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transmissions index cross morse chain drive products american standard ansi ... chains attachment chains double pitch chains maintenance-free chains stainless ... steel chains british standard attachment chains ... chains iso 606 double pitch chains spl construction chains stainless ... steel chains centre distance calculations chain ... drive ratios chain tensioners drive design data idler sprockets inverted tooth ... chain conveyor chains design selection installation serpentine ... chains type hv type sc keyway dimensions `o ... ring chains platewheels 8mm pitch 05b 3/8 pitch ... adaptor hubs rivet extractors roller chain cross+morse specification drive ... design drive selection installation ...
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solutions te l cross+morse offer:roller chain for high torque drives at low to ... silent chain hv chain timing belts gears moderate speeds for ... centres and right angle drives hv chain +44 121 360 0155 silent chain the graph ... size gears are excluded as by timi design they can be manufactured to accommodate ... range of power and speed combination roller power curve climbs straight and rapidly ... motors and gas engines ll er hv chain picks up after roller chain has reached ... n rpm combustion engines silent chain offers a compromise for moderate power ... drives where speed is beyond roller chain or where a low noise level and smooth ... belt power curve is much lower than chain drives but continues on to shaft speeds ... beyond the limit of chain capabilities offering compact low cost ...
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transmission product range cross+morse sprockets and drive accessories power ... a comprehensive range of pilot bored sprockets chain wheels and platewheels is ... shafting for the more popular bs chain sizes taper bored sprockets are also ... and rigid tensioners pilot bore sprockets and chainwheels for bs chains 05b-1 8mm ... to 32b-3 2 pilot bore sprockets for ansi chains ansi 35 3/8 to ansi 80 ... 1 stainless steel pilot bore sprockets for bs chains 06b-1 3/8 to 16b-1 1 ... pilot bore platewheels for bs chains 06b-1 3/8 to 32b-3 2 taper bore ... sprockets and bushes for bs chains 06b-1 3/8 to 20b-1 11/4 double ... simplex sprockets for bs chains 06b-1 to 16b-1 idler sprockets for bs ... chains 06b-1 to 20b-1 spring loaded tensioners ...
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cross+morse roller chain drives cross+morse cross+morse ... a comprehensive range of precision roller chain drives conforming to both power ... simplex and multistrand versions the chains are capable of handling powers from ... up to 25 metres per second cross+morse chains feature higher fatigue resistance and ... the high endurance limits of morse chain starts with the pins fine tolerance on ... petrolatum dipping all morse chains are dipped in anti-corrosive lubricant ... penetrates every fine clearance of the chain assembly pre-lubrication with ... petrolatum gives the chain an excellent start in life whether it ... is not necessary to remove it from the chain on installation solid high strength ... rollers morse chain rollers have solid walls for maximum strength ...
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roller chain drive design cross+morse roller chain by nature of its design is ... practices but there are points of good design practice specific to roller chain ... of these will ensure successful drive design drive ratio power transmission ... solutions numbers of teeth in sprockets chordal action as a chain engages and ... disengages with a sprocket there is a rise and fall of each link ... are due to chordal action caused by the chain forming a polygon on the sprocket in ... the diagrams below as roller b approaches the sprocket it follows ... the chordal line of roller a once engaged it is caused to rise ... the arc of the pitch circle as the chain unwraps from the sprocket the reverse ... well as inducing a vibration into the chain the linear velocity of the chain is ...
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roller chain drive design cross+morse shafts centre distance ... for optimum chain life shaft centres within the range 30 ... to 50 times chain pitch should be used refer to page 9 ... providing adequate adjustment of chain tension is available for very long ... 1 m/s drives supporting both strands of chain on chain guides these drives suffer ... high rates of wear due to the number of sprockets involved and combined with necessary ... long chainsolutions power transmission length require ... using supporting guides light live roller conveyor drives can be powered using a ... single loop of chain with sprockets running on top the chain should be ... supported on plastic chain guide to maintain constant contact with ... sprockets alternatively where rollers are well spaced idler sprockets can be ...
