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We have got all the LEADING BRANDS of Abrasives, Air and Powertools in this section, to ensure you have the widest possible range of products to chose from 3M®, York™, Kennedy®, DeWALT®, BOSCH®, KOBE™, Hitachi®, Makita®, Karcher® so if you are on site, manufacturing, OR DIYing at home make sure you look through this section for the latest OFFERS and tools.

Filing Deburring Descaling Sanding Cutting & Grinding Finishing Polishing

male to female threaded reducing unions male to male threaded reducing unions 50 x 50 hand and power tools r1 r1 malee to males threaded reducing unions 39 x 14 x 39 ball bearing n type male to n type male 18 x 18 x 15 power tool 36v lithium ion battery and charger power tool lithium ion battery power tools impact wrench t 3 quick change tool post punch and die set hook and loop fastener 7 by 14 4 by 4 and 12 tapered roller spindle bearing hot water pressure washer hot water pressure washer coil glass fibre reinforced plastic male to female threaded unions high speed die grinder heavy duty die grinder female to males threaded reducing unions 6 female to 9 male threaded reducing unions auto stop carbon brush coils for solenoid valves coil for solenoid valves heavy duty die grinder prices adjust taper roller bearing single cylinder four stroke engine british standard pipe taper thread connector male to female 14 34 bspp female to 34 bspp female 38 impact socket set connector male to female 15 332 male to 332 male 18 x 18 tube to male pipe type n female to female 18 x 18 file 18 x 18 x 52 1 18 x 250 x 250 stainless steel retaining ring 2 male to 1 12 male 18 x 18 30 x 30 x 8 stainless steel tube in tube 3 14 center to center of hole parts for 30 30 power tool pneumatic power tool battery rotary variable speed switch for power tools industrial power tools variable speed switch for power tools power max power tools

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abrasive sheets coils aluminium oxide cloth aluminium oxide cloth aluminium oxide resinoid cloth backed x weight for workshop use group 200 superflex aluminium oxide is ‘resin bonded over resin’ on a very flexible j-weight blue twill cloth moisture resistant and electrostatically coated for polishing flat and contoured surfaces in most materials rolls 25mm wide x 46m long extended range grit sen-200 -2170k -2110k -2080k -2060k list price/1 $21.80 $19.40 $19.40 $19.40 sheets size 230 x 280mm 9” x 11” supplied in packs of 25 offer price/1 $13.08 $11.64 $11.64 $11.64 25 pack of grit grit p60 p120 p180 p240 50 pack of sheets 230 x 280mm 9” x 11” supplied in packs of 50 order code list offer sen-200 price/25 price/25 -4010k $36.25 $21.75 -4030k $31.00 $18.60 -4050k $31.00 $18.60 -4070k $31.00 $18.60 p40 p50 p60 p80 p100 p120 p150 p180 p220 p240 p280 p320 weight per 50 4.00kg 3.25kg 3.20kg 2.70kg 2.25kg 2.10kg 1.95kg 1.85kg 1.75kg 1.70kg 1.75kg 1.50kg

group 210 diamond burrs diamond coated burr set set of various style burrs packaged in a handy pocket ‘glasses case’ style plastic holder ideal for the shop floor workman with various deburring tasks assorted sizes of ball shape cylindrical ball nose cylindrical tree shape and conical up to 4.5mm diameter 3m shank diamond overall length 45mm 30 pieces number of pieces 30 list price/1 $135.70 order code yrk-210 -9900k offer price/1 $74.64 abrasives power tools diamond coated burrs 3mm shank overall length 45mm diamond grip mesh is 120/140 recommended operating speeds 15,000 30,000rpm suitable for precision grinding of carbide gems ceramics tough alloys cermets tool steels etc cylindrical diamond head dia x length mm 1.0 x 9 1.5 x 9 2.0 x 10 2.5 x 10 3.0 x 10 4.0 x 10 5.0 x 10 order code yrk-210 -9010k -9015k -9020k -9025k -9030k -9040k -9050k ball nosed list price/1 $8.01 $8.01 $8.01 $8.01 $9.01 $9.01 $9.01 offer price/1 $4.81 $4.81 $4.81 $4.81 $5.41 $5.41 $5.41 diamond

