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TIG, Mig, Arc and gas welding machines, consumables, safety equipment and workwear can all be found in this section.

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mma/tig inverters dynasty 200dx tig welder group 880 mr907100011 for welding on aluminium and magnesium using low power continuous high-frequency is not needed because of the advanced squarewave arc ultimate flexibility the patented auto-lineâ„¢ technology allows connection to any voltage or frequency in the world 120 460v while using half the power of a conventional welding machine 200amp ac/dc inverter based tig/stick welder with superior arc performance even on the more difficult to run electrode types like e6010 auto-line technology state-of-the-art flexibility automatically connecting to a wide range of power supplies 1ph or 3ph makes this machine ideal for maintenance jobs split between workshop and site work standard with permanent reduced ocv feature eliminating the need for add-on vrd input voltage ad/4.8v power range 120 460v open circuit voltage 80v dc welding range 1 200amps output 20 duty cycle 200amps dimensions h xwxl 343 x 191 x 546mm group 961 product

mig/tig inverters dc multi-function mig/mag/mma/tig inverter group 880 latest igbt inverter technology mig/mag function mma stick electrode dc dc function stepless voltage and wire feed controls at wire feeder inductance and burn back controls adjustable crater current control gas purge/inch wire 2t/4t trigger function separate wire feeder with geared 4 roller drive led volt/amp meter digital display scratch start dc tig welding interconnecting cables trolley with pull out tool storage 250swf with input power voltage 240v 1 phase separate welding current mma 10 250amps wire feed unit welding current mig 20 250amps no load voltage 52v output 35 duty cycle mig 250amps/mma 240amps welding voltage range dcrange 11 29v wire size 0.6 1.2mm ferrous 0.9 1.2mm aluminium 0.8 1.0mm stainless steel 0.9 1.2mm flux cored weight 72kg minus connecting cable torch and earth cable dimensions 1275 x 880 x 475mm 350swf with input power voltage 415v 3 phase separate welding current mma 10

group 880 welder generators bobcat 250 petrol welder generator mr907211018-1 toughest most powerful twin-cylinder welder in its class designed for the professional welder who needs a machine with excellent arc performance for all types of welding jobs fully enclosed case provides 1/3 less noise than previous models while fully protecting the engine with a mig/fcaw/stick rating of 250amps 100 duty cycle improved performance with e7018 electrodes and reduced spatter while maintaining great e6010 arc performance bullet proof inside and out bobcat sets the industry standard for quality and value thanks to its #1 rating when it comes to reliability multi-process capability mig stick dc ac tig smooth generator power is the result of the revolutionary 10° skewedrotor design that optimises generator performance extreme protection high impact protective panel provides a virtually indestructible barrier to damage from environmental contamination and high temperatures 10,000w of

group nozzle cleaner set prolongs the life of gas welding and cutting nozzles high strength needle type files housed in an anodised aluminium flipup pocket case product sizes weight order code list offer number mm each ken-883 price/1 price/1 1216 0.5 -2.7 -2500k $7.31 $5.85 pistol-type spark lighter for easy and rapid single handed ignition of welding and cutting torches metal bodied uses standard cigarette lighter flints style pistol flints pack quantity 1 10 list offer ken-885 price/1 price/1 -7050k $12.89 $10.31 -7060k $2.24 $1.79 for easy and rapid single-handed ignition of welding and cutting torches cup flints pack quantity 1 10 list offer ken-885 price/1 price/1 -7010k $6.17 $4.94 -7020k $4.66 $3.73 order code triple flint-type spark lighter for easy and rapid single-handed ignition of welding and cutting torches when one flint wears turn the triangular head to use the next flint style triple flints pack quantity 1 1 head acetylene nozzle mix can be used with the majority of

group 885 tig welder accessories spares cup gaskets tig torches product and bodies tig torches whether water or air cooled all kennedy tig torches are lightweight and durable they come supplied with a 12.5ft 3.8m cable and silicon rubber rigid or flexible head mouldings for greater heat resistance ‘o’ rings back caps cup gaskets collet bodies fully compatible with most other brands of tig torches gas lens torch bodies order code to suit wp17/18/26 ken-885 -7400k list price/1 $1.44 offer price/1 $1.15 collets 10n to suit wp17/18/26 torches ceramic cups collets all parts listed on this page number 18cg gas lens ceramic extended range product number 10n22 10n23 10n24 10n25 bore size 1.0mm 1.6mm 2.4mm 3.2mm 0.040” 1/16” 3/32” 1/8” list price/1 $2.13 $2.13 $2.13 $2.13 offer price/1 $1.70 $1.70 $1.70 $1.70 list price/1 $5.49 $5.49 $5.49 $5.49 $5.49 offer price/1 $4.39 $4.39 $4.39 $4.39 $4.39 order code list price/1 $1.60 $1.60 $1.60 $1.60 $1.60 $1.60

