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flathead power kn74e kn93 engines for 36-99 chassis flathead power kn-series engines are very close in appearance to a stock knucklehead engine but offer a number of modern features for more power better engine life and improved reliability aside from the much larger 93” displacement the main improvement in design is the 58-65 style flywheel assembly which uses a splined sprocket shaft and timken sprocket shaft bearing this necessitates the use of a 55-64 style inner tin primary cover and primary chain sprocket flathead power rocker arm cover “tins” are another modern improvement the kn93 is a standard compression 93” engine and is available with authentic generator style crankcases for early style chassis primary and transmissions and with alternator generator style cases for use with 70 primary covers and late style transmissions fitment • 36-’47 stock chassis – will fit in 48-99 chassis with front motor mount spacer included • 70-99 alternator/generator and alternator custom versions custom bikes with 70-’99 alternator style primary features and benefits • • • • • natural crankcases and black powdercoated cylinders and heads s&s super e s&s valve train – solid lifters s&s super stock single fire ignition system and polished billet timer 36-47 models have correct length sprocket shaft for stock primary and transmission • alternator and alternator/generator models have correct sprocket length sprocket shaft for 70 primary and transmission • alternator/generator engines include oil filter mount for generator location 652775 93 cui engine with generator style case 652776 93 cui engine with generator/alternator style case 908005 74 cui engine with generator style case compression rate 7.5:1 607237 engine gasket kit 607239 rocker cover gasket kit 9 s&s kn-series engine specifications engine kn93 displacement bore stroke carb camshaft pistontype compression ratio 93” 3 5⁄8 4 1⁄2” super e fhp 420 s&s forged 8.2:1 note alternator/generator cases have 48-’99 style front motor mount will not fit stock knuckle frames generator style engines have stock motor mounts for 36-47 style frames but can be used in 48-99 style frames with front motor mount spacer included alternator/generator cases require a transmission with 70 length mainshaft and custom exhaust pipes must be fabricated we recommend to use 20w50 petroleum based motor oils kn-k93 kone motor by s&s the classic style of motorcycles of the past just can’t be beaten for coolness now there’s a way to tap into the coolness of retro style the new award winning kn-kone motor combines the look of a knuckle with the bullet-proof design and charging system of the 70-99 style alternator lower end the kn-kone motor features the s&s super e carburetor and super stock single fire ignition system in 2011 the kn-kone motor won the engine of the year award from v-twin magazine fitment • 70-98 big twin • 99 chassis originally equipped with a harley-davidson evolution style engine can also be installed in earlier chassis if a transmission with a 70-11 mainshaft is used features and benefits • s&s super e carburetor • s&s super stock single fire ignition system • alternator style crankcase – allows the use of modern primary transmission clutch components and electrical system • more simple exhaust fabrication 653113 kn-k93 super e super stock ignition kone high temp black 607237 engine gasket kit 607239 rocker cover gasket kit 9.14