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textiles trusted by museums worldwide paintings sculptures and historical works of arts in museums must not only be presented in an attractive way but also meet the most stringent conservation criteria création baumann develops functional and well-designed solutions for demanding applications in museums thereby playing a key role as a reliable partner different measures are implemented to preserve paintings sculptures and historical works of arts over the long term protecting them against any damaging effects the use of suitable materials therefore plays a decisive role when setting up exhibition space and presenting objects in display cabinets or on displays if textiles are used these must meet specific criteria the fabrics tested by création baumann are tested for their suitability for museums according to stringent conservation criteria and meet the highest safety standards the test results give curators and exhibition organisers all the necessary information about the

swiss quality and sustainability improving the ecological balance is an ongoing concern for création baumann our products are therefore distinguished by their intelligent design the highest quality standards and innovative production processes we already take the environmental impact over the entire life of the products into account when selecting raw materials during the product development stage swiss textile company environmental protection standards the swiss textile company création baumann has been designing producing and selling high-quality textiles for interior decoration and room design all over the world for more than 130 years functionality aesthetics and quality are paramount when developing fabrics to ensure that they satisfy all the aesthetic and functional requirements in all applications over the years création baumann is an independent family company in its fourth generation focusing on long-term objectives and a sustainable corporate strategy 96 of the

tested by crÉation baumann for museums création baumann offers a wide range of products tested for harmful substances that ensure the protection of valuable cultural assets the detailed measurement data is available for curators worldwide to facilitate their selection of the most suitable products a4 sample cards are available for the tested textiles with fabric swatches and a colour chart unisono iv a simple sophisticated classic and best-seller at the same time a puristic tight knit cotton fabric with a dry and slightly grainy texture the attractive colour palette contains subtle atmospheric nuances as well as excitingly fresh accent colours material 100 cotton colours 71 col 4327 ultra v the simple basic fabric with its extensive colour palette and dry texture can be used universally material 100 cotton colours 78 col 0404 indiana ii the heavy canvas texture in the cotton is a classic material 100 cotton colours 2 col

sand very elegant-looking satin fabric with a sophisticated duality sophisticated effects can be achieved during manufacturing with the different matt colour on the back available in ten colours material 66 cotton 34 polyester colours 10 col 0138 umbria iv universal plain fabric with a timeless look the canvas texture and the luxury materiality give the dyed piece a certain depth material 100 flame-retardant polyester trevira cs colours 40 col 0305 usus iii thick universal best-seller with a fine ribbed texture usus impresses with its rich range of colours – from puristic and natural to classic and earthy material 100 flame-retardant polyester trevira cs colours 39 col 0167 velos ii the exceptionally matt and short-pile velour fabric is ideally used as an elegant durable and easy-case upholstery fabric material 100 flame-retardant polyester trevira cs colours 36 col

the perfect solution for any function in addition to the tested textiles for display cabinets and displays création baumann also offers a large collection of functional fabrics for use in museums these textiles offer light and privacy protection and control sound we develop fabrics that can fulfil individual functions or take on multiple tasks depending on the requirement and application fabrics for improved room acoustics création baumann has a collection of decorative fabrics for sound absorption the textiles are tested according to the iso/en standard1 and have excellent sound absorption values especially in the high and medium frequency range www.creationbaumann.com/acoustics heat and glare protection création baumann has a select range of aesthetic and functional fabrics for glare protection textiles for glare protection are tested for their transparency and total energy transmission www.creationbaumann.com/glareprotection dimming of exhibition rooms création baumann

art.nr 0009297 crÉation baumann textile inspiration since 1886 création baumann the leading swiss textile company designs produces and sells high-quality fabrics with the highest standards in terms of workmanship material quality and a timeless design and stringent criteria for economic ecological and social sustainability 600 designs in 6000 colours convey a clear message for a competent consultation or the delivery of samples we will gladly help you you will find inspiration and information about our product range as well as a complete directory of our global sales locations on our website www.creationbaumann.com museums all over the world rely on création baumann selection art institute of chicago benin exhibit chicago product ultra intermuseum conservation association ohio restore 1790’s cleveland product ultra katonah museum of art art of joseph cornell new york product ultra utah museum of fine arts utah – american indian art product lorien un detroit