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mallory ignition electronic ignition distributor harley mallory harley ignition electronic ignition distributor harley davidson self cancelling turn signal modules solid state turn signal relay flasher 6 volt ngk spark plug gaps ngk accel u groove spark plugs 2413 badlands turn signal shut off harley ignition coil single fire fxr mallory dual point distributor hold down clamp sportster rear brake light switch 1980 motorcycle self canceling turn signal kit 2006 turn signal security module wiring harness to combine headlights high and low beam general electric solid state relay manuals custom chrome rear turn signal chopper lights 2008 high output alternator 2008 harley davidson sportster 1200 big bore kit sportster chrome coil cover 2003 motocell battery charger autolite spark plug 4164 ngk spark plug gaps ngk spark plug gap yankee engineuity motor mounts big boar batteries big boar battery ngk motorcycle spark plugs amp mate n lok deutsch crimping tool 670058 accu fire electronic ignition brake light switch accel 25506 iridium spark plugs racks autolite spark plug 85 champion accel spark plug wire bulk autolite spark plugs copper plus spark plug gauge 1450cc triple platinum spark plug dyna coil dc6 4 cover 1998 clutch drum basket starter ring gear accell high torque starter prestolite harley davidson magneto coil ngk spark plug cross reference motorcycle led turn signal relay flasher harley davidson magneto turn signal module 68540 96 autolite spark plugs heat range 85 revtech electronic ignition system arlen ness signature prestolite electronic ignition parts champion spark plugs gap size 2000 harley davidson turn signal module barrel key ignition switch removable rotary vane compressor 1979 harley davidson sportster dual spark plugs 12 volt generator parts 1981 sportster sportster ignition pick up

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630103 dynatek 2000tc digital ignition for twin cam 88® models with carburetors the popular 2000tc is now offered in a pc programmable version in addition to the original version both ignitions feature 16 advance curve options in three groups and 8 rev limiter settings in increments of 250 rpm from 5750-7250 rpm compatible with stock and aftermarket performance coils using stock sensors and oem connectors and the stock mounting also features advanced full digital accuracy monitored current to provide full spark energy at all times and protection against electrical spikes and reverse polarity problems fit all carbureted twin cam 88® models from 1999 thru 2003 630101 630102 dynatek 2000ip programmable ignition systems dynatek has upgraded their popular 2000i ignitions to be fully programmable when used with the optional programming kit see below · completely self-contained under the cam cover for a clean look · heavy-duty billet aluminum construction for long life · single fire

motor factory® advance unit with blue streak® points and condenser custom chrome® has combined it s premium® advance unit assembly with hi-performance blue streak® points and condenser this kit is ideal for the replacement of worn out units or conversion to points from the electronic ignitions used on many models from late 1978 thru 2003 these blue streak® components are of the highest quality making this is one of the finest-quality point conversion kits on the market 17193 fits big twin models from 1970-early 1978 and sportster® models from 1971-early 1978 $59.99 17193 jammertm automatic advance unit a high-quality advance unit that fits all cone motors one-piece base and shaft are machined from 4350 chrome moly tool steel and ground to .0001 accuracy pivot pins are tool steel and heat treated to 58rc weights are machined from 4140 billet bar stock and heat treated this advance unit is one quality piece and made to last a lifetime 632026 complete advance unit

index billet aluminum coil mounting system by yankee engineuity a very thought out design to provide a clean look in covering and mounting most of the aftermarket and oem ignition coils used today cnc-machined from solid billet aluminum for strength and beauty most of yankee engineuity s motor mounts were designed specifically to mount yankee engineuity s coil brackets and accessories yankee engineuity s ignition coil covers were designed specifically to be mounted on yankee engineuity s ignition coil brackets refer to the easy to follow chart below to determine what specific mounting system you will need 1 from far-left column pick type of coil that you are using 2 the small to the left of each coil type coordinates with appropriate part number as noted 3 from top header row pick type of bike that best matches your motorcycle 4 to the right of your coil and below your type of motorcycle are the parts needed to complete your assembly apparel seats bags foot controls hand controls

premium spark plugs size 1450cc 1340cc 1340cc 1340cc 1340cc 1200cc 1200cc 1200cc 1200cc 1130cc 1100cc 1000cc 1000cc 1000cc 900cc 883cc model all twin cam 88® 1999-up all evolution® 1984-up all shovelheads 1982-84 all shovelheads 1980-81 all shovelheads l1978-79 all evolution® 1986-up buell® models 1988-up all shovelheads l1978-80 all shovelheads 1975-e78 all big twins 1948-74 all v-rod® models 2002-up all evolution® 1986-87 all sportster® 1979-85 xr-1000 1983-85 all sportster® 1972-78 all sportster® 1957-71 all evolution® 1986-up oem 6r12 5r6a 5rl 5r6a 5a6a 6r12 5r6a 5a6a 3-4 10r12a 6r12 4r5 6r7 4 4 6r12 qty 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 accel cyclelite platinum accel y2418p y2410p y2417p y2410p y2403p y2418p y2410p y2403p y2401p part qty 4 4 ngk iridium ix ngk dcpr7eix bpr5eix11 part 22023 22024 22027 22024 22022 22023 22024 22022 22020 -22023 22026 -22021 22021 22023 3126046 3122115 -3122115 3122115 3126046 3122115 3122115 -n/a 3126046 -3123903 3126046 -4 4 4 4 4 -bpr5eix11

