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100 vac to 240 vac 50 60 hz self cancelling turn signal modules solid state turn signal relay flasher 6 volt valve regulated lead acid battery self canceling turn signal module fits all 4 speed fl models 100 240 v 50 60 hz 100 240 y 50 60 hz custom chrome europe com sportster chrome ignition module cover mallory unilite breakerless ignition accel motorcycle battery eliminator 84 tooth ring gear 84 tooth starter ring gear barrel key ignition switch 66 tooth starter ring belt push button starter switch spark plug wire sets clutch basket for big twins blue streak point and condenser timing retard for nitrous canceling turn signal module harley davidson road king self canceling turn signal sealed lead acid battery self canceling turn signal relay 66 tooth starter ring for belt drive idle speed control actuator silver plated copper wire open belt drive kits dyna oil pan dipstick adapter black silver plated copper wire cigarette lighter to usb adapter cylinder head temperature sensor 12 volt field coils 15 32 32 uns fit all sportster and big twin models from 82 95 except 94 9 13 pin din to 8 pin din cable boots made in the usa custom chrome europe 2011 by custom chrome europe fxr chrome coil cover gear shift lever chrome chrome engine kit twin cam chrome inner primary cover spark plugs ngk accel super coil amp mate n lok 6 tooth pinion gear spark plugs champion champion spark plugs mallory unilite distributor cap daytona twin tec posi lock connectors micro starter relay

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posi lock connectors so advanced they challenge all others • reusable • no tools needed • superfast and easy to use • strong vibration proof connections • for practically every application • ideal to connect electrical accessory posi-lock in-line connectors 6 681828 posi-lock cable connector 0,21,0 pack of 10 681829 posi-lock cable connector 1,02,5 pack of 10 posi-tap tap connectors posi-twist non in-line conn posi-seal weatherproof conn posi-tite watertite conn 681830 posi-tap t-cable connector 0,21,0 pack of 6 681831 posi-tap t-cable connector 1,02,5 pack of 6 681832 posi-twist cable end connector 0,2-1,0 pack of 25 681834 posi-seal cable connector water resistant 0,75 pack of 4 681835 posi-seal cable connector water resistant 1,52,5 pack of 4 681836 posi-tite cable connector water proof 0,51,0 pack of 3 681837 posi-tite cable connector water proof 1,02,0 pack of 3 posi-fuse fuseholders 681838 posi-fuse for flat fuses pack of 2 681839 posi-fuse

899865 899866 6 899867 899868 899869 feuling o2 sensors • precision made • meet or exceed oe specifications • assembled in the usa part 899865 899866 899867 6.14 description 12mm oxygen sensor black connector 29“ oal 4 wires 12mm oxygen sensor grey connector 29“ oal 4 wire 18mm oxygen sensor 12.5“ oal 2 wire sensor 899868 18mm oxygen sensor 16.25“ oal 2 wire sensor 899869 18mm oxygen sensor 22.25“ 0al 2 wire sensor fitment oem unit oe replacement twin cam bagger each oe replacement twin cam bagger each 07-08 touring incl cvo front 09 touring incl cvo rear 27719-07 each 08-10 fxdf front/rear 06-09 fxdl front/rear 06-11 fxdb front/rear 0609 fxd front/rear 06-11 fxdc front/rear 06-11 fxdwg front/rear 07-09 flstsse front/rear 07-09 fxstsse front/rear 10-11 flstse front/rear 09-10 fxdfse front/rear 07-08 fxdse front/rear 09-11 flstsb front 27683-06 each rear 07 flstsc front/rear 08 fxcw/c front/rear 07 flstn front/rear fxstd 07-11 front/rear

bike remote 1 switch module 6 this is our new ignition lock it is a small bluetooth controlled switch module controlled by a smart phone app android you can switch on the ignition and other functions of your bike via your smart phone after selecting a 4 pin code the distance is about 10 m depending of the installed position part 902041 height 12 length width 50 42 brake 2 flash control module this is a small brakelight-modulator for having more visibility in traffic it gives a significant plus in motorbike safety 14 different flash programs can be chosen • wakes up motorists behind you • provides more safety • 14 different flasher mode ajustments • easy programming part 902045 height length width 11 38 16 rear light eu converter this little device separates the combined brake and turnlightsignal from us-bikes into 4 signals as used in the eu • converts us rear lights into eu configuration • seperates the 2 combined signals brake and turnlights

starter relays starter relays used on most models 73-93 25004 893308 893307 starter relay 30-amp 893308 893307 socket terminal kit oem 9937 72046-79 heavy duty oem 3150491a 6 24998 micro starter relay with diode by standard motor products a replacement for the original equipment micro-sized unit fitted to all big twins from 00-15 sold each 17152 replaces oem 31522-00a starter boost relay is the answer to weak starting performance when installed it improves and/or eliminates the voltage drop in single fire applications during cranking applies full battery voltage to the ignition module and coil and gets rid of the 1-2 volt drop in the original equipment wiring harness 24519 sold each fits all models 80-93 using either a metal or plastic square bodied ‘plug’ style relay 24998 replaces oem 31506-79b 17152 17050 starter boost relay by s&s fits fl and fx models 73-79 sportster models 74-79 and all models 80-85 using round plastic terminal-style relay 25004 replaces oem

