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quick and easy dry clear splash guard tear drop shaped shock absorber double two stage regulator plastic snap hooks two stage regulator co2 pressure relief valves 300 bar 3000 psi white white white yellow yellow pressure relief valve 7 mm socket wrench stainless steel blades o ring removal tool c ring removal tool 8 o ring removal tool bar pressure to psi one piece suit large diameter clear tube large diameter tube adjustable pressure relief valves 420 stainless steel quick release lock for strapping 39 mm 41 mm 4 mm diameter shaft safety pressure relief valves stainless steel o ring stainless steel retaining ring stainless steel blade catalogue stainless steel covers spring stainless steel stainless steel spring chrome plated brass fittings high temperature and high pressure hose stainless steel specification log book for mac stainless steel one hole straps parts in a pressure relief valve m cm in ft and in color code international red safety color code international red 4 cylinder engine parts international engine internal 12 point socket front cover international color code of international tir lens scuba diving king crab rash guard r1 r1 neoprene gloves spear shaft band buckle ear plugs dive watch

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c res s i history history 1930 s-1940 s 1938 brothers egidio and nanni cressi start to handcraft the first masks and spearfishing guns these are the origins of cressi the oldest scuba diving equipment company worldwide 1943 the first cressi mask the sirena was hand crafted in 1943 it remained in the catalogue with various updates for more than 30 years 1946 the cressi company is officially founded in genova italy by the late 1940s cressi had in its catalogue a complete range of spearguns of varying lengths and strengths the line included about a dozen separate models 1947 aro ar47 in 1947 the first oxygen rebreather was produced it was already highly advanced and fitted with sophisticated technical solutions like the condensation receptacle 1948 a wide range of masks were available for all needs spearfishing snorkeling and scuba ping history 1950 s 1950 cressi becomes an international company and it starts to export its products all over the world 1952 pinocchio mask cressi invented

mc 5 c o mpact 1st stage mc5 2nd stage compact total weight mc5 int compact hose included 738 gr mc5 din compact hose included 638 gr technical features 1st stage balanced diaphragm 1 outlets hp 7/16 unf 3 outlets mp 3/8 unf service pressure 300 bar 4350 psi din version 232 bar 3365 psi yoke version calibration pressure 10 bar brass body electroless nickel plated high capacity conical filter electroless nickel plated anti-pressure drop pneumatic spring setting spring stainless steel with micropeening treatment replaceable cylinder with anti-friction and anti-corrosion properties elastomer protector flow rate 3000 l/min yoke version weight 450 gr din version weight 350 gr code hx785051 hx786051 mc5 int compact product mc5 compact int mc5 compact din 300 mc5 din compact certification en250/2000 compact cover ac 2 c o mpact 1st stage ac2 2nd stage compact al so fo r re ntal ac2 int compact hose included 923 gr ac2 din compact hose included 783 gr technical features

a detailed guide of how to service the complete cressi range of products 3 simple ways to have it 1 type this link https cressi.com/easyup/file/maintenance/servicerepairoperativemanual_eng_rev3_17.pdf 2 scan this qrcode 3 visit www.cressi.com in addition to our download area on cressi’s website you can find our professional area the professional area is an area dedicated to authorized cressi euros and in order to access it you will need a username and password that will be supplied to you by your local cressi representative in the professional area you can find cressi service repair manuals assist assist 56 divingcenter pa rt nerprog

d iva t er mi co lady 2 mm swimming wetsuit 2 mm swimming wetsuit thickness 2 mm thickness 2 mm front zip front zip 100 high stretch concept 100 high stretch concept open water open water aqua gym aqua gym swimming pool swimming pool 18-26° c 70-80° f 18-26° c 70-80° f women´s all-in-one suit that is shaped like a one-piece swimsuit the first suit that protects against the cold in soft 2 mm neoprene designed specifically for swimming snorkeling and water sports in general it allows great freedom of movement thanks to the special style and elasticity of the material it is made from double lined 2 mm neoprene and comes with a front zip that makes it easy to put on and take off 2-mm ultraspan lined neoprene 2-mm ultraspan lined neoprene all-in-one lady 2mm all-in-one lady 2mm size xs/1 s/2 m/3 l/4 xl/5 size xs/1 s/2 m/3 l/4 xl/5 code dg000501 dg000502 dg000503 dg000504 dg000505 code dg001301 dg001302 dg001303 dg001304 dg001305 bu y er s g u id e 2018

