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electrical apparel seats touring magna power agm batteries the agm design allows easy installation without the worry of acid spills and damage to equipment completely spillproof and leakproof the absorbed glassmat agm technology increases power while improving rider and environmental safety molded top and side connection terminals provide versatility increased strength and durability worry free • no vent tube • no acid leaks to cause terminal corrosion • withstands damaging effects of vibration • environmentally friendly 100 recyclable maintenance free • no filling • no activation • eliminates low water levels • low discharge rates for off season storage foot controls hand controls lighting electrical exhaust intake engine gaskets yumicron cx batteries • yumicron cx was the first small engine battery to use lead calcium technology • 5 to 8 more cold cranking amps than yumicron battery • reduces water loss to about one-eighth that of lead-antimony batteries yumicron batteries • high technology separators allow two extra plates per cell for a 30 improvement in cranking performance over a conventional battery tranny conventional batteries clutch • these workhorse batteries are designed specifically for applications requiring operation on uneven surfaces and vibrating environments driveline wheels tires brakes frames forks shocks gyz series batteries introducing the next generation powersports battery that’s made with heavy duty flush mount terminals that can resist extreme vibrations gyz batteries come ‘factory activated’ with a longer life span improved charge recovery and a higher capacity • up to 30 more cranking power than yumicron thanks to radial griddesign and additional plates • lasts up to three times longer than conventional batteries • plus all the outstanding features of a maintenance free battery maintenance free batteries • sealed valve regulated lead acid battery never needs refilling sheetmetal • absorbed glass mat agm technology eliminates water loss • spill-proof design means virtually no possibility of leaks instruments • advanced lead-calcium technology pumps gauges up starting power • holds voltage longer and needs less charging when battery is in standby or storage conditions lubricants • shipped dry with high gravity electrolyte chemicals except cc #2831647 which is factory sealed and charged tools equipment for more details check www.custom-chrome-europe.com 6.85