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roller chain drive selection cross+morse selection ... procedure for chain drives with two sprockets this selection procedure and the chain ... power transmission solutions 2 sprocket sizes f2 the sprocket sizes are ... p low speed shaft n2 .m no teeth large sprocket z2 no teeth small sprocket z1 suitable ... sprockets can be selected from ratio table page 8 ... advisable to use a minimum of 17 tooth sprockets if the drive operates at high speeds or ... is subject to impulse load sprockets should have at least 25 teeth and ... should be hardened for low ratio drives sprockets with high numbers of teeth minimise ... and bearing loads thus extending chain life on drives where ratios exceed 5:1 ... the designer should consider using compound drives ... selected the number of teeth of the sprockets factor f2 can be determined from the ...
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roller chain drive selection cross+morse having ... factors f1 f2 and f3 if applicable the design power can be determined pd p f1 f2 ... f3 by relating the design power pd with the rotational speed of ... the small sprocket n1 on the capacity chart pp10/11 the ... correct size of chain for the application can be selected use ... to select the smallest pitch of simplex chain which will transmit the design power as ... ranges between 30 and 50 times the chain pitch and there should always be a ... minimum arc of contact of the chain on the small sprocket of 120 or for ... sprockets with low numbers of teeth a minimum of ... are preferred centre distances against chain pitch chain pitch min.centres max ... centres chain pitch min.centres max centres 8mm 240 ... 400 11/4 950 1590 3 3 chain size selection the capacity charts are ...
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chain drive installation and maintenance ... alignment of shafts and sprockets although roller chain provides a ... determine parallelism on fixed centre designs manufacturing tolerance should ensure ... misalignment can never exceed 0.1 sprockets should have tight fit on shafts with ... be located close to the support bearing sprocket alignment can be checked by a straight ... centre drives a taut wire ideally sprockets should be in-line but if not ... must never exceed 4 pitch of chain or severe damage will be caused to the ... drive accurate alignment of shafts and sprockets ensures uniform load distribution ... across chain width alignment should be checked ... periodically for maximum chain life when replacement chain is ... installed check sprockets for abnormal wear which indicates ...
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american standard precision roller chains simplex single strand construction ... te l +44 121 360 0155 standard roller chains iso 606 covers standard series chains ... only straight sideplate roller chains inside width b min mm roller d1 max ... pin d2 max mm plate depth g mm bush rollerless chains rivet pin length to length to ... ansi no pitch p inches standard series chains complying to ansi b29.1 can be supplied ... approval ansi 25 and 35 are bush chains to iso 1395 1 bush diameter 25 35 41 ... 1079 heavy series and high endurance chains morse high strength roller chains are ... designed to meet the instantaneous peak loading ... carriers there are two series of chains both operate on standard ansi sprocket ... failure from shock and pulsating loads chains prefixed `8 have through hardened pins ...
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american standard attachment chains and corrosion resistance chains ... rollerless hollow pin chains to ansi dimensions cross+morse power ... te l +44 121 360 0155 hollow pin chains allow unusual flexibility for conveyor ... applications because of the hollow pin design many types of crossrods pin and custom ... at any point without removing the chain from the drive system bushing diameters ... are the same as comparable chain rollers these chains operate on standard ... sprockets standard packages contain two matched ... +44 121 325 1079 ansi stainless steel roller chains the standard series stainless ... chains are manufactured from 18-8 nickel ... chrome steel 300 series these chains can be used in corrosive environments ... where improved wear rates are required chains with round parts manufactured from 400 ...
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maintenance free american standard roller chains o-ring roller chain cross+morse ... transmission solutions morse o-ring chain is designed for those difficult ... or expensive the o-rings between roller unit and pin seal in a special ... heat wear and downtime life of o-ring chains can be minimised by occasional removal ... or mineral spirits after cleaning chain must be soaked in sae 80 or 90 oil to ... coat `o rings and chain parts cat no 40-or 50-or 60-or 80-or ... b min mm 7.85 9.40 12.60 15.80 19.00 roller d1 max mm 7.95 10.16 11.91 15.88 19. ... 5.08 5.94 7.92 9.53 sigma sintered bush chain sigma sintered bush chain combines the ... physical strength of ansi roller chains with the self lubricating properties of ... metal bushes to assure long reliable chain service where external lubrication is ...
