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panhead style rocker covers for twin cam pan style rocker box for twin cam rocker covers for twin cam top end gasket kit for 100 and 110 4x4 revtech engines custom chrome europe com twin cam engine cases custom stainless steel braided hoses chrome inner primary cover gear drive cams andrews hydraulic cam chain tensioner andrews gear cams for twin cam chain drive cam kits oil pump drive shaft oil pump drive gear dyna front motor mount oil pump drive gear assembly oil pump relief valve plunger harley davidson rocker boxes multiple skull point cover pinion shaft main bearing assembly complete gear drive cam kit oil pressure bypass valve for twin cam 356 t6 aluminum alloy urethane front motor mount high pressure oil pump v 6 high pressure oil pump 1200 c top end gasket kit top end gasket kit roller cam gear drive for twin cam stainless steel braided oil line convert to solid lifters jims roller rockers for evolution rocker cover for twin cam high pressure oil pump lines pan style rocker boxes for evolution models high pressure oil pump motor installation of high lift cam spring loaded chain tensioners high pressure oil pump o ring kit low profile air cleaner hot set up kit 124 fits all 4 speed fl models high volume oil pump gaskets for big twin evo high volume oil pump gears for revtech high performance street engines high volume oil pump kit pump drive gear and shaft chrome engine kit twin cam custom chrome europe twin cam engine engine oil bypass valve twin cam engine case reed valves for 2 stroke engine 96 cubic inch engine

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88” revtech 88 engines 3-5/8” bore x 4-1/2” stroke 9 crankcases • cast from 356-t6 aluminum with wall thickness optimized for maximum strength • advanced one-piece casting and machining techniques allow for near perfect case half alignment • blind case bolts for cleaner appearance smooth crankcase deck to cylinder base profile for cleaner appearance • 7/16 cylinder studs proven in drag racing applications flywheels • connecting rods are forged from 4340 chromemoly steel the strongest material available for this application • larger straight 1-1/2 diameter pressed-in crankpin from 8620 gear material • 4-1/4 stroke and 3-5/8 bore oiling system • late style external pump for improved efficiency and increased volume • chrome cover cylinders • 3-5/8” bore improved design with more fins overall and longer fins in certain high-heat areas for better cooling • steel liners are perma-locked into the

engine apparel seats touring foot controls hand controls lighting electrical exhaust 696316 intake engine gaskets tranny clutch driveline 908014 wheels tires brakes frames forks shocks sheetmetal s&s p74 p93 p103 engines not a reproduction the p-series is loaded with modern technology the heads are a new design based on our sh-series engines topped with roller rockers 1.500 ratio we incorporated the s&s hydraulic valve train increasing cam choices dramatically and improving oiling throughout the engine the p-series is available in 93 and 103 high compression versions each utilizes the new s&s super stock ignition in our billet timer housing applications will be broad stroke 696316 696317 696318 908014 607990 607996 607240 m696316 93 cui panhead engine 65-69 generator style compression rate 8,2:1 93 cui panhead engine 70-99 alt/generator style compression rate 8,2:1 103 cui panhead engine 70-99 alternator/generator style compression rate 10,7:1 74 cui engine generator case for

s&s cylinders for shovelhead models cast cylinders for 74 80 and big bore shovelhead motors from 66-84 sold in pairs 45776 3 5/8 bore cylinders for 4 1/4 stroke 5.330 long 45946 3 5/8 bore cylinders for 4 3/4 stroke 5.530 long 45793 3 7/16 bore cylinders 5.330 long 45945 3 1/2 cylinders 5.330 long note 3 5/8 bore cylinders require the use of s&s cylinder head bolts s&s ‘super stock’ cylinder heads for shovelhead models 9 011109 011108 cylinders for shovelheads cast iron alloy cylinders for shovelhead engines from 66-84 available bored for standard 74 or 80 pistons final honing is required pistons are not included 5.330 stock length sold each 011104 74 1200 cc front cylinder repl oem 16484-66 011106 74 1200 cc rear cylinder repl oem 16492-66 011109 80 1340 cc front cylinder repl oem 16498-80a 011108 80 1340 cc rear cylinder repl oem 16499-80a 011100 s.t.d pan/shovel cylinder heads 011102 cylinders for 74 panheads quality cast iron cylinders for panhead

engine apparel seats touring foot controls hand controls 896517 896518 short block assemblies 896519 896520 lighting replace your entire stock lower end with an s&s short block assembly a rock solid s&s flywheel assembly installed in a set of bullet proof s&s electrical super stock® crankcases • for 80” evo big twin 84-99 carbureted and fuel injected • stock 3 1/2“ bore and 4 1/4“ stroke • premium quality u.s made s&s components exhaust • compatible with all stock and most aftermarket parts • full one year parts warranty • includes certificate of origin for new crankcases intake 896517 for big twins 84-91 natural 896518 for big twins 92-99 natural efi compatible 896519 for big twins 84-91 black 896520 for big twins 92-99 black efi compatible engine note 77-’89 style pinion gears spacers and nuts are required when installing s&s flywheel assemblies for installation in 1990-’99 or scratch built engines order s&s

