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3 position switch off on on the progress of the stars quick and easy dry plastic snap hooks tear drop shaped two stage regulator two stage regulator co2 300 bar 3000 psi quick release buckle pressure relief valves pressure relief valve sc x 16 16 f sc shock absorber double stainless steel blades 7 mm socket wrench large diameter clear tube quick release power buckle o ring removal tool c ring removal tool o ring removal tools adjustable pressure relief valves 8 o ring removal tool high pressure relief valve silver brown black black silver large diameter tube 420 stainless steel elasticity of elasticity one piece suit one piece suits quick release lock for strapping spare parts catalogue stainless steel blade catalogue adjustable strap plastic lock stainless steel one hole straps stainless steel shaft stainless steel caps 8 cm by 5 cm spring stainless steel 12 point socket wrench set 4 mm diameter shaft stainless steel retaining ring stainless steel spring safety pressure relief valves stainless steel covers stainless steel o ring stainless steel f ring heavy duty seal non return valve non return valves chrome plated brass fittings high temperature and high pressure hose log book for mac bags for side bags spare parts for packing stainless steel specification

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the ocean is where i belong guillaume nÉry professionnal free-diver world champion guillaume néry is a french free-diving champion specialised in deep diving with just one breath he can dive to -125m below the water s surface as a multiple world record holder and the double reigning world champion guillaume s goals go well beyond the simple realm of sport with a perfect combination of aesthetics performance films and exploration guillaume practices his discipline like an art form it has become his way of life to dive ever deeper and always keep my energy levels high for my projects i endeavour to cultivate my personal universe my world in which i can delve to find my necessary resources and daily inspiration ocean ramsey estrella navarro shark marine research conservation professionnal free-diver national records i love companies that like to highlight important environmental issues my most essential daily necessity my cressi nano mask my cressi carbon blades in freediving

octopus ellipse regulators excellent breathing performance with all the technological innovation and easy maintenance features of the ellipse second stage means divers never have to settle for reduced performance from their safe second technical features downstream system adjustable venturi effect patented elliptical diaphragm patented antifriction lever swinging valve shaft with sealing washer big purge button no resonance material for the body cam-lock weight without hose :160 gr jacketed hose extremely light and flexible weight 153 gr certification annex b en 250:2014 a>10°c product octopus ellipse code hx817000 octopus compact pro technical features downstream system adjustable venturi effect patented antifriction lever thermoconductive technopolymer body big purge button anti-scratch surface bayonet-type cap holder with security lock stainless steel cover removable exhaust tee without tools weight without hose 140 gr jacketed hose extremely light and

facile 7 mm wetsuit wetsuits premium ultrastretch neoprene thickness 7 mm front zip 100 high stretch concept elastic span/elastic plush 10-18° c ce certification 50-64° f en 14225-1 b hood with air free valve system elastic plush inside one-piece 7 mm wetsuit with attached hood for cold water the suit is characterized by the water stop system whereby a particular bib inside creates a double barrier against water infiltration and improves thermal insulation transverse front zipper along with the special elastic span cover and elastic plush lining greatly facilitate the fit and donning special 5 mm inserts on the arms and legs improve the joint anatomy enabling smoother motion small dymond anti abrasion reinforcements on the shoulder and back side hood with airfree valve to remove the air wrists and ankles have double cuffs with a zip ankles and wrists with zips and double cuffs all-in-one man 7mm size code s/2 lt472802 m/3 lt472803 l/4 lt472804 xl/5 lt472805 xxl/6 lt472806

norge knives total length cm 22.8 inch 8.98 length blade cm 11.7 inch 4.61 thickness blade mm 4.5 inch 0.18 product norge norge is a modern compact knife with a futuristic design and a strong tempered blade the anatomical non-slip handle is made from soft grip material it is separated from the blade by a small technopolymer thumb tab the blade is made from special tempered stainless steel with a smooth edge on one side and partly serrated on the other this side of the blade has a line cutter at the handle end the black technopolymer sheath comes with loops to attach it to leg or at the waist the blade hooks onto the sheath with a quickrelease spring slide that sits smoothly against the actual sheath the knife comes with two standard issue straps to attach it to your leg code rc553010 skorpion total length cm 23.2 inch 9.14 length blade cm 11 inch 4.33 japanese 420 steel skorpion is a modern medium-sized knife with a futuristic design and a strong tempered blade one side of the

