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propane gas shut off valve high pressure gas hose oil pressure cut off switch propane and butane stainless steel welded pipe sizes speed grip hook and loop pipe price list for welded steel pipes propane and natural gas equipment random orbital sanders diamond saw blade curved tooth file die grinder 18 collet curved tooth files cut off saw blade rubber sanding drum shut off valve propane propane shut off valve 18 8 stainless steel weldability m6 rivet nuts ball tip paint marker gas pilot shut off valve precision ground steel spindle air compressor pressure safety cut off switch 18 8 stainless steel filler rod 20mm thread size gas pressure regulating valve 28 bar to 6 bar shut off valve price list 14 high pressure hose connector chrome vanadium steel wire weight of mild steel pipe high pressure hose size table automotive body shop 60mm open end wrench 2mm open end wrench 35mm open end wrench 4mm open end wrench stainless steel sheets 304 price list 45 mm box open end wrench 45 mm open end wrench 4 mm open end wrench quick open end wrench 10 mm box open end wrench welding electrode holder welding helmet spot welding electrode welding curtains welding gloves glass welding lenses electric arc welding metal arc welding round welding goggles welding chipping hammer manual metal arc welding electroder argon gas regulator and hose kevlar fabrics

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blumig 241c professional compact mig welder with heavy duty four roll feed system with auto adjusting wire speed slope up and burn-back control welding timer fan cooling and thermal protection ip22 class protection 240v single phase input 20a fuse rating supplied with torch and regulator power input 8.2kw duty cycle 240a @35 welding current range 40 240amps 240a weight 52.0kg current dimensions 500 x 870 x 950mm professional compact mig welder 349310850 used for mig/mag welding of mild steels for repair maintenance and assembly work standards iec/en 60974-1 en 60974-05 en 60974-10 auto fuse mcb en 60898 type b 20 enclosure class ip23 application class s maximum welding output 200amps permitted load 25 duty cycle 180a/23v 100 duty cycle 100a/19v setting range 30 200a open circuit voltage 60v wire feed speed 2 12m/min max size of the wire reel 200mm/5kg open circuit power 15w dimensions l xwxh 449 x 198 x 347mm weight with torch and cables 11.5kg caddy® mig welders new 3 year

inverter-based welding power sources recommended as entry-level packages for either stick or tig welding they feature arc force hot start and anti-stick features as well as thermostatic over-voltage under-voltage and over-current protections these lightweight portable units offer excellent performance from a standard 16a supply the welders are supplied in a durable carry case complete with cables earth clamp electrode clamp and a wire brush ideal for use with rutile basic stainless steel or cast iron mma electrode welding using 1.6 3.2mm rods including tig-dc scratch hot start for easy starting arc force for quality welds anti-stick reducing electrode sticking fan cooled auto-sensing dual voltage 115/230v 16 amp fuse dimensions h xwxd 380 x 425 x 180mm weight each jaguar mma 130a 110/240 7.9kg description current voltage ken-880 -3100k order code jaguartm dual voltage inverter mma welder jaguar list price/1 £512.00 offer price/1 £384.00 cougar-stm mma inverter welder kennedy®

for use with lightweight shank right and welding nozzles below dh acetylene welding mixer dh lightweight welding shank shank dual-purpose can be used with welding mixer and nozzles or with cutting attachment product weight order code list offer number each mur-885 price/1 price/1 1281934 456g -2809t £68.70 £54.96 product weight order code list each mur-885 price/1 number 1256673 71g -2353c £32.86 offer price/1 £26.29 dh cutting attachment for use with lightweight shank right and welding nozzles below acetylene welding mixer for use with dh lightweight shank above and afn nozzles left shown here with nozzle fitted nozzles are supplied separately product weight order code list number each mur-885 price/1 1257523 -2450w £74.69 offer price/1 £59.75 lightweight welding shank shank dual-purpose can be used with welding mixer and nozzles or with cutting attachment list product weight order code number each ctl-885 price/1 2006 417g -8006g £10.95 offer price/1 £8.76 product

with twin bulk head gauges clearly displaying cylinder pressure and flow rate comply with en iso 2503 0 4 bar oxygen blue type is suitable for medium cutting and welding applications 0 10 bar oxygen blue type is suitable for most applications including heavy cutting and heating a-1.5 acetylene red type is suitable for all cutting heating and welding applications arc-35l argon type is suitable for inert gases e.g for use with mig or tig welders saffire regulators flashback arrestors flashback arrestors are designed to offer complete protection for both operator and equipment combined with high flow performance and ease of use designed and manufactured to fully comply with bs en 730-1 providing complete protection for all oxygen and fuel gas equipment requirements resettable flashback arrestors ga-d99 right hand oxygen ga-d99 left hand propane/acetylene designed with 2 gauges to indicate cylinder contents and outlet pressure 4.0 bar oxygen regulator full 300 bar capacity 10.0 bar

