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plastic storage bins with lids triple strength cloth tape double sided foam tape for glass acid free tissue paper excess flow check valves excess flow check valve maximum effort required to lift plastic storage bins with handles clear plastic storage box with handle round plastic storage bins two sided plastic storage bins 6 x 6 x 36 plastic storage bins 36 x 36 x 6 plastic storage bins 16 round plastic storage bins storage boxes with lids small plastic storage bins wall mounts small plastic storage containers with lids tensioners for polypropylene and polyester strap clear plastic storage boxes with lids large black plastic storage boxes with lids large wall mounted storage cabinets with lock 18v li ion kraft paper rolls double sided masking tape anti fatigue mats laser self adhesive labels aluminium foil tape double sided tape masking 500kg scissor lift tables packing list envelopes anti corrosion tape wrought iron gates lay flat tubing extra heavy duty 900mm clear pvc film excess flow gas valve corrugated plastic end caps light duty crimping tools closed cell polyethylene foam solid rubber rollers plastic coated wire mesh spring loaded pressure relief valves 6 inch plastic end caps 18 inch plastic end caps 304 stainless steel wire 2 mm kg to pounds 1 kg to pounds painting table or desk 42 inch plastic end cap 24 inch plastic end cap plastic end caps for mailing tube plastic end caps for 2 by 4 boards plastic storage cupboards storage cupboards plastic medical locked storage cabinets

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plastic storage bins manufactured from high strength polypropylene fit on standard louvre panel interlocking design supplied with risers an label holders industrial steel louvred panels pressed steel panels with high frequency louvres that will accept most makes of plastic storage bin high frequency louvres allow bins to be hung in a high-density configuration in any mix of sizes/colours the lip on the rear of the plastic storage bin sits securely over the louvre of the panel the modular design allows storage bins to be easily removed and replaced when required bins supplied separately see left hanging interlocking stacking nesting type lp450 lp900 lp1600 lp1800 y -bu ulti wxh order code offer m offer mm mtl-404 price/1 price/3 450 x 450 -2004p £10.53 £10.25 450 x 900 -2009p £18.44 £18.35 450 x 1600 -2016p £34.45 £36.17 450 x 1800 -2018p £39.60 £41.03 £13.16 £23.05 £43.06 £49.50 spigots for louvre panels order code order code order code order code size no.0 no.1 no.2 no.3

longspantm heavy duty racking our heaviest duty all steel shelving system ideal for storage of large heavy items.supplied with steel shelf panels with load capacity up to 1165kgs per shelf 18 or 25mm chipboard shelves also available please call for prices construction allows access from both sides high quality paint finish uk manufactured ne w shelf capacity 1165kg uniformly distributed load self assembly tools required sen-525-9160k £2.70 bay height mm shelf width mm 1200 1800 1800 2400 1200 2400 1800 2400 shelf depth mm 600 750 900 600 750 900 600 750 900 600 750 900 600 750 900 600 750 900 no of shelves per bay 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 shelf capacity kg 0932 0796 0724 1165 0995 0905 1159 1159 1159 0932 0796 0724 1165 0995 0905 1159 1159 1159 order code mtl-405 -7799k -7800k -7801k -7802k -7803k -7804k -7805k -7806k -7807k -7817k -7818k -7819k -7820k -7821k -7822k -7823k -7824k -7825k start bay list price/1 £524.31 £550.64 £572.39 £643.94 £686.87 £715.48 £801.35

