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crown nursery hedge native plant catalogue 2014 2015 high street ufford suffolk ip13 6el tel 01394 460755 email enquiries@crown-nursery.co.uk website

welcome to our 2014 2015 hedging catalogue thinking of planting a new hedge hedges are fantastically universal and hugely beneficial to the environment we sell an extensive range of superb quality british grown hedging specially grown for us by three reputable uk growers ground preparation planting and aftercare are really important to the successful establishment and growth of your hedge we sell sundry items to aid all stages and provide a valuable planting guide to assist you advice is always available from our horticulturally trained staff who will be pleased to share their knowledge with you orders can be placed by telephone 01394 460755 fax 01394 460142 email enquiries@crown-nursery.co.uk online our hedging packs are available through our online shop www.crown-nursery.co.uk please include a contact number so should there be any queries we can quickly sort them out orders can be sent by a carrier november to march if this is more convenient to you carriage charge is £12.95 per

not sure what to plant then one of our carefully selected mixed hedging packs may be for you each pack contains 50 plants sufficient to plant a double row 10m long species may vary standard native hedgerow mix hawthorn blackthorn field maple rose dogwood guelder rose 60/90cm £40.00 deluxe native hedgerow mix hawthorn blackthorn field maple rose dogwood cherry plum hazel spindle 60/90cm £44.00 natures larder a feast for wildlife and you if you get there first blackthorn cherry plum dog rose hawthorn hazel elder 60/90cm £44.00 ‘big softy’ thornless hedge mix ideal for the more tender among us field maple hazel hornbeam privet wayfaring tree spindle 60/90cm £44.00 ‘keep ‘em out’ thorny hedge mix or could be called ‘keep ‘em in’ hawthorn blackthorn holly dog rose ramanus rose 60/90cm £44.00 painters pallette define your boundaries with a riot of colour field maple beech spindle wayfaring tree dogwood alder buckthorn

how many plants do you need generally hedges are planted in either a single row – plants are spaced at 3 plants per linear metre or for a more dense hedge in a double row spaced in a staggered pattern at 5 plants per linear metre see also separate descriptions for other recommended spacings how to plant your hedge – suggested ground preparation a hedge will be in place for many years thorough ground preparation is essential to achieve the best from your new plants the most rapid growth and in the long term a hedge to be proud of start by clearing a 1 meter band of soil of all grass weeds especially the perennial weeds such as nettle dock etc this can be achieved either with chemicals such as roundup taking great care to follow the manufacturer’s instructions by hand digging or by mulching next spread a 50mm 2” layer of well-rotted manure garden compost planting compost or spent mushroom compost over the clean surface and dig in this ground preparation can

acer campestre – field maple s w excellent deciduous hedging plant foliage and young wood pink/red in spring long lasting gold autumn foliage corky light brown twigs tolerant of a wide range of soils even growing on chalk and on waterlogged sites very hardy can also be grown into a round-headed tree which has dense branches – good for screening height cm qty 10 qty 11 – 25 qty 26 – 99 qty 100 60/90 3.00 0.89 0.80 0.68 betula pendula silver birch diamond shaped leaves usually yellow in autumn white peeling bark tolerant of poor dry soils height cm 60/90 qty 10 2.50 qty 11 – 25 0.92 qty 26 – 99 0.82 qty 100 0.70 buxus sempervirens – common box e f evergreen leaves are oblong glossy dark green excellent for hedging and topiary grows in any well-drained soil including chalk in sun or part shade trim in spring or summer ours are quality 4 year old plants bushy top and bottom height cm 30/40 2+2 qty 10 4.00 qty 11 – 25 3.50 qty 26