t ho r brand new design for this extremely effective and yet very easy to use fin the special arched profile of the fins combined with the two central ribs promote a significant flow convection effect known as “spoon effect” which stabilises and boosts propulsion two lateral holes discharge the negative forces typically associated with this area and at the same time make for enhanced stability the blades are moulded from two different materials for improved reactivity these fins are perfect for scuba diving whether you are an experienced diver or a novice colours thor black/yellow thor black/yellow thor black/yellow thor black/yellow thor blue thor blue thor blue thor blue thor pink thor pink pink blue black/yellow special arched profile size xs/s s/m l xl xs/s s/m l xl xs/s s/m size eu 36/38 39/41 42/44 45/49 36/38 39/41 42/44 45/49 36/38 39/41 pack 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 code be141036 be141039 be141042 be141045 be142036 be142039 be142042 be142045 be144036 be144039 optional

r o ndinel la bag set fins rondinella mask onda snorkel gringo cm 65 cm 25 product rondinella bag set rondinella bag set rondinella bag set rondinella bag set rondinella bag set rondinella bag set rondinella bag set size 35/36 37/38 39/40 41/42 43/44 45/46 47/48 pack 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 r o ndinel la bag kid size product rondinella bag set rondinella bag set 13 2 buy er s gu i d e 2018 size 31/32 33/34 code ca189235 ca189237 ca189239 ca189241 ca189243 ca189245 ca189247 set fins rondinella mask ondina snorkel minigringo pack 6 6 code ca189231

o c ea n adult size 2 window tempered glass assorted clear/clear black/black aquamarine black/clear micrometric adjustable buckle clear colours clear/black ocean clear pack 6 6 code dn291050 dn291060 ocean aquamarine 6 dn291063 assorted ocean black 12 6 dn291099 dn295050 sky adult size 1 window tempered glass clear colours assorted 15 8 buy er s gu i d e 2018 pack 12 code dn200000 assorted micrometric adjustable

minidry small size dry guard purge valve clear version of the dry model for women and children the minidry snorkel has an original anti-splash end with a special valve that seals the tube as you dive almost totally preventing the entrance of water as the snorkel is submerged the lower end has a corrugated part that is smooth on the inside and keeps the snorkel away from the mouth when using breathing apparatus a special water collection cup with a large elliptic discharge valve makes expelling water quick and easy dry guard 100 high quality silicone clear/silver assorted colours minidry clear/pink minidry clear/yellow minidry clear/blue minidry clear/silver assorted 18 4 buy er s gu i d e 2018 pack 12 12 12 12 12 code es258840 es258810 es258820 es258960 es258899 clear/yellow clear/blue clear/pink purge

mo b y 5 115s 420 denier ykk zip nylon liter capacity lt 115 weight kg 3.9 lbs 8.6 dimensions cm 76x40x28 inch 29.94x15.76x11.03 high volume a large backpack that is slightly smaller than the moby xl model and which replaces the moby 4 model in the range it is made from a new 300/400 denier material that is light yet very strong the main compartment opens on three sides allowing easy access there are two large bellows pockets to the front with zip closures two side pockets for fins and a small upper pocket that holds an address tag there are also two adjustable padded straps for carrying on the back that can be placed in special pockets when the backpack is being forwarded the reinforced pull handle is telescopic and fully retractable the wheels have a large diameter and can be removed and easily replaced in the event of breakage there are two carrying handles a reinforced one at the top and one with velcro closure at the bottom the back of the bag houses supporting rods to keep the

a pache new threaded tip apache is cressi’s entry level speargun and can also be handy used as a second gun this gun is an excellent choice where fishing in holes around rocks shallows and where the quarry is in close proximity the apache incorporates a closed muzzle which helps with ease of loading and improved accuracy the sealed barrel is anodized for enhanced corrosion resistance while the ergonomic molded handle permits easier maneuverability and quick muzzle pointing the power band is fitted with a standard stainless wishbone and the gun includes a threaded tip shaft ergonomic molded handle for easier maneuverability durable anodized heavy duty sealed aluminum barrel closed muzzle for improved accuracy and ease of loading replaceable band and wishbone assembly is user friendly new threaded tip open muzzle circular band Ø mm 13 26 mm cm 75 cm 60 shaft Ø mm 6.50 cm 45 special handle angle to increase the shot’s precision cm 35 product apache apache apache

made in italy on ti collec 2018 cressi sub s.p.a euro pricelist vpbg0015 via gelasio adamoli 501 16165 genova italy tel +39 010 830 791 fax +39 010 830 79 220