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It is all here from Hammers to screwdrivers to automotive test equipment, plumbers tools to electrical test equipment, gardening and contractors tools and if your decorating we have got that covered too!……. list is virtually endless! Please see for yourself.

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40 x 40 12 x 1 38 x 38 19 34 x 10 12 x 5 34 hex driver impact socket set 12 drive bolt cutter cut up to 20 mm 12 male male 12 point 14 14 1 to 1 12 male to male 2 male to 1 12 male 24 x 12 x 12 12 12 x 14 x 8 3 12 x 5 12 p 12 12 12 12 h hand tools cutting tools roller cabinet tool chest wiper arm removal tool wiper arms removal tool 26 tool chest ball bearing drawer slides heavy duty crimp tool inside door handle clip removal tool 10 drawer tool chest left and right hand screw adjustment hand and power tools 20 tool the material type and the use of it 20 tools the material type and the use of it multi bits ratchet screwdriver multi bit ratchet screwdriver 9mm snap off blade utility knife push type grease gun chain wrench oil filter ball bearing drawer slide 14mm spark plug socket spark plug hole plug 4 wire flat 5 wire flat brass male to male adaptors heavy duty ball joints kennedy ball bearing drawer slide kennedy ball bearing drawer slides thin wall pipe stainless 12 x 12 x 15mm 18 mm spark plug socket valve spring compressor for non ball bearing drawer slide brake pads carbon brake mechanical pipe price list price convert 250 lb ft to nm 450mm pipe price list price repair kit for hydraulic ram 10 ton open end spanners set convert 200 lb ft to nm convert 94 lb ft to nm wall and floor tiles push button locking mechanism metric hex key set

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group 501 adjustable wrenches adjustable wrenches manufactured from high strength ‘i’ beam section chrome or phosphate vanadium steel for improved strength and rigidity the jaws are heat treated for extended tool life high polished corrosion-resistant finish 15° offset head angle for positive torque control slimline tapered jaws for improved access into confined spaces parallel jaws with smooth jaw adjustment and self-locking design prevents the jaws opening unintentionally even when under full load suitable for industrial engineering automotive agricultural maintenance and assembly applications conforms to iso 6787-1982 asme b.107.8m-1996 bs 6333-1995 din3117-1988 jis b4604-1976 up to 20 greater jaw capacity than conventional adjustable wrenches m24 conventional 375mm wrench jaw capacity 40mm m27 kennedy 375mm wrench jaw capacity 50mm tapered jaw for access into tight spaces phosphate finish chrome finish torque kg/cm 714 1670 3100 5190 8820 17295 23060 25000 weight

cold chisels pry bars wrecking pry bars scutch holder carbon steel group 505 manufactured from heat treated carbon steel ideal for dismantling timber constructions opening packing cases and removing nails depending on the type of bar used for chasing out and general masonry work chisel and v-notch wrecking bar for general dismantling and stripping applications within a wide range of industries width x length mm 25 x 200 38 x 200 octagon mm 18 18 order code ken-505 -6860k -6870k list price/1 $26.67 $29.63 offer price/1 $20.00 $22.22 detachable bit for scutch chisels and hammers group 534 comb type wide/coarse plain/drove width mm 25 38 25 38 order code ken-505 -9130k -9140k -9230k -9240k list price/100 $91.00 $130.38 $86.83 $116.81 offer price/100 $68.25 $97.79 $65.12 $87.61 protector sleeve length 450mm 600mm 750mm offer price/1 $23.05 $25.70 $28.78 list price/1 $30.73 $34.26 $38.37 order code ken-505 -7180k -7240k -7300k chisel and point crowbar for heavy duty work length x width

group 518 engineers’ hand tools standard-duty automatic strength of punch and depth of depression is centre punches adjustable by turning the knurled head light duty delivers a punch when head is depressed chrome vanadium tip with rubber sheathed steel body length impact mm weight kg 140 1.5 5.0 spare point order code ken-518 -1750k -1800k offer price/1 $25.43 $4.24 delivers a punch between 2.25 to 13.5kg 5 to 30lb length mm 120 impact weight kg 2.25 13.5 offer price/1 $22.80 order code ken-518 -1710k square head centre punches nail punches non-roll manufactured from hardened and tempered steel with a knurled body for positive grip precision ground 60° point for accurate marking of workpiece conform to bs 3066 cupped and bevelled precision ground points provide accurate positioning over the nail head for efficient depression manufactured from hardened and tempered steel with a knurled body for extra grip conform to bs 3066 hardness heads 42 hrc max points 52 58 hrc

