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Cutting Tools 2016

Cutting Tools 2016 by Cromwell Australia

This section contains all the machine tools; Tool holders, chucks and collets and consumables files, drills, hole saws and indexable inserts; everything required to cut and machine whatever material you are working on. Spread throughout the section you will find dimensional specifications, recommended speeds and feed tables, carbide insert selection guides all designed to help you select the correct tool for the job OR if your not sure simply contact us directly we will be Happy to help!

Abrasives and Power Tools 2016

Abrasives and Power Tools 2016 by Cromwell Australia

We have got all the LEADING BRANDS of Abrasives, Air and Powertools in this section, to ensure you have the widest possible range of products to chose from 3M®, York™, Kennedy®, DeWALT®, BOSCH®, KOBE™, Hitachi®, Makita®, Karcher® so if you are on site, manufacturing, OR DIYing at home make sure you look through this section for the latest OFFERS and tools.

Precision & Laboratory Equipment 2016

Precision & Laboratory Equipment 2016 by Cromwell Australia

Inside you’ll find all the inspection, optical and measuring equipment you require to ensure quality standards and manufacturing tolerances are adhered to throughout the production process.

Hand Tools 2016

Hand Tools 2016 by Cromwell Australia

It is all here from Hammers to screwdrivers to automotive test equipment, plumbers tools to electrical test equipment, gardening and contractors tools and if your decorating we have got that covered too!……. list is virtually endless! Please see for yourself.

Workshop Equipment 2016

Workshop Equipment 2016 by Cromwell Australia

We are able to offer you a vast range of storage solutions and workbenches from the likes of bott®, Boscotek®, Phoenix®, Justrite®, Matlock™. If your machining or welding you’ll need to clamp the workpiece in place we have all the fixturing components, toggle clamps, chucks/arbors and coolant hose.

Fasteners and Bearings 2016

Fasteners and Bearings 2016 by Cromwell Australia

If you need to fasten it together we can help Bolts, screws, nuts, grommets, O-rings are all available in bulk OR as handy Fix-it kits an essential for any maintenance toolbox!

Lubricants & Chemicals 2016

Lubricants & Chemicals 2016 by Cromwell Australia

Skin cleansers and conditioners, adhesives, greases, paints and cutting fluids can all be found in this section, and if the worst happens you can also find spill response products.

Office Supplies 2016

Office Supplies 2016 by Cromwell Australia

Office equipment and packaging products can all be found in this section.

Welding 2016

Welding 2016 by Cromwell Australia

TIG, Mig, Arc and gas welding machines, consumables, safety equipment and workwear can all be found in this section.

Maintenance & Personal Protection 2016

Maintenance & Personal Protection 2016 by Cromwell Australia

Goggles, Helmets, Gloves, Ear Protectors, Boots, Shoes, Workwear, Fall Arrest Equipment, Matting, Eye Wash, Lifting Equipment, Tapes, Matting, Hi-Vis Products, Torches/Batteries, Padlocks, Hazard Warning, Inventory Labelling etc.