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street performance trucks trailer-towing rv s hi-6s multi-spark/inductive ignition t plug-n-go installation for 4 6 8 cylinder with distributor t up to 70 more spark-gap energy than stock ignitions t max output up to 8,000 rpm for up to 9.5:1 comp ratio t soft-urethane encapsulation seals against moisture dirt dust vibration heat t points or module triggered t built-in adj rev limiter in 100 rpm increments from 3100-9900 rpm t inductive ignition with long duration spark t low cost boost retard with optional map sensor or 0-20° selectable nitrous retard applications description part no hi-6s ignition-only for computer-controlled cars/trucks without vacuum advance triggers from stock electronic ignition easy plug-n-go installation not compatible with distributorless ignitions 50 states legal carb e.o d-225-59 6000-6300 hi-6s and coil kit ­ ford applications hi-6s and ps-91 coil along with plug-in harness for 1985-95 ford tfi-iv applications including mustang 5.0 h.o will not work

street performance race hi-6r/digital multi-spark cd ignition t multi-spark cd for race street up to 14.5:1 compression ratio nitrous-oxide supercharged and turbo more hp torque crisper throttle response for 4 6 8 cylinder with distributor t hi-6r pt no 6000-6400 delivers higher spark-gap current than comparable digital cd ignitions t built-in timing retard available with optional control module pt no 6000-6425 t plug-n-go universal harness included for vehiclespecific plug-n-go harness applications see next page t built-in tach accuracy check t sequential rev limiting stops engine damaging popping and banging at rev limit t bigger rotary switches with precise click-in detents for easy rev limit adjustments no chips needed adjusts in 100 rpm increments t shock mounts included for race conditions t points mag or module triggered t fully potted with new soft urethane for heat dirt and moisture protection t surface-mount fully digital components the most reliable cd ignition

street performance race turbo hi-6trc cd ignition with timing retard optional hi-6trc accessories a map manifold absolute pressure sensor 2 bar used as boost sensor for boost proportional retard with optional trc-2 timing retard control part no 9000-0110 a b hi-6trc tach adapter for module trigger applications required for some 1981-1995 non-obd ii applications triggering the hi-6trc from the stock electronic ignition module connects to trigger input on hi-6trc and feeds high voltage pulse required for tachometer and fuel injection operation back into the stock engine control system b part no 6000-8910 c optical trigger allows use of hi-6trc on points distributor models replaces breaker points and triggers hi-6trc use hi-6trc on pre-1975 vehicle replacing stock breaker points and some 1974-83 imports 12 volt negative ground only requires separate installation kit part no 715-0020 c d shock/vibration mounts to smooth out the ride for your ignition and coil 10-32 thread set of 4

oval track race hi-6n cd ignition for oval track competition t multi-spark with up to 12 sparks per cylinder firing for improved starting and elimination of plug fouling t built in adjustable rev limiter from 2000 to 9900 rpm in100 rpm increments t purchase of separate rev limiter not necessary and no chips t surface mount technology for smaller size less weight and increased reliability t six pin weatherpak® or deutsch® plug as per nascar® rule 20-6.1 t status led light for quick diagnostic check for a trigger signal t mosfet regulated power supply maintains output even if voltage drops below 8 volts t clear potting and removable bottom for inspection by sanctioning body t least amperage drain to system than any cd ignition on market t igbt output for the reliability that you need is found in all our cd ignitions t printed circuit board with through hole design and silicone seal for race reliability t magnetic trigger input in an analog design t consistant timing to within

crank trigger timing retard hall-effect crank trigger sensor t simple 3 wire hookup for hi-6 and most aftermarket ignitions t absolute stable timing to 12,000 rpm t eliminates spark scatter and erratic timing problems common in distributor ignitions t led indicator on the sensor means no timing light required to allow static timing of engine t accuracy within ±0.1 of a degree applications description hall effect crank trigger sensor only part no 9000-1000 specifications operating voltage rpm range trigger output 7 to 18 volts reverse polarity protected negative ground only 0 to 12,000 rpm 12 volt square wave points/module type signal optional replacement parts description points/module trigger to magnetic trigger adapter required for compatibility with dec9000 and other ignitions using magnetic trigger input part no 9000-8900 timing retard control t retard control for performance race street rv and towing applications t driver adjustable under dash mount t led light on module comes

