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cross+morse roller chain drives cross+morse cross+morse manufacture and stock a comprehensive range of precision roller chain drives conforming to both power transmission british standard bs and american standard ansi dimensions within iso 606 in pitch sizes from 6mm to 3 in solutions simplex and multistrand versions the chains are capable of handling powers from fractional to over 1000 kw with operating speeds up to 25 metres per second cross+morse chains feature higher fatigue resistance and endurance limits achieved by using the latest methods in manufacture te l +44 121 360 0155 · pin and bush uniformity the high endurance limits of morse chain starts with the pins fine tolerance on pin diameters ensures optimum fit in outer link plate with accurate control of clearance between pin and bushing for correct lubrication and pitch control bushes are `curl-formed from special quality cold rolled steel strip into a cylindrical shape of uniform wall thickness · petrolatum dipping all morse chains are dipped in anti-corrosive lubricant before packaging to afford the best available combination of prelubrication and rust protection applied hot the petrolatum with its superior corrosion-protecting qualities penetrates every fine clearance of the chain assembly pre-lubrication with petrolatum gives the chain an excellent start in life whether it receives periodic manual lubrication or is in an enclosed case with pump lubrication the petrolatum will be dissolved through normal lubrication methods so it is not necessary to remove it from the chain on installation · solid high strength rollers morse chain rollers have solid walls for maximum strength manufactured by machining from tube or cold extrusion process the extruded rollers combine correct material grain orientation with high compressive residual surface stress for maximum impact resistance · quality control constant care and strict quality controls are exercised during raw material selection chemical analysis metallurgical testing and product specifications are controlled through rigidly enforced quality control programmes throughout manufacturing and assembly assembled chain is subject to both mechanical and visual inspection to ensure it meets the required specifications the high standards that are maintained are your assurance of a precision engineered product every time you specify cross+morse · precision link plates link plates are precision blanked from special through hardening steels with metallurgical composition selected to provide optimum tensile strength and fatigue resistance pin apertures are pierced and shaved to provide fine tolerance parallel bore holes with accurate pitch control fax +44 121 325 1079 · heat treatment pins bushes and rollers are case carburised and hardened under carefully controlled conditions to ensure correct balance between an extremely hard surface for wear resistance and a tough core for high impact strength link plates are subject to carbon restoration during hardening and tempering ensuring uniform optimum hardness and high tensile strength constant manual and electronic monitoring of automatic heat treatment plant ensures a uniform high quality product · appearance the quality of morse roller chain is reflected in its fine appearance though careful attention to finishing by:deburring and polishing by barrelling all parts the combination of polished outer link plates with chemically blacked roller units gives cross+morse chains an attractive distinctive appearance attractive strong package design providing protection against contamination and damage to finished chain during transportation and storage ensure chain is in optimum condition when installed · chemical blacking roller link components are chemically blacked to improve corrosion resistance and adhesion of lubricants cross+morse chain can be instantly recognised by the resulting black and silver appearance · precision chain sprockets to complete the chain drive a comprehensive range of standard pinions wheels and platewheels stocked for b.s standard chains up to 2 pitch are offered and sprockets for ansi chains and other special chains can be manufactured to customers specifications pinions and platewheels are normally manufactured from medium carbon steels for high strength and can be induction hardened for additional wear resistance pinions and wheels for precision roller chain and inverted tooth chains have fully machined teeth to ensure accuracy of engagement with mating chains standard sprocket range includes taper bore sprockets and bushes for quick assembly low price finished bore product with high torque capability idler sprockets and chain tensioners email · easy de-rivetting in order to enable the customer to make their own chain lengths easy disassembly is built into morse chain through close tolerances on pins link plates and rivet heads · assembly and pre-stress heavy press fit of both pins and bushes into the side-plates creates a state of residual compressive stress around the apertures to further counteract service fatigue the final manufacturing process is pre-stressing of the assembled chain in this operation every pitch of chain is given one load cycle approaching the chains yield strength any parts in the assembly which through manufacturing tolerance are obliged to carry a greater share of the chain load are caused to yield in their point of high stress pre-stressing the chain causes all components to equally share the work load so increasing resistance to fatigue · specialist design an experienced staff of product specialists is available at the offices of cross+morse to assist customers and distributors in solving all their power transmission problems call your local representative and let him assume full responsibility for your industrial power transmission requirements by specifying cross+morse by using modern chain manufacturing technology combined with long established and proven specifications 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