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exhaust apparel seats touring interference replacement pipe by pm legal exhaust systems 990038 foot controls interference pipe replacement kit hand controls exhaust logo-badge by pm legal exhaust systems lighting replacement to replace scratched badges 990036 polished 990037 black shown electrical exhaust pm legal exhaust system exhaust muffler clamp 990054 888525 888524 888521 stainless steel clamp polished catalytic converter cartridges pair insulation wool o-ring 70 x 3 mm for slip-on mufflers intake engine gaskets tranny clutch driveline heatshields for pm legal exhaust systems the heatshields are without lasered logo and made of stainless steel in chrome polished or black front heat shields for all top rear heat shields for chop vegas systems firestarter systems 990039 polished 990048 polished 990040 chrome 990049 chrome 990041 black 990050 black front heat shields for all top chop hammer systems 990042 polished 990043 chrome 990044 black rear heat shields for rainbow systems 990051 polished 990052 chrome 990053 black five window soundsystem endcaps for pm legal exhaust systems flat and high 5-window soundsystem with external key adjustment made of stainless steel available in polished or black version 990055 flat polished 990056 flat black 990057 high polished 990058 high black 990059 special adjustment key rear heat shields for all top chop systems 990045 polished 990046 chrome 990047 black wheels tires brakes frames forks shocks sheetmetal instruments gauges lubricants chemicals tools equipment for more details check www.custom-chrome-europe.com 7.45