points conversion ignitions xr700 points-to-electronic ignition t converts points type distributors to electronic ignition t increased timing accuracy t replaces many bosch lucas hitachi and nd units t all new status led light for easy diagnostics t fully potted for protection from dirt moisture and vibration t optical trigger for precise ignition timing t more powerful signal than points type t most reliable of its type t 6th generation of reliability t short circuit proof t positive ground compatible t 50 state legal specifications operating voltage 6 to 18 volts reverse polarity protected negative or positive ground not compatible with 6 volt electrical systems as these may drop below 4 volts during cranking 4.5 amps externally limited by ballast resistor on xr700 internal short circuit protection limit set at 7 amps 6,000 rpm rpm range higher for 4 and 6 cylinder engines 400 volts inductive discharge 60 millijoules with ps20/40 coil 60 milliamps with ps20/40 coil 300

distributors pro-curve billet distributor t optically triggered for precise timing accuracy t billet lower housing from 6061 t6 aluminum t stainless steel photo chemically etched trigger disc for precise timing t adjustable sliding collar gm models t small and large cap versions for your application t 27 advance curves programmed in and switch selectable t heavy duty spring clips on large cap models t ball bearing and bushing supported stainless steel shaft t complete with gear and ready to install t high quality cap with all brass fittings t magnetic trigger output t maintenance free t accuracy to within ± 0.5 degrees t plug in mag trigger harness for easy install t fully digital design applications description large cap chevy v8 sb bb 55-96 chrysler la ford 289/302 ford 5.0 ho/351w ford 351c/429/460 ford fe 1000-1500 1000-1800 1000-1600 1000-1602 1000-1604 1000-1606 part no description small cap chevy v8 sb bb 55-96 chrysler la chrysler b chrysler rb ford 289/302 ford 5.0 ho/351w

distributors oval track pro race distributors optional accessories and replacement parts a a fiber optics the absolute most accurate durable distributor trigger on the market high speed accuracy repeatability and strength all in one and approved for use in nascar® competition part no 1000-5500 b dashboard mount fiber optic trigger interface converter high speed laser in a lightweight package approved for use in nascar® competition part no 1000-5600 c rh rotor part no 1000-1404 lh rotor part no 1000-1405 d distributor cap part no 1000-1403 e wire retainer for distributor cap part no 1000-1408 optical trigger sensor unit each part no 1000-1424 weatherpak part no 1000-1423 deutsch b c d e f f g cap adapter kit part no 1000-1411 h replacement hardware kit for rebuild/refurbish part no 1000-1406 not shown g 866-388-5120

performance ignition coils ps91 ps92 ps92n e-core coils t high-output e-core coils for race and street t up to 70 higher energy at the spark plug than stock for maximum performance race or street t e-core design with closed magnetic path reduced leakage inductance cuts losses and improves energy transfer to the spark plug for maximum ignition performance t plastic overmolded core with urethane encapsulation improved urethane encapsulation material provides improved protection against severe shock harsh vibration and high voltage breakdown eliminates the exposed e-core t insulated primary connector for safety no exposed high voltage on primary terminals for enhanced safety an important consideration when used with high output cd systems mating connector included t sae-spec high voltage tower improved coil wire retention and longer creep path to protect against high voltage arcing t crane ps91 and ps92 e-core coils are 50 states street legal for recommended applications t custom fit

performance plug wires 8.5mm fire wire only 25 ohm per foot resistance t double-silicone reactive core spark plug wire sets t up to 50 more spark energy firewire s low 25 ohmper-foot resistance transmits up to 50 more energy to the spark plugs than other performance suppression core wires t 8.5mm pure silicone double-layer construction our 8.5mm silicone-on-silicone design resists high underhood temperatures and insulation breakdown caused by abrasion designed for use on tube-steel header equipped racing engines t state-of-the-art reactive core filters rfi firewires actually filter out rfi and emi noise generated by today s high-output ignition systems protecting on-board computer systems and instruments t high performance 550 degree boots t pure silicone boots 8.5mm sleeved firewire® t racing-design braided fiberglass sleeving offers an extra barrier layer of protection against abrasion and extreme heat up to 1200° f t the ultimate spark plug wire for drag racing oval track

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