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electrical apparel accel generator armature this american-made 12-volt armature features heavy gauge copper wire windings precisionmachined and finished shafts long-life solid copper commutator and heavy service lamination segments 25502 fits sportster models from 65-81 and big twins from 65-69 repl oems 30851-65a 30851-86t motor factory generator regulator with integral charging monitor cure electrical system reliability problems with the motor factory solid state regulator with integral charging leds it attaches directly to the end of the generator and is enclosed in a die-cast aluminum housing with polished fins on the end solid state components are completely sealed in epoxy to eliminate moisture and vibration problems giving completely reliable service green and red leds give continuous readout of system performance green wire to field red wire to armature and black wire to battery requires battery 28092 fits all sportster models from 65-77 and fl models from 65-69 with 12-volt generators seats touring foot controls hand controls lighting 12v generators by cycle electric quality generators made in the usa available with or without built in regulator model without regulator requires current limiting regulator 10 a to prevent damage due to excess current draw 685470 generator with regulator 685471 generator only 685472 repl regulator electrical exhaust battery eliminator kit by accel boost spark voltage at cranking and eliminate flickering lights at low speed with accel motorcycle battery eliminator includes shock-resistant mounting clamps and attachment hardware made in the usa 668371 battery eliminator intake engine gaskets 668420 tranny clutch generator brush set by standard replacement brush set for all two brush generators from 58-64 668343 brush set driveline wheels tires brakes 668421 frames motor factory solidstate regulator with chrome end cover american-made solid-state regulator has screen-printed circuit boards and ceramic components to lower operating temperatures and insure longer life installs in minutes and eliminates mounting problems 28615 fits all sportster models from 65-77 and fl models from 65-69 with 12-volt generators forks shocks all balls 12v generators these premium units fit big twin and sportster models they feature machine wound armatures hardened shafts and premium bearings are used throughout available in standard black finish or show quality chrome fits 65-69 big twins and 65-81 sportsters with 12v systems 668420 generator 12v black 668421 generator 12v chrome sheetmetal precision starter cover​ part fitment 776416 17-19 touring 17-19 776446 trike color finish chrome black gloss instruments gauges lubricants chemicals tools equipment for more details check www.custom-chrome-europe.com 6.69