heavy duty tool storage system heavy duty industrial cupboards with double locking doors finished in epoxy powder coat ral7035 with doors in blue ral5010 perforated door liners will accept tool holders shown on pages 704 705 security is ensured by a 3 point locking system shelves and drawers are adjustable on a 25mm pitch drawer dividers are available separately load capacity per shelf 100kg load capacity per drawer 100kg overall load capacity 1.5 ton dimensions w xdxh 1050 x 650 x 2000mm cupboard combinations supplied with basic 2m high cupboard and two perforated door liners as standard -4121g -4130r fittings -4120f drawer kit -4600a shelf kit -4800a -4122h -4123j wooden worktop -4802c product kit number type 405 22 041 drawer 421 01 019 shelf 412 01 029 wood top order code order code list offer product fittings number bot-405 price/1 price/1 400 21 101.11v 4x shelf -4120f £733.95 £689.91 400 21 102.11v full perfo backpanel -4121g £688.80 £647.47 400 21 108.11v 4x 125mm drawer

quick change utility safety knife an innovative sliding blade holder with durable soft touch composite casing quick and easy to change blade with no tools needed compatible with all standard utility blades one handed operation auto-safe safety knife ne w automatic blade retraction on completion of cut to leave no possibility of leaving the blade out unattended easy blade change system comfortable ergonomic grip with lanyard fixing loop ne w knife extends to allow autoretractable blade to be used anti-stab corner -2020r description retractable safety knife standard blade pk 50 anti-stab blade pk 50 -2020h order code -2020r list price/1 £6.56 £32.55 £32.55 offer price/1 £5.25 £25.99 £25.99 overall length 115mm weight each 120g order code ken-537 -1120k 8 list price/1 £8.50 offer price/1 £5.49 uy ti-b muloffer price/10 £4.99 mvg-537 -2020a -2020h -2020r carton strap cutter for use on carton tape and plastic strapping the blade is partially exposed to prevent accidental cuts

woven polyester strapping woven polyester strapping with almost the strength of steel banding and unaffected by extremes of temperature can be reused when secured with metal buckles core size 78mm ne w cardboard edge cardboard edge protectors used on the sides of pallets to distribute the strapping tension evenly size 35 x 35 x 910mm pack of 50 woven polyester width x length 13mm x 1100m 16mm x 850m 19mm x 600m breaking strain 375kg 450kg 550kg order code avn-837 -1860k -1870k -1880k list price/1 £68.11 £59.78 £56.13 offer price/1 £59.99 £50.99 £48.99 pack quantity 50 order code avn-830 -0320k list price/pk £14.13 offer price/pk £12.72 uy ti-b muloffer price/4 £10.49 static strapping dispenser static strapping dispenser for use with woven cord polyester strapping rear mounted plastic box ensures seals and tools are always at hand banding seals sold separately ne w edge protectors plastic pallet load edge protectors help stop the straps from getting cut whilst also protecting

lite envelopes tough on protection light on cost a lighter weight postal bag saves you postage costs and is ideal for large volume mailings each bag has a self-seal flap to keep contents secure and gives excellent protection protective envelopes white mail lite mail lite envelopes have an outer kraft lined with barrier-sealed bubble offering the perfect solution for ultimate protective mailings use mail lite for tools parts clothing cds dvds brochures books and many other commercial mailings mail lite bags are perfect for soft or unbreakable items `split pack quantities are also available please ask for details all prices per pack product number 52450 52446 52447 52443 52441 52444 internal pack order code dimensions quantity wts-830 150 x 210mm 100 -0010k 240 x 330mm 50 -0020k 270 x 360mm 50 -0030k 180 x 260mm 100 -0040k 120 x 210mm 100 -0060k 220 x 260mm 100 -0070k list price/pk £15.74 £15.32 £18.89 £22.04 £15.74 £24.14 size 00 size 0 size 1 size 2 uy ti-b mul offer offer

double-decker stepladder alt-502103 professional quality aluminium stepladder light enough for easy movement incorporates a toolholder bucket hook and screw tray and has large rubber anti-slip feet features a red safety strip indicator for maximum recommended step height large double step underneath the platform for a safe and comfortable standing position conforms to en-131 standard high-back folding stepladder fjs6 the gpc industries high back folding aluminium stepladders are sturdy steps ideal for use in offices storerooms warehouses etc they have large serrated aluminium treads and high handrail for increased safety during use features high safety rail non-slip treads and feet tread size w x d 380 x 260mm comply to en-131 standard folding aluminium stepladder with tool tray fjy the gpc industries folding aluminium stepladder with tool tray are sturdy steps with four large anti-slip feet they are ideal for use in offices storerooms warehouses etc they have large treads and high