group mig welder accessories spares 885 sb suregrip ergo torch package sb15 180a air cooled mig welding torch rating 180a co2 150a mixed gas sb24 250a air cooled mig welding torch rating 250a co2 220a mixed gas sb25 250a air cooled mig welding torch rating 230a co2 200a mixed gas sb36 300a air cooled mig welding torch rating 300a co2 270a mixed gas en60974-7 60 duty cycle suregrip series new sb25 sb15 spare parts product order code list description number umg-885 price/1 snk15 swan neck suit sb15 -7820x $14.08 snk195 swan neck -7831j $42.90 snkf15 flexible swan neck suit sb15 -7844y $119.90 suit procraft 195/bp15 torch sb24 spare parts product order code list description number umg-885 price/1 snk24 swan neck -7823a $51.78 sb25 spare parts product description number pgns25 gas nozzle spring product number snk25 snkf25 part number sb15-3 sb15-4 sb15-5 sb24-3 sb24-4 sb24-5 sb25-3 sb25-4 sb25-5 sb36-3 sb36-4 sb36-5 order code length umg-885 -7560c -7560f -7560j -7565c -7565f -7565j

welding gauntlets grey leather tig welders’ gloves heavy duty welders’ gauntlet full five finger welders’ gauntlet manufactured from select split leather with a full cotton lining with a one piece back reinforced palm and thumb for increased wear with no exposed seams to burn kevlar© sewn throughout size 10 group 885 constructed from soft high quality nappa leather for the palm and stiff 150mm chrome leather cuff the soft leather palm and fingers offer a superb feel and good durability for precision welding good comfort and flexible with a good level of dexterity approved to en388 en12477 and en420 dexterity level 5 overall length 360mm size 10 new new tested to en388 2003 en407 2004 size 10 weight per pr 341g order code tff-961 -1580k list price/pr $10.60 offer price/pr $8.48 size type b weight per pr 10 order code tff-961 -1650k offer price/pr $6.48 list price/pr $8.10 welders’ caps reversible welders’ gauntlet

group 885 welding helmets big red® confined space welding helmet viper welding helmet the big red® confined space welding helmet has a selected leather over hood that protects your head and shoulders from weld glare spatter and sparks self stick velcro® attachment around lens area sewn in kevlar® thread for increased strength and durability applications assembly fabrication metal fabrication and welding product number brh29c list price/1 $145.10 order code elo-885 -1001b offer price/1 $108.83 digital elite™ ‘inferno’ welding helmet miller introduce the latest digital lens technology to deliver the ultimate control to adjust shade sensitivity and delay settings with absolute precision for any welding job auto-on/off and grind mode features magnifying lens holder extra cover lenses helmet bag and comfort cushion included variable welding shades 9 13 lens technology responds to extremely low-amperage tig arcs 5amps below including dc inverter tig

group protective clothing 885 ® wakatac sleeves wakatac® proban® hood sleeves only strap buckle closure lightweight cool and washable adjustable leather straps and buckles suitable for construction fabrication metal fabrication and welding shoulder length with gussets draw string face closure shoulder protection suitable for construction fabrication metal fabrication and welding mask not included product number wak10 size one size order code elo-962 -9128f list price/1 $64.26 offer price/1 $48.20 list price/1 $150.18 $150.18 $150.18 $150.18 $150.18 $165.20 $165.20 offer price/1 $112.64 $112.64 $112.64 $112.64 $112.64 $123.90 $123.90 list price/pr $31.12 offer price/pr $23.34 wakatac® welding jackets with chrome leather sleeves mask not included product number wakphgm30 size one size order code elo-885 -2001b list price/1 $29.52 offer price/1 $22.14 wakatac® welding jackets famous wakatac proban longer length at back for extra protection velcro side closure light weight

group 891 arc welding electrodes electrodes for mild steels 6013 arc welding rods for mild steel and medium tensile steels medium rutile coated all positional rods applications for steel plate and strip including structural steels and pipe work especially under site conditions superb finish with self-releasing slag n.b suitable for ac 50v minimum open circuit and dc for mild steel c-mn steel recommended amperages kennedy aws 6013 mild steel electrodes are manufactured to the following standards lloyds certificates bgk0610002/01 bgk0610002/02 mats/tha-1002/12/1 abs certificates bg575520-x3 bg575520-x2 bg575520-x4 bg575520-x5 bg575520-x6 austarc 11 mild steel electrodes size mm min max size mm 2.50 x 300 3.25 x 350 4.00 x 350 no of rods per pack 260 150 100 weight per pack 5.0kg 5.0kg 5.0kg 2.5 3.2 4.0 70a 100a 95a 125a 130a 170a order code ken-891 -3010k -3020k -3030k list price/pk $39.87 $39.87 $39.87 offer price/pk $31.10 $31.10 $31.10 austarc 13s mild steel electrodes high

group tig rods for mild steel tig tungstens/gas tig rods 889/891 tig rods for stainless steels 309 unalloyed welding rod for tig welding of general structural steels and pipe steels tg 2 must be welded by using pure argon ar shielding gas thin and homogeneous copper coating increases resistance to rusting en1668/w3si/din8559/wsg-2/aws/asme sfa 5.18 er70 s-6/m.no/1.5125 new austenitic-ferritic wire electrode for gta tig welding or stainless steels to unalloyed or low-alloyed steels subject to operating temperatures up to 300°c low carbon content increases resistance to integranular corrosion tig rod approvals lloyd’s register en12072/w 23 12/din8556/sg x2 cr ni 24 12 aws/asme sfa-5.9/er309l new product number t1309l-1.6 t1309l-2.4 size mm 1.6 2.4 weight per pk 5.0kg 5.0kg order code xaw-891 -8110f -8110j list price/pk $132.00 $122.00 offer price/pk $99.00 $91.50 tig rods for stainless steels 316 product number tg2er70s-6-1.6 tg2er70s-6-2.4 size mm 1.6 2.4 weight per pk