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daytona twin tec fully programmable ignition systems electrical 6 these ignitions are an upgrade from the non-adjustable stock oem unit and feature advanced electronics set into a machined billet aluminum housing 031003 rotary switches are used to set the operating modes such as single or dual fire adjust the timing advance and select the rpm limit two diagnostic leds indicate the status and the state of the vacuum switch voes the status led is also used to indicate top dead center tdc for easy timing set-up a special feature allows use of the tachometer wire for a link to a laptop pc windows compatible software is freely available for download at the company website for kickstart enthusiasts we have also included a kickstart mode 031003 fits most models from 70-99 except sportster models from 98-10 and twin cam 88 engines using stock electronic ignition trigger rotor not included 672492 internal ignition 1500s for all 98-02 sportster except 1200s not legal for sale or use on pollution controlled vehicles note sportster models from 71-82 and big twins from 70-83 require that mechanical advance units and point ignitions or early electronic ignitions and rotors be replaced by an oem 32402-83 ignition timing rotor cc #59725 031005 daytona twin tec ignition kit for twin cam 88 models daytona twin tec programmable ignition modules special features · more power with dyno tuning ­ optimized built-in advance curves and easy programming of custom curves · full support of the new j1850 data bus used for communications with instrument cluster and turn signal/security module tsm/tssm · compatible with h-d scan tools also allows recalibration of speedometer odometer to accommodate tire and gear changes · built-in data logging for last 30 minutes of engine operation engine builders will find this highly useful for tuning diagnosing problems and reducing unjustified warranty claims · free demo software available for download on daytona twin tec web site and custom advance curves must use usb interface cable · fits carbureted twin cam 88 and sportster models with 12-pin connector from 04-06 640281 programmable module only t/c 04-06 xl with 12 pin 031005 fits carbureted twin cam 88 models from 99-03 kit includes the programmable ignition module cci #031005 twin tec ignition coil and universal wire set the twin tec ignition coil has low resistance primary windings and is compatible with all oem screamin eagle and aftermarket ignition systems intended for carbureted twin cam 88 models fits all carbureted twin cam 88 models from 99-03 640280 complete kit 672518 6 foot usb interface cable and windows/me/xp/vista drivers on cd rom daytona twin tec nose cone ignition kit replaces the original equipment ignition system and mounts in the gear case cover using the standard h-d timing rotor not included ignition offers adjustable advance adjustable rpm limit settings in 100 rpm increments and switch selectable single or dual fire modes single fire mode improves starting reduces the occurrence of backfiring at low rpm and improves power at high rpm red led flashes when the engine reaches top dead center tdc permitting easy static timing the status led also provides diagnostic information a green voes led illuminates when the voes vacuum switch input is active a special feature allows use of the tachometer wire for an rs-232 link to a laptop computer when the engine is not running individual units can be programmed with a custom advance curve and other engine parameters such as rear cylinder timing offset the use of the tachometer wire for the pc link eliminates the need to remove the outer cover plate kit includes single fire ignition coil 8.5 mm universal plug wire set and a nose cone ignition 672528 fits all big twin models from 70-99 and sportster models from 71-97 insert 6.02