pluma bag new set fins pluma mask perla snorkel gamma 2017 sets cm 70 cm 32 product size pack code pluma bag set 35/36 6 ca179535 pluma bag set 37/38 6 ca179537 pluma bag set 39/40 6 ca179539 pluma bag set 41/42 6 ca179541 pluma bag set 43/44 6 ca179543 pluma bag set 45/46 6 ca179545 cressi buyer’s guide 2017 cressi.com

buyer’s guide 17 snorkeling junior

cobra adult size eyewear u.s pat 5.956.778 total vision silicone strap micrometric adjustable buckle ultra clear skirt 100 anti uv lens anti scratch lens anti fog lens 2 year warranty comfortable leak proof skirt for a universal fit perfect for open water and recreational swimming size a lenses anti fog anti scratch 100 anti uv u.s pat 5.956.778 device for regulating the lenght of a swimming goggles strap colours 170 clear/white clear/pink clear/red goggles with a single-piece skirt that is characterised by the presence of an elastic element within the structure that allows a perfect fit on most facial profiles shatterproof lenses with anti-scratch treatment uv protection and internal anti-fog treatment indestructible micrometrically adjustable buckles possibility of instantly replacing the buckle-strap structure with other models from the cressi range special packaging maintains these characteristics over time black/red clear/black assorted black clear/blue reusable protective box

swim bag bags carry bag for swimming and pool accessories made from strong nylon it is easy to access the main upper opening because it zips open right around three sides and has a double slide zipper two zip-up pockets have been placed along the narrow sides one houses a waterproof pouch where you can stow wet garments and keep them apart from the rest of the bag front pocket on one of the long ends that has a pen holder key snap-lock and several accessory pockets inside pocket for documents and valuables two carry handles velcro closing and adjustable shoulder strap with snap-locks product code swim bag da000010 beach bag beach case protect your items from water splashes while on the boat or on the beach protect your items from water splashes while on the boat or on the beach not waterproof underwater not waterproof underwater 2 liters sand proof anti dust splash protection product code beach bag 2 lt ua928002 198 sand proof anti dust splash protection product beach case code

apache new 2017 guns new threaded tip apache is cressi’s entry level speargun and can also be handy used as a second gun this gun is an excellent choice where fishing in holes around rocks shallows and where the quarry is in close proximity the apache incorporates a closed muzzle which helps with ease of loading and improved accuracy the sealed barrel is anodized for enhanced corrosion resistance while the ergonomic molded handle permits easier maneuverability and quick muzzle pointing the power band is fitted with a standard stainless wishbone and the gun includes a threaded tip shaft ergonomic molded handle for easier maneuverability durable anodized heavy duty sealed aluminum barrel closed muzzle for improved accuracy and ease of loading replaceable band and wishbone assembly is user friendly new threaded tip open muzzle circular band Ø mm 13 cm 75 26 cm 60 mm cm 45 cm 35 shaft Ø mm 6.50 product size code apache cm 75 fe341075 apache cm 60 fe341060 apache cm 45

cernia 5 7 mm wetsuit wetsuits the cernia is made with the special brown digital specter pat camouflage material developed by cressi technicians to make it more difficult for prey to create a solid image thus confusing the wearer with the background the dominant color is brown and the neoprene is a 5 and 7-mm supersoft open-cell the suit offers an anatomical preformed cut jacket with padded chest reinforcement reinforced knees high-waisted pants camouflage color brown-specter super soft open-cell neoprene chest reinforcement jacket 5mm size code jacket 7mm size code s/2 le466602 s/2 le466802 m/3 le466603 m/3 le466803 l/4 le466604 l/4 le466804 xl/5 le466605 xl/5 le466805 xxl/6 le466606 xxl/6 le466806 pants 5mm size code pants 7mm size code s/2 le466702 s/2 le466902 m/3 le466703 m/3 le466903 l/4 le466704 l/4 le466904 xl/5 le466705 xl/5 le466905 xxl/6 le466706 xxl/6 le466906 cressi buyer’s guide 2017 cressi.com ultrasoft neoprene

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