerland shibaura house tokyo japan campus wu executive academy vienna austria création baumann ag bern-zürich-strasse