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skull 629305 629304 breather kits for custom air cleaners 629300 629302 tiki-flame required when installing custom air cleaners or carburetors on evolution sportster engines with the crankcase vented through the cylinder head replaces oem 29281-91 040466 fits sportster models from 91-19 8 joker machine breathers 629328 629303 custom chrome economy air cleaner kits let your motor breath for the performance you want without breaking the bank these high flow air cleaner assemblies can be combined with any of the front covers listed on this page mounting bracket for your application sold separately 629328 hi-flow air cleaner basic kit mounting brackets 629300 fits big twins 93-17 except tbw models 629302 fits efi xl models 07-19 requires breather kit 629303 fits xl models 88-06 91-up requires breather kit 629304 1/2 wide spacer for tbw models 629305 bracket with breather for tbw models bracket and breather kits for ‘cv’ carburetors install aftermarket air cleaners on late model bikes with cylinder head crankcase breather systems kits include everything needed for the conversion except the air cleaner itself 12012 replacement breather filter dual inlet 21351 chrome banjo fitting breather sold each note brackets do not fit cc #’s 12028 or 19030 7 round air cleaners these “killer” breather kits are cnc-machined from solid aluminum billet then polished and treated to a dipping of lucious show chrome the kits come with necessary washers but breather bolts must be ordered seperately per your specific application breathers have a 3-dimensional cnc engraved on the front and a foam baffle inside with ample vent slots in the back to allow engine to breathe freely rear access panel unscrews to allow easy servicing of foam filter element pair 682318 skull breathers for tc models 682319 tiki-flame breathers for evo models 682320 tiki-flame breathers for tc models crankcase breather kit breather kits for evolution models chrome mounting and breather kit 894871 8.24 fits xl efi 07-19 fits big twin models from 93-99 and sportster models from 91-19 when custom air cleaners or carburetors are installed accepts standard 3/8 rubber hose sold in pairs 040485 breather kit included in hypercharger kits for twin cam models installs between air cleaner and the carb support bracket stock breather bolts and vent hoses are reused 779920 evo tc 93-17 xl 91-19 except tbw models note ‘93-’99 evolution big twin ‘91-’06 xl require separate purchase of 1/2”-13 breather bolts p/n 779927