cornus sanguinea – common dogwood fl w stems green/red leaves green throughout summer turning a rich red/crimson in autumn white flowers in june followed by blue berries tolerates most soils including waterlogged sites height cm qty 10 qty 11 – 25 qty 26 – 99 qty 100 60/90 3.00 1.22 1.18 1.00 corylus avellana – hazelnut fl w british native ‘hazel nut’ bears long yellow catkins from february to march splendid golden autumn colour invaluable for bleak sites in any reasonable soil height cm 60/90 qty 10 3.00 qty 11 – 25 1.27 qty 26 – 99 1.12 qty 100 0.95 crataegus monogyna – hawthorn s fl w p oval deeply lobed dark green leaves clusters of fragrant white flowers late spring followed by rounded red fruits tolerant of a wide range of soil conditions including exposed sites will form a dense stock proof hedge and is usually used as the basis of most hedges height cm 60/90 qty 10 3.00 qty 11 – 25 0.89 qty 26 – 99

fagus sylvatica – common beech f deciduous wavy edged pale green young leaves maturing to dark green turning brown in autumn but remaining on the plant throughout winter good formal hedge avoid wet soils extra care needed with water control with this plant height cm qty 10 qty 11 – 25 qty 26 – 99 qty 100 60/90 90/120 3.00 5.50 1.26 1.63 1.11 1.42 0.96 1.28 ilex aquifolium – holly e s fl w f p – pg forms a dense impenetrable hedge a little slow to establish will thrive in almost any well-drained soil even in full shade dislikes wet soils height cm qty 10 qty 11 – 25 qty 26 – 99 qty 100 pg 30/50 3.50 3.18 2.80 2.50 ligustrum ovalifolium – oval leaf privet e fl w f caution harmful if eaten vigorous evergreen/semi-evergreen upright shrub with glossy mid-green leaves dense racemes of small tubular white flowers in mid-summer followed by black fruits well-drained soil – most aspects height cm 60/90 qty 10 3.00 qty 11 –

prunus cerasifera – cherry plum fl w s fl w a small tree or bush with very green young shoots many small white flowers crowd the stems in march/april these are followed in autumn by small edible cherry sized fruits yellow or shades of red good for jam and pies makes an excellent dense hedge height cm qty 10 qty 11 – 25 qty 26 – 99 qty 100 60/90cm 3.00 0.97 0.85 0.72 prunus spinosa – blackthorn or sloe s fl w a large dense native shrub with dark spiny branches covered in small white flowers during march/april bears fruits like small damsons with a blue bloom at first later shiny black prefers a well-drained soil in a sunny or part shade location height cm 60/90 qty 10 3.00 qty 11 – 25 0.89 qty 26 – 99 0.80 qty 100 0.68 rhamnus cathartica – common buckthorn fl w p caution harmful if eaten a large native shrub or small tree a common hedge or woodland shrub on chalk branches are spiny produces masses of shiny black fruits in autumn makes

rosa canina – dog rose fl w p a native rose a medium sized shrub forming strong prickly stems bears pale pink single fragrant flowers in june followed by scarlet egg shaped hips which make delicious syrup and wines height cm qty 10 qty 11 – 25 qty 26 – 99 qty 100 60/90 3.00 0.89 0.80 0.68 rosa rugosa – ramanas rose fl w p a strong growing repeat flowering shrub with prickly stems the suckering habit enables it to form dense thickets making it an excellent hedging plant leaves are bright green downy beneath and fairly disease resistant fragrant purple/rose blooms are followed by attractive bright red tomato shaped hips height cm 40/60 qty 10 3.00 qty 11 – 25 1.30 qty 26 – 99 1.06 qty 100 0.95 rosa rugosa alba – white ramanas rose fl w p a vigorous medium-sized shrub with plentiful glossy rich green foliage turning yellow in autumn fragrant pure white single flowers 9cm wide open in summer and autumn followed by large scarlet hips