5 piece set high performance multi flute manufactured from hss-e cobalt for deburring and chamfering straight shank ground flute 60° angle manufactured to bs328 part 5 1983 sizes 6 8 10 12.5 pieces and 16mm hss-co 5 countersink set 60° hss-co 5 5 new featuring a constant pitch first choice for cutting thin sheet materials up to 3mm thick for producing high quality holes in wood steel brass bronze cast iron aluminium and plastic featuring an hardened hss cutting edge welded to a tough alloy steel body heavy duty shatterresistant construction virtually unbreakable 6 teeth per inch 38mm 11/2 cutting depth 9 piece service engineer s kit comprises of 22 29 35 44 51 and 64mm constant pitch bi-metal high speed steel holesaws with hardened cutting edges complete with k4 and k10 arbors and k7 spring supplied in a robust plastic carry case constant pitch bi-metal hss holesaw kit multi flute manufactured from hss-e cobalt for deburring and chamfering straight shank ground flute 90° angle

a range of non-woven fibre hand pads for cleaning blending and finishing applications size 155 x 225mm supplied in packs of 10 white non-abrasive for the removal of oxides and coatings produces a scratch-free finish grey xx-fine pad for light finishing on all minerals as well as lacquer de-nibbing maroon x-fine a general-purpose conformable hand pad which gives a finer finish than the green hand pad green fine general-purpose hand pad for cleaning and finishing it can also be used for lacquer de-nibbing and matt finishing on solid surfaces black medium for medium to coarse finishing and blending brown coarse heaviest duty pad in the range used for light deburring cleaning and finishing applications e.g deburring edges of sheet materials to improve handling pack of 6 handy book with 1 of each white grey maroon green black and brown fibre hand pads york abrasive blocks rubber sanding blocks impregnated with abrasive remains abrasive throughout the block for industrial

ejs120pv two-ball-bearing armature design for longer service life and high efficiency motor power transmission large soft grip with a large trigger switch fitted with speed control dial for more convenient operation powerful dust blowing allows a clear view of the cutting line fitted with splinter guard and nozzle for connection with dust collector 18mm stroke power input 400w no load stroke rate 3,000spm length of stroke 18mm bevel capacity 45° capacities wood 65mm mild steel 6mm minimum cutting radius 25mm 1 de f accessories 1x jigsaw blade 1x chip cover dustr 1x splinter guard 1x hexagon wrench accepts t dimensions l x h style 197 x 195mm jigsaw ma variable speed jigsaw 110v watts 400 angle grinder 110v ega 100 compact and robust grinders capable of handling the toughest of grinding jobs using the spindle lock discs can be quickly and easily changed for safety a slide switch controls the grinders with a `quickoff feature for immediate tool shut off for added safety a

for auto body repair and steel fabrication chrome steel body with narrow profile jaws for confined areas straight line jaw motion allows clamping through holes push button release for one-handed clamp releasing no provisional or track welding required to hold auto body parts for assembly flanged lap joint clamp clamps two flanged adjacent joints jaw width 18mm throat depth 7mm axial grip wrenches corner clamp ideal for use with wood angle and tubing clamping jaws swivel to accept various widths die cast aluminium body with bench mounting base 158 x 158mm jaw depth 36mm slot width 10mm maximum clamping 70 x 70mm weight each 1.40kg ken-597 -6000k order code list price/1 £15.23 offer price/1 £8.99 capacity mm 0 15 length mm 210 weight each 425g ken-558 -8330k order code list price/1 £24.55 offer price/1 £14.35 extra heavy-duty g-clamps copper plate screw flanged lap adjacent joint clamp clamps two flanged and adjacent joints jaw width 45mm throat depth 25mm manufactured from drop

type b all-purpose cold surface marker which has the widest spread of applications timber brick metal surfaces and rubber temp marking range -45°c to +65°c type h yellow hot surface marker for applications like colour coding foundry risers and runners and non-ferrous metals whilst hot coils billets bars ingots etc temp marking range 65°c to 650°c type k white marks extremely hot rough surfaces castings forgings ingots billets without burning or running off temp marking range 760°c to 1200°c type p white for marking steel prior to galvanising process marks are completely removed in the pickling bath and will not interfere with galvanising process temp marking range -45°c to +65°c type ht marks red hot metal surfaces e.g steel blooms bars coils of strip etc the mark is highly visible on surfaces that must be stored outside temp marking range 120°c to 870°c paint markers bullet tipped industrial paint markers for use on steel aluminium rubber timber plastic ceramics and other

reversible ambidextrous lined green welder s gauntlet type a ce approved to en12477 en388 en407 size 10.5 reversible welder s gauntlet 3 2 4 4 full five finger welder s gauntlet manufactured from select split leather with a full cotton lining with a one piece back reinforced palm and thumb for increased wear with no exposed seams to burn kevlar© sewn throughout tested to en388 2003 en407 2004 size 10 heavy duty welder s gauntlet 4 4 1 3 new 4.x.x.x.4.x size 10.5 weight per pr 250g ken-961 -1940k order code list price/pr £6.30 all gloves priced per pair y uy bu tii b l lt uumm offer offer price/pr price/3 £4.10 £3.53 size 10 weight per pr 341g order code tff-961 -1580k list price/pr £6.93 all gloves priced per pair y uy bu tii b l lt uumm offer offer price/pr price/6 £5.68 £4.29 heat-resistant split leather palm cotton fleece lining back and cuff aluminised kevlar® fabric suitable for applications involving strong radiant heat ie welding mig

mig welding grinding and ppe package emw 220 kit consists of a compact mig welder 115mm angle ginder 115mm x p40 flap disc size 10 welders gauntlets a 60 x 90 chrome leather apron specifications liontm compact mig welder welding capacity steel wire 0.6 1.0mm stainless steel wire 0.8mm aluminium wire 0.8 1.0mm input voltage 230v 50/60hz output current range 30a-220a dc open circuit voltage 17.8-34v 115mm angle grinder power input 650w no-load speed 11,000rpm disc size dia115 x bore22mm peripheral speed 80m/s supplied with side handle wrench new all kennedy depressed centre and flat reinforced cutting wheels now carry the osa the organisation for the safety of abrasives mark of approval osa is an association of the world s leading abrasives manufacturers in france it is mandatory to use only osa-certified rough grinding wheels and cutting wheels inox cut-off discs for stainless steel iron chlorine and sulphur-free supplied as a pack of 10 in a protective storage tin grade