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mt cam cowgirl creamery cowgirl creamery’s signature cheese mt tam is a smooth creamy triple-cream made with organic milk this cheese is firm yet buttery with a mellow earthy flavor reminiscent of white mushrooms muenster semi-firm mild wisconsin muenster cheese made from cow’s milk ossau iraty a traditional unpasteurized semi-soft cheese that has a creamy buttery herbaceous feel when eaten p’tit basque made with pasteurized sheep’s milk p’tit basque is a medium-firm cheese with a pungent smell and a mild flavor parmagiano reggiano exclusively produced in certain parts of italy this is the original parmesan cheese parmesan shredded an appealing alternative to the traditional dry grated variety these fine shreds are attractive on top of pasta potato wedges and other dishes pecorino romano made from 100 sheep’s milk this hard cheese is aged from 8 to 12 months sharp and salty in flavor pecorino toscano made in tuscany from sheep’s milk pecorino toscano has a smooth earthy nutty flavor that is both sweet and salt-forward at the same time pepper jack the union of mellow monterey jack with sweet peppers and spicy jalapeños pierce point pierce point is a seasonal cheese made from local organic whole cow’s milk semi-soft and mold ripened the result is a creamy cheese that is complex without being overpowering point reyes blue creamy layers of full flavor all natural and made with raw milk original blue is kosher-certified gluten-free and made with microbial vegetarian rennet tasting note sweet fresh milk with a mediumto-strong punch of blue flavor uses a great cheese course blue perfect for salads dressings dips in a sauce for steak and grilled vegetables pont l’eveque a washed-rind cow’s milk cheese made in normandy this cheese has warm buttery savory flavors and tangy fruity undercurrents port salut a semi-soft natural cheese with a smooth velvety texture and light acidic taste made with cow’s milk port wine windsor also known as windsor red this mild cheddar-type gets its sweetness and its eye-catching crimson and white swirl from a traditional mix of port and brandy pyrenees style cheese boone creek’s cow’s milk variety of the famous pyrenees cheese from southwest france boone creek creamery cheese is made with all natural milk taken from pasture-grazed hormone-free cows located in lexington kentucky this creamery hand-makes its cheeses using european techniques with no mechanical equipment protecting the flavor and texture of the finished cheese • • •