46756 cam applications s&s gear drive cam kits for twin cam engines 9 increases valve timing accuracy by eliminating timing chain lash and the loosely fit stock cam drive sprockets this is accomplished by replacing the stock components with light press fit s&s gear drive cams because the chain chain guides and tensioner are eliminated there is no longer a possibility for these parts to fail and damage other parts these kits reverse the rear cam’s direction of rotation and provide additional operating clearance between cam lobes permitting the use of higher lift cams when updating from the stock chain drive system it is easiest to order one of these complete kits which include camshafts with inner gears an outer cam drive gear kit an s&s cam bearing plate and the camshaft installation kit s&s gear drive camshafts must be used with s&s gear drive components six cam profiles are available to cover a wide variety of engine displacements and compression ratios with the exception of

engine apparel seats touring foot controls 654192 hand controls 654193 lighting 10-gauge design cam covers by arlen ness this cam cover matches the other 10-gauge design parts from arlen ness a unique style to change the look of your engine machined from 6061-t6 forged billet aluminum replaces the oem cam cover includes necessary gaskets and hardware available in chrome or gloss black armor coated that will never fade from heat or uv exposure fits all twin cam models 01-17 sold each 654192 chrome cam cover 654193 black cam cover tm formula cam cover​ • cnc-machined • including gaskets and hardware for d.i.y installation • adopted to the early lightweight spoke race wheels part 895538 895539 fitment 01-17 dyna 01-17 softail 01-16 touring 01-17 dyna 01-17 softail 01-16 touring color finish contrast cut chrome chrome cam covers for shovel and evo big twins these top-quality chrome-plated aluminum covers are complete with all the necessary parts to convert your

pushrod cover keeper s&s® chromed steel pushrod cover keeper set for m8 models 2.200“ long sold in sets of four color finish chrome part fitment 900409 18 19 softail 17-19 touring hi-performance solid lifter kits these kits install the adjusters into the lifter bodies in a manner which increases the stability of the pushrods at greater angles the standard kit includes 1/2 diameter 6061-t6 aluminum push rods while the deluxe kit features pushrods made of 7/16 diameter 4130 seamless chrome moly tubing the pushrods are long enough for engines with stroker cylinders and all wear surfaces are hardened for durability fits shovel head motors from 66-84 24050 complete kit with 7/16 chromemoly pushrods 24051 complete kit with 1/2 aluminum pushrods 24052 replacement 5/16 32 split nuts for the above kits pack of 10 9 pushrod keeper cover these pushrod tubes enhance the look of your engine part 912677 912678 fitment 18 19 softail 17-19 touring 17-19 trike 99-17 dyna 00-17 softail 99-16

engine apparel 632256 seats touring foot controls hand controls lighting 651309 electrical ribbed panhead covers chrome billet 4-piece panhead-style rocker covers for twin cam engines heavy-gauge steel covers with out of sight lookin’ ribs beautifully show-chromed and fit all panheads from 48-65 use with our #12270 “d” rings sold in pairs made in usa by paughco 632256 ribbed panhead covers 651309 ribbed brass panhead covers • nostalgic chrome panhead rocker covers for all twin cam engines • 4-piece design permits easy in-frame installation with simple hand tools • chromed steel top covers with billet-style appearance • cnc-machined billet aluminum d-rings • all necessary mounting hardware and gaskets are included • patent pending design 696970 pan style rocker boxes for twin cam models from 99-17 685239 gasket kit exhaust intake engine gaskets tranny clutch finned dishpan rocker covers from custom cycle engineering 12271 chrome

912399 912400 cam plate and oil pump​kit • precision machined from billet aluminum • blue anodized finish • passage plugs removeable for servicing • steel wear plate to protect plate body from steel rotors • independant scavenge sections for flywheel cavity and cam chest • debris screens in both scavenge pickups • magnet in cam chest to help prevent debris from entering pump • inreased flow capacity on both feed and scavenge side • adjustable pressure relief valve can be adjusted with unit in engine • made in usa part fitment color finish 912399 17-18 m8 water-cooled touring models blue anodized 912400 17-19 m8 oil-cooled models blue anodized 9 890558 890559 s&s tc3 oil pump for 99-17 twin cam • 3 stages for consistent pressure and reliable scavenging • separate scavenge sections for flywheel cavity and cam chest • screens and magnetic traps help protect the scavenge rotors from debris • special

engine apparel seats touring foot controls hand controls lighting aluminum cast point covers by wannabe choppers cool designs for newer 48 and 72 sportster models and jammer or ribbed designs for older sportster models with vertical mounting holes 619872 48 style with horizontal mounting holes 619873 72 style with horizontal mounting holes 619874 jammer style with vertical mounting holes 619875 ribbed style with vertical mounting holes 619870 ribbed style with horizontal mounting holes electrical exhaust intake ripple point covers by biltwell 641615 a timeless design that will fit the look of multiple styles two or 5-hole patterns to fit most big twins 70-17 except 17 touring and sportsters from 70-19 2-hole for all 70-99 big twin except 99 twin cam 70-19 sportster models 5-hole for all 99-17 twin cam models 889254 aluminum 641615 stainless steel 889254 engine gaskets tranny clutch driveline derby cover dished for big twin by biltwell fresh blood design by biltwell no gold-plated

688870 688873 688874 before after 688870 688871 688876 688873 spark plug/head bolt cover kits 9 conceal and hide the head bolts and spark plug area on your motor these aluminum die cast spark plug and head bolt covers comes in various styles like a chrome smooth bridge style or highlighted finned style either black or natural aluminum easy to install in minutes includes all necessary mounting hardware sold in pairs fits all twin cams models 99-17 except se heads or 110 se engines 688870 chrome smooth bridge style replaces oem 43858-00 fits twin cams efi models 99-17 688872 natural highlighted finned style replaces oem 43857-00 688873 black highlighted finned style replaces oem 43859-00 fits twin cam carbureted models 99-06 688874 natural highlighted finned style replaces oem 43840-01 688875 black highlighted finned style replaces oem 43841-01 fits sportster models 04-19 688871 chrome smooth bridge style replaces oem 44432-04 688876 black highlighted finned style replaces oem