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custom chrome europe com motoscope handle bar top clamp 1 liquid filled oil pressure gauge self canceling turn signal liquid filled oil pressure gauge kit oil pressure gauge kit low oil pressure warning light custom chrome europe liquid filled gauges oil pressure gauges dakota digital dash gauges oil temperature gauges fat bob tank with gauges for fxr chrome fat bob tank sportster hardware oil pressure gauge adapter kits for big twin chrome chrome front end kits chrome front end kit dyna steel chrome dash for fx models chrome rocker box cover custom exhaust right side drive motogadget motoscope mini black combi frame handlebar mount sportster speedo mount mmb 48 mm speedometer external trip odometer odometer reset knob mini speedometer mmb 48 mm arlen ness oil pressure gauge 41mm fork tubes sportster evolution big twins 41mm fork tubes speedo drive unit oil pressure gauge 41mm fork tube sportster fat bob tank fat bob tank sportster fat bob tank turn signal module inductive pick up tachometer canceling turn signal module gear position indicator oil temperature gauge brass oil pressure gauge oil pressure warning low air pressure warning sender dyna wide glide wheel harley davidson models harley oil pressure gauge double sided tape harley oil temperature gauge self canceling turn signal module double sided tape 1 3 double sided tape oil temperature gauge kit harley davidson turn signal canceling module speedometer 48 mm

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601665 601664 digital mini speedometer tachometer this feature-filled round electronic instrumentation system uses new brightness vacuum fluorescent graphic display technology in a compact 2 1/16 diameter package it offers a 255 mph speedometer quick response bar graph tachometer odometer with resettable trip meter and a full compliment of indicators to provide a complete information system • 255 mph speedometer calibration is adjustable for nearly any gearing or tire size combination • user selectable mph or kph • works in electronic and cable driven applications • odometer with resettable trip odometer • quick response bar graph tachometer with adjustable shift point indicator and warning • easy tachometer calibration for a wide range of cylinder combinations from 1-15 cylinders without the use and hassle of bulky coils • various indicators can also be displayed such as turn signal high beam neutral and low oil pressure • compatible

motosign mini it is an extremely small indicator light unit featuring 5 coloured leds the device is very suitable for the motoscope mini length width /depth 46 mm 8 mm 13 mm length of the connecting cable is approx 50 cm two threaded fastening bores m3 weight with cable is approx 18 grams the device is already equipped with integrated multiplier resistors led colors • 2 x green indicators left/right or 1 x indicators 1 x warning light • 1 x green idle gear • 1 x blue high beam • 1 x red warning light 681477 motosign mini black 681478 motosign mini polished 652851 motogadget combi frame with indicatorlights for motoscope mini universal bracket motoscope mini universally usable mounting bracket for the motoscope mini it is made of 2.5 mm thick aluminum sheet metal precisely laser cut it can be adapted individually by cutting it to length and drilling it according to the respective use the maximum width at the mounting end side is 90 mm 681489 universal bracket

670455 670453 670450 670451 670452 670454 medallion premium bagger gauges 17 17.12 american made medallion premium bagger gauges are built to the same rugged oem standards our custom motorcycle industry demands our world class graphic designs are led backlit have illuminated pointers with hidden telltale features including shift up unique to medallion abs check engine and security the auto-dimming graphical display also shows low fuel battery cruise odometer two-trip odometers and all gear positions 1-6 unique to medallion kits include speedometer tachometer with lcd display oil psi oil temp fuel volt gauges with all necessary wire harnesses brackets factory air temp gauge is replaced with oil temperature gauge sensor harness made in the usa fits 04-13 touring models 670450 670451 670452 670453 670454 670455 usa km/h scale tradition km/h scale sundown km/h scale racing white km/h scale just black km/h scale skulls km/h

instruments gauges apparel 27800 seats touring 27820 foot controls hand controls 688058 electronic and mechanical tachometers are available lighting electrical exhaust 27807 intake 27805 688059 engine gaskets mini gauges these gauges feature chrome cases with polished stainless steel bezels strong chrome steel mounts rubber mount handlebar clamps accurate non-fluctuating indicators and 12-volt dial lights they measure 2 5/8 wide x 2 1/16 deep durable housings are water and vibration resistant the speedometers require cables with 12mm threaded nuts speedometers only the 1:1 ratio units fit 4-speed fl and fx models with transmission driven speedometers from 68-83 the 2:1 ratio units fit 54-72 sportster and k models and fl models with transmission speedometer drives from 47-67 they also fit sportster fx and fxr models with front wheel speedometer drives from 73-90 except softail and 4-speed fxwg models the 2240:60 ratio unit will fit softail and 4-speed fxwg models from 84 thru 90 and

