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systems panel curtains laser medea p combo col 42

crÉation baumann systems vitalised by light finished off for you the crÉation baumann systems création baumann systems provide a perfect balance between form and function at a meeting point between light and space this is based on the unique weaving technique which has turned this swiss label into one of the world’s leading textile brands – in addition the expert knowledge of how to transform top-quality materials into outstanding systems the systems from création baumann offer all of the features which convey a positive spatial experience at the interface between architecture and interior design whether it be a space designed for living working studying or relaxing the systems make it possible to precisely control the amount and intensity of the light entering a room opening up an endless array of design options they offer an impressive range of functional features such as acoustic or ergonomic properties or flameretardant fabrics not least 7 they are

→ vertical blinds opt for the classic solution for pri­vacy and glare protection whether they are for straight-drop sloping or curved surfaces vertical blinds from création baumann make controlling the colour and lighting in a room effortless they feature an impressive array of highquality details a carriage with integrated slip-clutch stainless steel spacers and slats with edges that are woven and not cut the fabrics retain their shape thanks to a special technique which does not involve any plastic coating this means that they remain very soft to the touch and are easy to clean operating options pull cord chain pull motorised 9 → roman blinds let the renaissance of the roman blind inspire you with new ideas the natural-looking and evenly draping fabrics – which création baumann offers in a wide range of weaves colours and motifs – lend the room a pleasing light as well as a special textile charm the roman blinds also come with two different

systems roller blinds fresco r col 7081

systems panel curtains dimmer ii col 220 127 219 aimee col 241

systems panel curtains laser medea p combo col 42

systems roman blinds curl col 11

systems curtain tracks sereno col 729

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