surface preparation finishing discs group 245 surface conditioning abrasives clean strip unitised discs quick change screw fitting quick change screw fitting a range of flexible surface preparation discs from coarse grit through to a fine polishing disc allows you to rapidly and consistently achieve the finish you require ideal for rust removal preparing and cleaning welds the threaded mounting allows rapid disc change when required m14 threaded backing pad supplied separately size density maximum grade rpm mm 75 x/coarse 10,000 backing pad m14 thread list price/1 $13.25 $29.00 order code yrk-245 -5310k -3510k offer price/1 $9.28 $20.30 clean strip unitised kit m14 threaded backing pad supplied separately quick change screw fitting kit includes 4x 75 discs x/coarse plus a m14 threaded backing pad 5 pieces density colour grade 75mm ultra fine grey polishing white backing pad m14 thread maximum rpm 21,000 order code list offer yrk-245 price/1 price/1 -3640k $3.84 $2.69 -3700k $3.84

group 259 air preparation air filter regulator air filter regulator combi lubricator manual/semi manual/semi-auto drain as standard rolling membrane regulator with secondary bleed and adjustable knob 20µm element as standard constant oil flow fully assembled units comprise a combined filter regulator lubricator in modular configuration body technopolymer bowl polycarbonate with protector filtration size 20µm abrasives power tools pressure gauge supplied separately see next page auto drain as standard rolling membrane regulator with secondary bleed and adjustable knob 20µm element as standard simply unscrew bowl for servicing use individually or as part of a combination unit electronic auto drain valve electronic timer for ultimate reliability adjustable interval and discharge times self cleaning valve needs no maintenance led indicators show operational status impulse test button supplied with full instructions includes tamperproof kit technical specifications electronic

13mm reversible pistol grip drill 13mm chuck or fpd500 suitable for high torque drilling applications as well as screwdriving hole sawing and cylinder honing rubber handle provides grip and operator comfort 1/2” chuck adjustable side 13mm chuck handle short gear case design heavy-duty gearing system with oil-less bushing spring loaded rotor vanes rear exhaust ball bearing construction for a long tool life free speed 500rpm heavy chuck capacity 13mm duty spindle thread 3/8” 24 a er t air inlet thread 1/4” npt minimum air hose size id 3/8” 10mm air pressure 90psi/6.2bar fr iendly air consumption 3.65cfm sound pressure level 95dba operator sound power level 100dba friendly vibration level 0.4m/s2 composite overall length 240mm handle grip op b2842 use for drilling and screwdriving two speed trigger slow speed when pushed halfway directional lever accessible from both sides for left/right handed use 13mm 1/2” chuck and detachable side handle included

group 270 air tools wrenches impact wrench iw500 one piece aluminium housing 10 position power regulator thumb switch for reversing 1/4” npt air inlet thread for 10mm air hose air pressure 90psi torque 300ft/lbs air consumption 4cfm bolt capacity 16mm overall length 191mm 1/2” drive mini impact wrench 1/2 bpm914 one hand forward/reverse function one piece solid magnesium body assures precision alignment of components giving longer tool life oil bath lubrication system reduces wear no need to lubricate the twinhammer engine supplied with optional muffler for increased flexibility extra powerful or extra low noise the choice is yours twin hammer mechanism delivers high power and a stable torque increase eight vaned motor quickly delivers maximum speed and power the unique design also drastically reduces air consumption reverse exhaust in handle supplied with black vinyl protection boot maximum torque 440nm weight 1.3kg product number bpm914 abrasives power tools

scrubbers sweepers manual sweeper professional small area scrubber drier br30/4 this scrubber drier eliminates the hassle and safety risks associated with floor mopping in public areas as easy to use as an upright vacuum cleaner thoroughly cleans and dries floors in a single pass and can also be used for deep cleaning its 4 litre clean and dirty water tanks are fully removable and easy to clean and refill while the roller brush and squeegees can be removed and replaced without tools low cleaning head height only 7cm makes cleaning under furniture easy while the vacuum can be switched off to enable initial scrub and detergent lay for deeper cleaning standard accessories roller brushes red 4.762-428 squeegee 4.777-320 and rm 743 250ml power supply 240v/50hz vacuum 140 mbar max theor performance 200 m2/h working width 300mm suction width 300mm brush rotation speed 1450rpm tank capacity dirty/clean 4/4l brush head height 70mm cable length 10m dimensions 390 x 335 x 1180mm group 273