25447 25446 jammer automatic advance unit 25492 roller bearing advance kit 6 smooth advance for ignition timing has reached a new level of performance and reliability with our roller bearing advance kit roller bearings at the pivots of the advance weights gives the proper amount of ignition advance at the right time every time included are all the parts to make the ignition up-to-date with better-than-new performance includes the roller bearing weights installed on a quality advance unit shaft and plate circuit breaker base plate points cam wiring harness springs and timing screw fits 70-e78 big twins or 71-e78 sportster models as well as many models from late 78-03 when converting to point-style ignitions 12402 complete kit 12413 replacement advance weights with roller bearings pair only fits cc #12402 kit 895422 17191 17192 895423 895424 points condenser kit 895422 895423 895424 sportster and k models except magneto 54-70 and big twins 48-69 900 cc xlhc with magneto 58-69 sportster

electrical apparel type of coil crane dual fire crane single fire 1 80-99 oem style 1 super spike coils 1 blue streak coils 1 dyna single fire 2 dyna 4 plug single fire 3 99-10 oem single fire 86-10 evo xl style 1 48-65 pan 66-84 shovel 1 2 singoille nology c dual nology coill seats touring motor mount 09474 rubbr mtr mnt 09472 solid mtr mnt chr coil cvr 43326 chr coil cvr 43326 no spacer chr coil cvr 43326 chr coil cvr 43326 hand controls motor mount motor mount rubbr mtr mnt solid mtr mnt lighting 09335 coil bracket chr coil cvr 43328 09474 coil bracket chr coil cvr 43328 no spacer 09472 coil bracket chr coil cvr 43328 coil bracket chr coil cvr 43328 electrical motor mount motor mount rubbr mtr mnt solid mtr mnt 09335 coil bracket chr coil cvr 43326 09474 coil bracket chr coil cvr 43326 no spacer 09472 coil bracket chr coil cvr 43326 coil bracket chr coil cvr 43326 foot controls 3 dual dyna post type dual revtech p/t 1 s&s super sidewinder engine motor mount 1 single dyna mini

electrical accel complete 32 amp charging system kit • heavy duty rotor features magnets which are completely enclosed in stainless steel plus a super thick hub and splines to eliminate cracks • stator is precision wound with premium copper to ensure long life and the highest possible output • controlled by a premium chrome plated regulator 668055 complete charging system – fits softail and dyna models from 91-99 accel complete 38 amp 3 phase charging system kit 668055 668052 668052 • heavy duty rotor features premium quality magnets to ensure long life • stator is precision wound with premium copper to ensure long life and the highest possible output • controlled by a premium chrome plated regulator 668052 complete charging system – fits softail models 01-06 apparel seats touring foot controls hand controls lighting electrical compu-fire charging systems a must have for overloaded electrical systems • made in the usa delivers

electrical easy starter kits for big twin models 17665 improves starting on high-compression big inch engines through an improved starter-to-clutch basket gear ratio complete kits include a clutch basket for big twin models with a 66-tooth starter ring and a 9-tooth starter pinion gear 17664complete kit for big twin models from 94-97 complete kit for big twin models from 98-06 except 06 dyna replacement parts 17448 clutch basket with ring gear for cc #17664 17663 clutch basket with ring gear for cc #17665 23185 66-tooth starter ring gear with hardware fits only cc #17420 clutch basket and oem 37707-90 23183 9-tooth pinion gear compu-fire ‘gen iii’ starters the ‘gen iii’ turns over a full 2kw of starting power while only drawing 175 amps from the battery this chrome and polished starter features a removable jackshaft coupler ultra powerful neodymium magnets innovative high torque clutch and 6:1 planetary gear reduction it has the power to start large

electrical apparel seats touring foot controls hand controls lighting electrical • safer intelligent and internet connected smart lithium battery​ • bms shut off allows longer battery life • self protection from • over-charging • over-discharging • over-drain part 913654 913655 913656 913657 color black black black black description lithium 2,5 ah lithium 4,5 ah lithium 6,1 ah lithium 8 ah exhaust intake cold cranking amps 150 270 360 480 height 94 94 130 130 length 114 150 175 175 depth 71 86 86 86 engine gaskets tranny clutch mega battery cables the lugs are twice the thickness of standard lugs and are made from 99 pure electroplated copper then 24k gold-plated to provide a positive connection with greater conductivity kits contain the lengths needed for specific applications mega cable kits 647549 fits softail models from 08-17 includes a 6” ground cable and a 10” battery-to-starter cable except 13-17 fxsb/s/se 47521 fits

electrical apparel seats touring foot controls stereo accent made from lightweight abs no tools or disassembly required for installation fits ‘96-’13 electra glides ‘06-’13 street glides ‘09-’13 trike 773765 chrome ea battery tender 12-volt 4-bank international chargers the 4-bank international battery tender charging station works anywhere in the world designed to fully charge a battery and maintain it at proper storage voltage without the damaging effects caused by trickle chargers • features 4 independent charging systems and 12 volts at 1.25 amps per station • weighs less than 3 lbs • operates anywhere in the world 100-240 vac 50/60 hz • microprocessor controlled constant current charging • reverse polarity protected • complies to all international safety standards • perfect for all agm sealed maintenance free and flooded batteries • optional 25 ft extension leads available • features

namz universal cigarette lighter to usb charger adapter 670886 6 sold each usb power source namz “on board” power port with dust cover 670882 for flhr flt fltr,flht flhx trike 94-17 models charging your device just got even easier featuring two usb ports bottom 1.0a top 2.1a to provide enough output for charging any modern device including ipads mount anywhere you choose including inside your tour pack on the dash or on your handlebars fits universal for 12v applications requires 1” x 1” flat surface or 1” of straight section on 1” bar for mounting connects directly to battery with in-line fuse 771688 usb power source ea 771423 chrome synapse twin usb connector kits 894876 894877 clamp mounts to any 1-1/4” 1” diameter chrome clamp mounts to any 1-1/4” 1” diameter black not shown 771483 electrical power point power ports by wire-plus take aim at your next adventure the all new power port from wireplus offers you the