decorating tools paint roller double arm roller head bird cage paint roller single arm type with moulded black plastic handle integral hanging hole for easy storage for use with roller refill sleeves not supplied galvanised steel double arm head for use with 1” diameter stale with screw hole for fixing group 533 bird cage pattern with a hollow tapered wooden handle for use with extension cage diameter 44mm to suit kennedy refills see page 670 for extension cage diameter 38mm to suit senator refills see page 670 for extension see page 670 for extension refills are supplied separately see page 672 refills are supplied separately see page 672 size mm 180 7” 230 9” weight order code each sen-533 170g -4250k 190g -4400k list price/1 $6.13 $7.45 offer price/1 $4.60 $5.59 paint tray 180mm 7” paint tray evenly coats the roller whilst storing paint in the reservoir the drain-off area helps remove excess paint from the roller preventing drips size weight order code

group 553 magnetic tooling magnetic vee blocks powerful magnet in a precision-ground mild magnetic vee block steel case the vee block can be used on its base side or end to hold components for machining operations the large vee can hold diameters up to 65mm and the smaller vee diameters up to 20mm the on/off switch toggles both vees simultaneously suitable for holding cylindrical and complex workpieces for marking spark erosion grinding measurement and inspection operations magnetic adhesion top and bottom faces 200/150kg ideal for holding cylindrical workpieces for grinding application the adhesion will simultaneously hold the workpiece and vee-block to any flat ferrous surface dimensions w xlxh 70 x 102 x 95mm high power magnet for easy pick-up and release of metal objects can be used for scrap and ferrous debris springloaded magnet release permanent magnet never needs to be re-magnetised magnetic pick-up tool working weight order code list offer size each ken-553 price/1 price/1

punches stamps/stencils stencil sets letter number stamps standard quality with strength up to 800n/mm2 hardness at the engraving 58 60hrc type of characters according to din 1451 weight each 550g 950g 1350g 1350g 200g 200g 550g 950g 1350g 1350g 200g 200g stencils manufactured from hard-wearing quality steel with precision cut letters for a clean sharp image suitable for use with all paints and marking compounds for marking packing cases with shipping details loading/work bay walls for identification car park spaces and countless other applications 10-piece numbered sets 0 9 order code list offer sen-560 price/1 price/1 -1300k $26.95 $18.87 -1400k $30.59 $21.41 -1500k $30.59 $21.41 -1600k $35.56 $24.89 -1800k $62.16 $43.51 -2100k $81.62 $57.13 -3300k $68.22 $47.75 -3400k $76.44 $53.51 -3500k $76.44 $53.51 -3600k $87.89 $61.52 -3800k $156.94 $109.86 -4100k $203.91 $142.74 6 wheel number punch overall length 130 weight each 640g order code ken-560 -9000k weight each 80g 110g 130g

spanners combination professional reversible combination spanners group 582 new bi-hexagonal 15° offset rings with a 72 teeth lever ratcheting system that requires only 5° movement to operate making them ideal for use in tight areas made from high quality chrome vanadium steel with mirror polish finish to prevent oil and dirt from adhering to the spanner conform to asme b107.6 set 9 piece metric 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 and 19mm flush fitted reversible switch enables the wrench to move in either direction without sacrificing the overall compact surface of the box end metric overall length 135 155 160 172 180 190 200 215 230 240 245 285 285 325 weight each 32g 56g 68g 78g 96g 116g 136g 160g 182g 200g 248g 540g 540g 710g order code ken-582 -6808k -6810k -6811k -6812k -6813k -6814k -6815k -6816k -6817k -6818k -6819k -6821k -6822k -6824k list price/1 $32.34 $34.28 $35.50 $38.22 $39.78 $42.44 $43.86 $46.92 $48.96 $53.16 $55.08 $64.24 $68.12 $74.68 offer price/1 $19.40 $20.57 $21.30

