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dry cleaning window and curtain test method testing method digital printing lighting protection interior design interior designer cm to inches types of c x ion silver fabric cs p 723 japan s 721 s 728 berlin alpha 2 cell cells p 715 r 702 dental p 725 s 704 cs 159 s 720 h 720 p 720 m2 care f 207 j decor cs 35 t 216 b 216 p 211 l 211 t 206 s 204 astm standard p 208 j f 208 j c 203 205 e b 205 e 330 b 212 6 3 x 3 x 212 telephon fax windows 6000 series p 210 j c cm

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healthcare by crÉation baumann fabrics for health and

antimicrobial function bacteria don’t stand a chance hygiene requirements in public places are becoming increasingly stringent in order to meet them the fabrics used must also invariably reflect the latest research particularly in the healthcare sector the solution antimicrobial fabrics from création baumann silver ions versus microbes fabrics for all uses antimicrobial fabrics from création baumann are finished with silver ions these are lodged within the fibres where they are evenly distributed and firmly anchored the two new products unimento and basic iv un feature an antimicrobial finish as standard however the finish can also be applied to most of the other création baumann fabrics on request the silver ions in the fabrics disrupt important functions of the microorganism’s cell preventing any further cell division the growth of bacteria on the fabrics is controlled and inhibited this antimicrobial function is effective against bacteria which are deposited

healthcare fabrics from création baumann a healthy investment for hospitals rehabilitation centres care and residential homes for the elderly photo hannes henz zürich pleasant colours active function healthcare fabrics from crÉation baumann promote well-being and preserve

unimento both translucent and opaque unimento is a new addition to the healthcare collection with multiple benefits the smooth surface of the fine decorative fabric is antimicrobial and repels water and dirt unimento is ideal for use as a cubicle curtain or a curtain for a window and is available in 16 fresh colours at a glance uses can be railroaded 100 flame-retardant polyester 300 cm 118 inch 72 g/m2 16 special colours available from 300 m 330 yds material width weight number of colours antimicrobial flame-retardant properties care length shrinkage 1.5 when washing at 60 ºc 1 when washing at 40 ºc 1.5 when dry cleaning alpha value 0.30 sound absorption col 201 col 202 col 203 col 204 col 205 col 206 col 211 col 212 col 213 col 214 col 215 col 216 col 207 certificate on request col 208 col 209 col

basic iv un placing more importance on well-being basic iv un transforms the classic fabric made from trevira cs into a graceful antimicrobial material that is easy to care for whether for privacy glare protection or as a room divider basic iv un is suitable for many uses in the commercial sector it is also available in 28 colours from the subtlest to the deepest shades at a glance uses can be railroaded 100 flame-retardant polyester trevira cs 300 cm 118 inch 159 g/m2 28 special colours available from 240 m 260 yds material width weight number of colours antimicrobial flame-retardant properties care length shrinkage certificate on request 1 when washing at 60 ºc 0.5 when washing at 40 ºc 1 when dry cleaning alpha value 0.35 sound absorption col 701 col 702 col 703 col 704 col 705 col 706 col 707 col 708 col 709 col 710 col 711 col 712 col 713 col 714 col 715 col 716 col 717 col 718 col 719 col 720 col 721 col 722 col 723 col 724 col 725 col 726 col 727 col

art no 0190714 crÉation baumann textile inspiration since 1866 leading swiss textile company création baumann designs produces and sells high-quality fabrics with the highest standards of processing material quality and timeless design and the most stringent criteria for financial ecological and social sustainability 600 designs in 6000 colours speak for themselves for further inspiration and information on our extensive range and any other questions you may have take a look at our website healthcare fabrics from création baumann international references selection dental plaza fukuoka japan daycare center seri no sato tsu city mie prefecture japan kleppetunet care home klepp norway munich university hospital germany vivantes hospitals in berlin germany inselspital – bern university hospital switzerland university children’s hospital basel switzerland südpark residential home for the elderly basel switzerland dornbirn hospital austria