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custom design sprockets and platewheels special sprockets and ... lead times in addition to conventional designs double bossed sprockets split wheels ... can be provided to suit b.s and ansi roller bush and extended pitch chains of ... multistrand construction inverted tooth chains and many special pitch and conveyor ... chains from 4mm to 3 pitch complete ... s finished blanks also standard sprockets and platewheels can be customised to ... the bore or welding to adaptors etc sprockets and platewheels can be supplied ... and overload protection devices custom design sprockets should conform to the ... following dimensions:sprocket pitch circle diameter approx outside ... maximum hub diameter where n no sprocket teeth p/sin180/n p[0.5 cot 180/n p ... [cot 180/n 1 0.8 p chain pitch mm cross+morse power transmission ...
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taper bore sprockets for 11/4 pitch british standard chains ... l +44 121 360 0155 steel pinion simplex sprockets chain no 20b-1 cast wheel cat no no ... bore length l approx weight kg simplex chain no 20b-1 tooth width b1 18.5mm tb20b1 ... 0 fax +44 121 325 1079 rivet extractors roller chain tools reduce time both in the ... and are a necessity for disconnecting roller chains from bulk length or for chain ... indicated below tool number 36 610 1220 chain pitch /8 3/4 /4 11/4 1 1 /4 2 ... 3 3 roller chain sizes b.s 05b-12b 12b-16b 20b-16b ansi ... 120-160 ext pitch 208-212 212-216 email chain pullers this unique tool was designed ... to make roller chain installation quick and easy both in the ... then hooked into each open end of the chain the screw is tightened to bring the two ...
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-63 enable low cost production of steel sprockets with tooth range 19-114 teeth three ... originally developed to convert cycle sprockets for industrial use they enable simple ... platewheels from 3/8 to 3/4 pitch chain and also for industrial ratchet ... clutches the weld-on hubs are designed to enable conversion of platewheels to ... sprockets with a fully welded construction they ... dependant on number of teeth in the sprocket in addition to production of sprockets ... of fans wheels and conveyor rollers cross+morse power transmission ... sizes platewheels for 081 and 08b-1 chain stocked with threaded bore for a211 ...
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tensioners provide constant belt or chain tension their automatic tensioning ... customer or as complete assemblies with chain sprockets guides for roller chain ... applications there are two basic designs of tensioners available the rotary ... useable tensioning action this unique design conserves space and simplifies ... the basic tensioner is combined with roller chain idler sprockets for a standard ... range of chain tensioners see series crt linear ... to provide a standard series of chain tensioners series clt the triangular ... block is replaced by polyethylene chain guides two series are available the ...
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hv chain selection cross+morse there are seven ... good reasons to use hv in your design hv transfer cases provide weight and ... lighter loads on shaft bearings chain bearing loads are compressive placing ... gear and belt drives elasticity of hv chain accommodates normal thermal expansion ... helps `cushion the drive simplified design results in a positive cost saving `hv ... drive selection design of a `hv chain drive involves correct selection of ... chain and sprockets combined with correct casing design and ... giving power ratings per inch width of chain enable selection of chain with drives ... by a service factor to obtain the design power which can then be related to the ... factor from table refer page 7 in roller chain selection for machine types ... establish design power by multiplying total power to be ...
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sc and rp series inverted tooth chains cross+morse duplex inverted tooth chain ... is designed for serpentine drives where sprockets ... of the solutions power transmission chain and are for this reason often called ... serpentine chains the duplex chains are available in two designs the ... and pins based on the earlier sc type chains and having a flat back link form for ... power capacity rpdup type using current design sc links and pin assemblies power ... capacity of duplex chain is approx 85 of equivalent size of sc ... chain duplex chains provide the ideal alternative to roller ... chain where accurate smooth drive is required ... photographic film standard construction chains are available in two basic assemblies ... te l +44 121 360 0155 typical duplex chain assembly rpdup404 5-5-5 assembly note ...
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