group 582 socket sets mixed drive 1/4” drive ideal for assembly and servicing of small precision mechanisms associated with electrical electronic ignition and refrigeration work 3/8” drive used in the automotive and aerospace industries the weight to strength ratio ensures the reliability and accessibility that is so important on this type of production sockets have a knurl feature to give a high grip which is essential for a quick tool change when your hands are greasy/oily the 12 point bi-hexagon side drive design will give a higher torque than normal sockets grip worn nuts and will not round off existing nuts manufactured from chrome vanadium and are fully chrome plated with a mirror finish and aluminium-free to ensure non-sparking chamfered leading edge ensures easy fastener location sockets manufactured to ansi b107.5m 1987 ansi b107.1 1978 bs 4006 1992 accessories manufactured to ansi b107.10m 1982 bs 4006 1992 sda100mab 100 piece metric inch ba drive bi-hex

small part’s storage cabinets drawer cabinets small part’s storage cabinets new manufactured from heavy gauge steel painted finish with impact resistant transparent polypropylene drawers allowing contents to be viewed when the drawer is closed the lip on the rear of the drawer allows it to be opened fully without falling out the cabinets can be stacked or mounted to the impact wall to maximise use of storage space resistant 5320k drawers 5300k manufactured from heavy gauge steel painted finish with transparent plastic drawers allows contents to be viewed when the drawer is closed the lip on the rear of the drawer allows it to be opened fully without falling out the cabinets can be stacked or mounted to the wall to maximise use of storage space 5320k 5300k 5200k 5220k 5100k 5120k product cabinet height width depth weight order code list number drawers mm mm mm each ken-593 price/1 size 282 306 155 1.50kg -5100k $77.54 kcm008 cabinet 8 drawers 59 140 140 cabinet

group 595 tool kits 33 piece home handyman kit hhk32 supplied in a robust tuff-e tool box with a tote tray for carrying tools to the job and a multi-compartment storage box with lid contents • 18 piece wood metal and masonry drill set 6x wood drills 3 4 5 6 8 and 10mm 6x masonry drills 3 4 5 6 8 and 10mm 6x hss drills 3 4 5 6 8 and 10mm • 8 piece fluted handle screwdriver set flared 6mm stubby 3 x 100mm and 8 x 200mm parallel 3.2 x 75mm and 4 x 150mm pozidriv no.2 stubby no.1 x 75mm and no.2 x 100mm • diagonal cutting nippers 150mm/6” • snipe nose pliers with side cutter 150mm/6” • linesman pliers 180mm/7” • 8 segment snap-off blade knife with a contour moulded grip • 3m/10ft locking tape rule in a tough plastic case 33 pieces hand tools set contents may vary slightly according to product development and availability number of pieces 33 weight each 6.41kg order code sen-595 -0500k list price/1 $96.25 offer price/1 $77.00 51

group 603 tx keys l-wrench tx keys 9 piece set contents t8 t9 t10 t15 t20 t25 t27 t30 and t40 supplied in a plastic storage clip manufactured from chrome molybdenum steel list offer price/1 price/1 $5.78 $4.91 $5.78 $4.91 $5.78 $4.91 $5.78 $4.91 $7.04 $5.98 $7.04 $5.98 $9.79 $8.32 weight order code size length mm each ken-603 t6 46 20g -0060k t7 52 20g -0070k t8 52 30g -0080k t9 54 30g -0090k t10 54 40g -0100k t15 58 55g -0150k t20 61 75g -0200k weight order code size length mm each ken-603 t25 63 100g -0250k t27 69 160g -0270k t30 78 210g -0300k t40 85 310g -0400k t45 92 445g -0450k t50 100 640g -0500k t55 120 1200g -0550k list price/1 $9.79 $9.79 $12.66 $13.31 $12.92 $13.65 $17.87 tx offer price/1 $8.32 $8.32 $10.76 $11.31 $10.98 $11.60 $15.19 l-wrench txs tamperproof keys txs txs size length mm t25 63 t27 69 t30 78 t40 85 weight each 100g 160g 210g 310g order code ken-603 -2250k -2270k -2300k -2400k list offer price/1 price/1 $10.75 $9.14 $10.75 $9.14 $13.92 $11.83 $14.64 $12.44