group 279 industrial power tools 18v cordless 115mm cordless job site 18v li-ion angle grinder radio abrasives power tools bga452rfe 115mm lithium-ion offer longer more powerful working with 40 less weight slide-type on/off switch with non-start up if battery is inserted and the switch is in ‘on’ position capable of using discs for ac grinders when the unit is overloaded the overload lamp will illuminate and the motor will shut down battery replacement reminder anti-start function for safety 22 min max disc size 115mm 41/2” charge no load speed 10,000rpm charge time 22min supplied complete with fast battery charger 2x 18v 3.0ah li-ion batteries lock nut wrench side grip abrasive wheel and carry case model number bga452rfe weight each 1.9kg order code mak-275 -5662r offer price/1 $605.88 cordless mobile blower naked bmr100 accepts any slide or cluster makita battery or ac mains power headphone jack ac adapter jack 2 speakers light shower proof power supply ac

115mm angle grinder industrial power tools grinders 125mm angle 840 watts grinder 9557nb increased power at 840w makes this grinder ideal for masonry work labyrinth construction protects all ball bearings from dust and debris small circumference barrel grip for easy handling shaft lock for easy wheel changes input wattage 840w no load speed 11,000rpm wheel size 115mm bore size 22mm spindle size m14 x 2mm accessories lock nut lock nut wrench inner flange side handle and wheel guard 115mm weight each 1.60kg order code mak-275 -5410r offer price/1 $102.85 115mm angle grinder voltage 240v weight each 1.30kg order code mtb-276 -8166x watts 1400 watts w14-125q 125mm innovative air-cooling concept enables higher motor output which gives an enormous amount of torque soft start marathon motor s-automatic safety clutch which prevents kickback and metabo’s ‘quick’ technology for changing discs and guards without tools auto stop carbon brushes restart and overload protection

group 280 backing pads flexible backing pads for velcro sanding discs hook-n-loop backed sanding discs for use with kobe hook-n-loop backed sanding discs for rapid abrasive disc changing no spanners required 100 of disc can be used material removal rate is therefore increased can be repeatedly removed and re-applied silicon carbide abrasive especially suitable for automotive body preparation prior to spraying and for cutting back twopack paint finishes can be used wet or dry disc diameter to suit disc 50mm 75mm thread size hole configuration m6 no hole order code kbe-280 -0201a -0202a list offer price/1 price/1 $13.15 $12.49 $14.81 $14.07 abrasives power tools 125mm 150mm hole configuration no hole no hole no hole no hole no hole no hole 6 hole order code ken-280 -3110k -3230k -3210k -3330k -3310k -3370k -3390k list price/1 $30.66 $30.66 $30.66 $36.25 $36.25 $36.25 $39.00 75mm 3” order code list kbe-280 price/pk -0203a $6.91 -0204a $6.91 -0205a $6.91 -0206a $15.90 -0207a $15.90

wire wheels brushes industrial wire wheel sets 8 piece set contents 1 off each shaft mounted circular brushes 30 x 12 50 x 20 and 80 x 20 flat end decarbonising brushes 12 x 20 and 24 x 25 pointed end decarbonising brushes 12 x 20 and 24 x 25 shaft mounted cup brush 50 x 50 all supplied in clear bag with header 5 piece set contents 1 off each shaft mounted circular brushes 30 x 12 50 x 10 and 50 x 20 flat end decarbonising 12 x 20 pointed end decarbonising 12 x 20 5 pieces abrasives power tools number of weight order code list offer pieces each ken-295 price/1 price/1 5 250g -9800k $39.23 $25.50 group 295 6 piece set contents 1 off each flat end decarbonising brushes 12 x 20 17 x 22 and 24 x 25 pointed end decarbonising brushes 12 x 20 17 x 22 and 24 x 25 6 pieces 8 pieces list offer number of weight order code pieces each ken-295 price/1 price/1 8 630g -9850k $61.74 $40.13 pointed end decarbonising brushes number of weight order code list offer pieces each ken-295 price/1