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good shepherd this pyrenees styled cheese is made locally from unpasturized sheep’s milk makes for a great dessert cheese gouda aged mona lisa aged about 18 months this gouda style cheese is a magnificent vision slight granualization along with a perfect balance of scotch nutty sweetness is a delight on the palate made from cow’s milk gouda red wax a semi-hard cheese traditionally celebrated for its rich unique flavor and smooth texture gouda smoked smoked in ancient brick ovens over flaming hickory chip embers this hard cheese has an edible brown rind and a creamy yellow interior gourmandise walnut this french spreadable gourmandise cheese has layers of small chopped pieces of walnut between extremely soft cheese made with pateurized cow’s milk grana padano this hard cheese has a deep golden color and grainy texture made from the skimmed milk of italian holstein-fresian cows grana padano is caracterized by its fruity aroma and its sweet caramel taste that comes with a noticable tang gruyere boone creek aged at least 6 months this cheese has a wonderful complexity of flavors at first fruity before becoming more earthy and nutty with age boone creek creamery cheese is made with all natural milk taken from pasture-grazed hormone-free cows located in lexington kentucky this creamery hand-makes its cheeses using european techniques with no mechanical equipment protecting the flavor and texture of the finished cheese gruyere swiss popular for baking and melting this classic swiss cheese made from cow’s milk is characterized by its fine aromatic flavor aged min 5 months harlech sommerdale a blend of mature welsh cheddar with chopped horseradish and parsley its unique character and smooth texture compliments the intense flavor of the added spices havarti plain a mild creamy semi-firm danish cheese havarti with dill a semi-soft interior-ripened cheese that has a buttery aroma this harvarti is infused with dill imparting an extra dimension of intensity to this danish cheese humboldt fog cypress grove’s signature cheese this goat’s milk cheese pays homage to french morbier though its subtle tangy flavor and distinctive layer of edible vegetable ash huntsman cheddar alternating layers of double gloucester cheddar cheese and stiltlon blue cheese make up the hunstman jarlsberg a mild all-purpose cow’s milk cheese from norway this semi-firm cheese tastes buttery nutty and slightly sweet kenny’s asiago whole peppercorns ginger and garlic add exceptional flavor to our already rich and nutty asiago wonderful to grate in your favorite dishes or to slice and enjoy on its own kenny’s farmhouse cheeses are made by hand from raw cows milk using purebred cows raised with no artificial hormones in austin kentucky.