index apparel seats bags 668025 foot controls 25444 hand controls lighting 668026 accel® voltage rectifier/regulators solid-state designs feature accel s chrome or black baked enamel finish regulators are individually tested before shipment and packaged with complete installation instructions and warranty card see table for applications electrical accel® solid-state voltage regulators for generator models accel solid-state technology in american-made regulators to replace mechanical regulators on generator-equipped bikes 3-wire universal connection with 10 leads ­ tan-armature green-field red-battery see table for applications exhaust motor factory® finned rectifier/regulators american-made rectifier/regulators are utilize the latest state-of-the-art surface-mount technology unlike many products on the market today our rectifier/regulators are made with screen-printed circuit boards and ceramic components which lower operating temperatures for longer life without

640644 `the slugger all balls early model starters new up to date 1.4 kw designs that replace hitachi and prestolite type starters they are more compact but generate twice the shaft speed and 50 more power than the original versions made in the usa and available in with black or chrome finishes a great remedy for those hard to start big-inch motors black 030396 hitachi starter repl oem 31570-73 $249.99 030398 prestolite starter repl oem 31458-66ta $249.99 chrome 030397 hitachi starter repl oem 31559-89t $314.99 030399 prestolite starter repl oem 31463-88t $314.99 47437 text changed 47900 47909 47901 high-torque starters by terry components when the decision has been made to build that high-compression or big-inch engine besides considering a battery with higher cold cranking amps and upgraded battery cables there s another motor to be considered namely the starter motor depending on the compression cam and ignition timing the stock 1.2 kw 1.4hp starter simply won t

system module shown activated under water wire plustm wiring systems for twin cam 88® models custom wiring harness kits by wire plustm self-diagnosing wiring systems from wire plus have leds that indicate the integrity of the various major circuits an led that changes colors from green to red indicates a shorted circuit completely modern electronic designs feature solid state breakers that never need to be replaced replaceable starter relays and all connections are sealed in vibration and moisture resistant epoxy available in four styles seat post rear coil mount has the ignition switch integrated in a chrome billet housing motor mount systems have chrome billet housings and mount on fxr-style top motor mounts flatside tank systems are installed on the frame between the `flatside fat bob gas tanks mid-frame systems mount on the upper splash guard behind the battery box in the oil tank area note the original equipment automatic turn signal cancelling feature may be retained on any of

index apparel seats bags foot controls namztm flexible antenna tired of snagging yourself on that long stock whip antenna on your dresser replace it with this flexible antenna measures 14 tall no change in reception except for cb frequencies comes with assorted adapters to fit touring models 670041 fits all touring models from 1995 thru 2006 $14.99 hand controls lighting electrical exhaust cycle whip flexible rubber antenna easy installation fits factory antenna bases flexible and unbreakable rubber mast includes 4 adapters for multiapplication to fit most models · mast is 14 ¼ tall 670059 sold each $14.99 · · · · intake engine gaskets tranny clutch driveline wheels tires brakes frames motor factory circuit breakers ® american-made replacement circuit breakers for most models 25200 30 amp fits fl models from 1970 thru 1972 with mounting bracket repl oem 74586-70 $9.99 25201 30 amp repl

küryakyntm v-shield horn cover easily replace the dull factory cover with a design that really compliments the angles of the v-twin motor 48235 fits models with the horn between the cylinders from 1992 thru 2003 $69.99 electric horn early-style 12-volt electric horn with chrome grill this heavy-duty top-quality horn has a universal mount and can be used in many applications 28120 horn and grill $29.99 28151 28150 28152 horn covers classic bell horn cover elegant and well rounded this classic shape is better looking and easier to clean than the typical louvered horn cover fits sportster® and big twin models from 1991 thru 2003 61220 sold each $34.99 chrome-plated replacement horn covers fits low note horns on sportster® models 1976 thru 1985 and fx models from 1976 thru 1980 28150 replaces oem 69140-76t $16.99 fits high note horns on big twins from late 1976 thru 1990 and 1976 thru 1985 sportster® models 28151 replaces oem 69017-76t

index apparel motor factory® battery application chart high performance maintenance free applications softail models ® seats bags standard battery battery type oem number part foot controls years battery type oem numbers part hand controls all models all models touring models all 5-speed models all 5-speed models all 4-speed models sportster® models 1991 thru 2007 1984 thru 1990 ytx20hl 3 ytx20h 3 65989-97a 65989-90b 69991-82b 69991-75c 666105 666104 lighting 1997 thru 2007 1980 thru 1996 1978 thru 1984 yix30l 3 ytx24hl 3 66010-97a 66010-82b 666107 666106 electrical exhaust yhd-12h 1 2 66007-84 666101 intake all models all models all models electric start kick start fxr models all models dyna glide® models all models fx models 4-speed electric start kick start v-rod® models all models buell® models rr1000 rss1200 s2 s2t rr1200 rs1200 m2 s3 s3t x1 blast and xb models ® 2004 thru 2007 1997 thru 2003 1979 thru 1996 1967 thru 1978 1970 thru 1978 ytx14l 3 ytx20hl 3 ytx20h 3