taxus baccata – common yew e f w caution toxic if eaten evergreen conifer needle-like flattened leaves are dark green female plants bear red fruits excellent hedging plant which can be clipped in late summer into a formal hedge not as slow to establish as is often supposed requires a well drained site young yew is very sensitive to water control too much or too little will result in heavy losses please see our guarantee policy on evergreen plants height cm 40/60 qty 10 4.00 qty 11 – 25 3.60 qty 26 – 99 3.20 qty 100 2.85 viburnum lantana – wayfaring tree fl w a large native shrub often found in hedgerows leaves and young shoots are covered with a soft tomentum flowers creamy white in may and june are followed by oblong fruits which mature from red to black height cm 60/90 qty 10 3.00 qty 11 – 25 1.57 qty 26 – 99 1.39 qty 100 1.20 viburnum opulus – guelder rose fl w good for damp or dry sites vigorous deciduous bushy shrub fully hardy

we now also offer a range of young bare root trees suitable for planting in hedgerows approx 90/120cm £5.50 each betula pendula native silver birch deciduous small/medium tree with tall domed crown and graceful pendulous branches developing with age diamond shaped leaves usually yellow in autumn white peeling bark tolerant of poor dry soils carpinus betulus hornbeam deciduous medium/large tree oval prominently veined dark green leaves that turn yellow and orange in autumn often hanging for a long time bears green catkins from late spring to autumn when clusters of winged nuts appear easier to establish on heavy soils than beech which it resembles stands exposed sites castanea sativa sweet chestnut deciduous medium/large spreading tree bark becomes spirally ridged with age large oblong glossy toothed dark green leaves turn yellow in autumn numerous spikes of small creamy yellow flowers in summer are followed by edible fruits in husks chestnuts long lived trees ideal for

quercus robur common english oak a large long lived deciduous spreading rugged tree fully hardy bears oblong wavy lobed dark green leaves supports the greatest number of varieties of insect life of any of our native trees therefore very interesting to birds sorbus aucuparia mountain ash or rowan deciduous small/medium spreading tree leaves have mid-green leaflets that turn red or yellow in autumn bears white flowers in spring and red fruits in autumn very tolerant of extreme acidity sundries description each <50 each 50 each 100 extra wide tree spirals 60cm x 5cm 0.57 0.54 0.45 90cm canes – suitable for above 0.14 0.13 0.12 tree guard 75cm x 80/100mm stake 2.50 2.00 1.95 tree guard 1.2m x 80/100mm stake 3.20 3.15 3.10 rootgrowtm mycorrhizal fungi 150g 5.99 rootgrowtm mycorrhizal fungi a fantastic product to be used when planting to develop a better root system available in 150g packets an invitation please visit the nursery – you will also find a range of mature

plant guarantee we hope you will gain many years of pleasure from your new plants if you are not entirely satisfied with your plants on receipt please return them to us within 7 days for a full refund of the price of the plants if after following our planting and care guide your plants fail we will in the case of ‘container grown’ deciduous and evergreen plants purchased in leaf – that die within 60 days from the date they leave the nursery either replace with plants of the same size subject to availability or refund the price paid for the plants in the case of deciduous ‘bare root’ plants or ‘container grown’ plants purchased during the dormant season– that fail to come into leaf during the first growing season after planting we will either replace the plants with plants of the purchased size subject to availability during the next bare root season or refund the price paid for the plants – providing we have been notified of

conditions of sale acceptance all orders shall be covered by these terms and conditions of sale the placing of an order constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of these as part of the contract of sale availability goods and services are offered subject to availability at the time an order is received prices all prices are subject to alteration without prior notice prices include v.a.t unless otherwise stated and are quoted subject to collection from the nursery liability the liability of the seller to pay compensation or damages for any breach is limited to a maximum of the invoiced value of the goods plants trees or services at the date of sale payment with order unless by prior arrangement damage or loss in transit no responsibility can be accepted by us for goods damaged in transit unless they have been signed for as ‘not examined’ or ‘damaged’ or to that effect a written complaint must be made to us by the buyer within 7 days of receipt of the goods