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sinfonia sinfoniacoustic the calm

a step towards naturalness the idea spurred on by jörg baumann was like a revolution in 1978 he launched a transparent curtain fabric that looked as natural as cotton but that is much easier to care for this idea became reality sinfonia has been a best-seller for over 40 years like any original the fabric has been continuously developed since then – and sets milestones today with the new colour scheme and the revolutionary sinfoniacoustic acoustic curtain «i was still a child when my father launched sinfonia we are carrying his pioneering spirit into the future with the new collection.» philippe baumann

curtain up for more a natural touch a cosy look – and with the best technical properties the transparent sinfonia curtain fabric is a versatile classic whose strengths come to the fore in public and in private spaces strong features woven from trevira cs the textiles meet the highest standards in terms of safety and ease of care made in switzerland the sinfonia and sinfoniacoustic curtain fabrics are developed and made in langenthal – guaranteeing optimum product quality and sustainability acoustic optimisation transparency and sound absorption are no longer a contradiction sinfoniacoustic a textile innovation has been added to the world of sinfonia made-to-measure solutions from the planning to the sampling our specialists are on hand to help you we are also happy to provide you with a quotation for custommade products with respect to colour function and design eliane ernst product manager «our goal was ambitious combining the naturalness and transparency of the

acoustics and design in harmony sinfoniacoustic is the ideal addition to the sinfonia collection thanks to an alpha value of 0.6 the new acoustic fabric offers sound absorption that is 6 times more effective than classic transparent curtains this is possible thanks to a foil yarn integrated into the fabric available in any combination thanks to the uniform materiality and colour scheme of sinfonia and sinfoniacoustic the two textiles can be combined in any way depending on the room and the concept tested in the laboratory sinfoniacoustic has excellent sound absorption values the acoustic properties have been tested in a reverberation chamber according to the iso/en standard detailed measurement values with explanations can be found at sound absorption coefficient as 1.2 sinfoniacoustic aw 0,60 1.0 sinfonia cs aw 0,10 0.8 application curtain 100  ruffled average 15 cm distance from the wall measurement protocol according to iso 354 iso 11654 0.6

colour diversity the sinfonia cs colour scheme with 64 colours – 12 of them also available as sinfoniacoustic – opens up ample scope for curtain applications the coordinated range includes various shades of white and colours from the entire colour spectrum col 1051 col 1013 col 1012 col 1069 col 1076 col 1014 col 1017 col 1052 col 1057 col 1011 col 1070 col 1025 col 1079 col 1083 col 1053 col 1058 col 1010 col 1062 col 1071 col 1077 col 1080 col 1084 col 1018 col 1059 col 1009 col 1043 col 1065 col 1072 col 1054 col 1060 col 1008 col 1044 col 1066 col 1073 col 1024 col 1031 col 1055 col 1001 col 1007 col 1063 col 1067 col 1074 col 1023 col 1056 col 1061 col 1006 col 1064 col 1068 col 1075 col 1078 also available as sinfoniacoustic special colours available from 240 m col 1015 col 1088 col 1092 col 1085 col 1089 col 1093 col 1081 col 1086 col 1090 col 1094 col 1082 col 1087 col 1091 col 1038 colours are indicative only we will be happy to send you a colour

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