warehouse floor signalling simple and effective solution for marking areas on the warehouse floor a range of inexpensive high-visibility signals to highlight walkways forklift truck routes and pallet position on the warehouse floor the range includes circles for walkways directional arrows as route markers to indicate traffic flow for marking out block stack pallet areas the signals include a `l shape corner a `t for between pallets and a for centre pallet positions tough pvc with an aggressive adhesive that has been selected to withstand the everyday traffic of a fully operational warehouse extended range order code order code order code order code order code size type pack mm 300x300 200x300 200x200 90 dia 90 high qty 10 10 10 100 100 bvw-966 bvw-966 bvw-966 bvw-966 yellow red blue green -1316r -1317s -1318t -1319v -1320w -1321x -1322y -1323z -1324a -1325b -1326c -1327d -1328e -1329f -1330g -1331h -1332j -1333k -1334l -1335m bvw-966 list offer black price/pk price/pk -1336n

gummed paper tape water-activated gum paper tape which penetrates into the fibres of the carton creating a total bond this adds considerable strength to the closure and is also a solution to pilfering contamination counterfeiting and tampering used for sealing cartons and also sealing the backs of picture frames 200m rolls tamper evident and 100 recyclable vinyl bag neck sealing tape ne w rolls of adhesive vinyl tape 9mm wide x 66m in length on 75mm diameter cores can be used in many applications but are mainly sold to be used with the neck bag sealer see below pack quantity 6 rolls pack of 6 width x length 48mm x 200m 70mm x 200m order code avn-981 -1520k -1530k offer price/1 £2.49 £3.64 variable length tape dispenser precision-made durable gummed paper tape dispensers can produce measured lengths with optimum moistening to reduce tape waste and ensure the best seal manual pull and tear dispenser roller moistens as tape is pulled forwards y -bu ulti m width x order code offer offer

heavy duty pallet trucks heavy duty hand operated pallet trucks manufactured from 4mm plate steel construction with a totally sealed hydraulic pump unit nylon pallet entry and exit rollers tandem load rollers and aluminium rubber-coated steering wheels ergonomic handle with 230° steering range and three position trigger and pressure relief/safety overload valve designed for the most arduous and abrasive conditions wheel type nylon/aluminium rubber capacity 2500kg eskimo galvanised pallet truck the eskimo is suitable for use in cold stores clean rooms and corrosive environments fitted with stainless steel fasteners pins chains and retainers chrome-plated hydraulic lift ram and valve fully galvanised main frame wheel fork brackets push rods and handle the fully sealed hydraulic nickel-coated pump prevents atmospheric contaminates ingressing into the hydraulics wheel type nylon capacity 2000kg 2000kg capacity 2500kg capacity capacity 2000kg fork size order code mm whe-985 1200 x 680

anti-fatigue matting standing on a hard floor for prolonged periods without anti-fatigue matting can cause pain and discomfort in the lowe3r legs feet and back fatigue reduces concentration and therefore productivity anti-fatigue matting will increase comfort and productivity for workers who stand for long periods and substantially reduces stress tiredness aches and pains from standing on hard floors at work introducing anti-fatigue matting into the workplace can provide staff with a more comfortable environment which in turn encourages increased efficiency concentration and productivity ortho lite cost effective anti fatigue matting offers the user relief from fatigue caused by standing insulates against cold concrete floors ideal for use in dry environments pebble surface provides additional traction colour black thickness 6mm diamond zone manufactured from extremely hardwearing rubber capable of operating in high temperature environments diamond surface provides greater traction