instruments gauges apparel seats touring velona80 tachometer 80mm matte black body made from stainless-steel speed rpm in one gauge lcd readout with multiple functions steppingmotor-driven pointer quickly moves and indicates actual speed/rpm • km/h or mph selectable • odometer not resettable 0.0-99,999.9km mile • dual trip meter resettable 0.0-99,999.9km mile • speedometer 0-399km/h 0-260mph • voltmeter 0.0-18.0v • max speed memory and recall • max rpm memory and recall • shift-up warning can be set • ability to connect to oem speed sensor if the vehicle is equipped with an electrical speed sensor • ppr setting selectable from 1p-1r/1p-2r/2p-1r/30p-1r • power dc9-16 regular 12v • v-shaped bracket included part color finish 901351 black operation type digital/analog outer Ø 80 foot controls hand controls rbs digital instruments handlebar clamp with combined lcd digital instrument speedometer or tachometer

mmb ’micro mini’ cable-driven speedometers these high-quality units are made in europe and are the smallest speedometers on the market at only 1.9 48mm in diameter they’re available with brushed aluminum black or white faces with chrome-plated or black-coated housings the mph speedometers have faces that read from 0-120 mph and the kp/h speedometers read from 0-220 kp/h applications 1:1 ratio fit 4-speed fl and fx models with transmission-driven speedometers from 68-83 2:1 ratio fit fl models with transmission-driven speedometers from 47-67 and sportster fx and fxr models with front wheel speedometer drives from 73-90 except softail and 4-speed fxwg models may also be installed on sportster fxr and dyna glide models with front wheel drive speedometers from 91-94 if the self-canceling turn signal feature is forfeited 2240:60 fit all softail and 4-speed fxwg models from 84-90 and 4-speed fl models with front wheel speedometer drives from 81-84 may also be

gauge bolt-on adapter cafe • allows the use of rsd gauge mount re-locator • 896066 has both .925 and 1.950 spacer lengths included for multiple applications • for use on rsd top triple trees only • hardware included • available in gloss black • fits fxd with removable risers and custom applications 896065 gloss black for dyna and custom applications 896066 gloss black for dyna rsd top triple tree clamp and custom applications 896071 led indicator for cafe gauge relocation bracket softail 11-17 dyna 12-17 xl 14-19 hanging headlight mount cafe allows installation of any stock or aftermarket 5 3/4” bottom-mount headlight using rsd cafe gauge headlight relocator or oem visor headlight mount 896315 gloss black fits xl 95-19 and all visor mount headlights speedo relocation bracket • black powder coated • for xl 95-13 except forty-eight 690834 speedo relocation bracket cafe gauge and headlight re-locator for softail dyna sportster 48

604022 604045 604027 604041 604043 604036 604025 604034 604042 604046 604024 604033 604026 604052 604021 604053 604038 604039 604048 680024 680022 chrome gauge cups 604041 604042 680023 chrome handlebar gauge mount clamps 17 35º handlebar gauge mount clamps for most models from 74-10 with oem-style riser except touring springer softail and deuce models 604021 mount clamp without indicator light holes 604022 mount clamp with 5 indicator molded-in led light bar 604024 mount clamp with 4 indicator light holes 604026 mount clamp with 5 slotted indicator light holes for oem light bars from 95-03 slim line base clamps for 1” bars are available with or without provisions for indicator lights for use with yankee engineuity gauge mounts 680023 base clamp without light holes 680024 base clamp with light holes flat handlebar gauge mount clamps for all models with 1 1/4 aftermarket t-bars 604052 mount clamp with 4 indicator molded-in led light bar 25 degree “back down”

instruments gauges apparel gauge bracket seats touring foot controls gauge cup chrome gauge cover set 681157 hand controls matched set of full-coverage chrome speedometer and tachometer covers slips easily over the stock instrument housing and uses existing hardware without modification 19090 tach and speedo cover set for the steel-cased instruments on sportster fx and fxr models 84-90 19097 fits the steel-cased speedometers on fx fxr and sportster models from 83-90 repl oems 67090-85 and 6710583 handlebar adapter led module lighting electrical 681098 exhaust intake 26707 26706 handlebar gauge brackets by pistor this bracket is suitable for all 25,4 mm 30 mm and 40 mm handlebars and is a very clean solution to mount gauges on the handlebars the mounting hardware is hidden single or dual instrument brackets for 40 mm air and oil pressure gauges 48 mm electronic speedos/tachos or 52 mm dakota instruments can be used the bracket includes three led s for the main engine functions

instruments gauges 894953 310388 310334 894954 apparel seats touring .375 .600 310389 foot controls 310390 hand controls cable drive speedo adapter units 894953 894954 16 mm 5/8” for electronic speedometers 12 mm for electronic speedometers .350 .300 lighting 310387 26726 electrical 26725 exhaust front wheel speedometer drive units choose from our standard spare parts line or our “pro-stock” series of speedo drives motor factory speedometer drive units stock replacement drive units for all models with front wheel drive speedometers from 73-98 they work great with our 2-to-1 ratio speedometers 26725 fits 73-83 sportster fx and fxr models with narrow glide 19 front wheels right side drive 7 mm repl oem 67127-73 26726 fits 82-86 flt and flht models and 81-84 4-speed fl models right 0 mm repl oem 67073-81 26723 fits fxst fxstc dyna wide glide and 4-speed fxwg models with 21 front wheels from 84-95 left 16 mm repl oem 6712084b 26724 fits sportster fx fxr and dyna