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foam air filter oil 629327 629326 ness replacement air filters for screamin eagle applications 8 direct replacement high performance filters for disposable filter elements found on the screamin’ eagle kits from the factory these filters are 100 re-usable and washable so they will virtually last the life of your motorcycle use ness filter tune-up kits to recharge your filter and restore optimum performance filters are available in standard red filament or our exclusive ss stainless steel jacketed filament filters can accept arlen ness stage 1 top covers for an exposed filter with a high performance and custom look and also accept stock screamin eagle covers replacement filters 650405 filter for 99-15 fxst 02-07 flt 97-07 fxd 631226 filter for 99-15 fxst 02-07 flt 97-07 fxd stainless 654033 filter for 08-16 se flt 654034 filter for 08-16 se flt stainless 629306 replacement parts for custom chrome air cleaners 629306 629272 629275 629326 629327 manufacturer 696657 1,5 l can foam air filter cleaner replacement filter fits late screamin’ eagle high-flow air filter kits tapered for twin cam air cleaners 99-07 touring 08-16 with screamin eagle air cleaner black front plate round 5 3/4 diameter stainless steel wire mesh derby sucker filters these replacement filters for screamin’ eagle air cleaner kits will accept any 5-hole big twin style derby cover comes with everything you need to mount to your screaming eagle backing plate 654037 filter for 99-15 fxst 02-07 flt 97-07 fxd 654038 filter for 99-15 fxst 02-07 flt 97-07 fxd stainless 654035 filter for 08-16 se flt 654036 filter for 08-16 se flt stainless special oil for treating motorcycle intake air filters made of foam for effective dirt removal.application shake before use apply the foam air filter oil on the surface of the new or cleaned foam air filter and leave for a short time to take effect afterwards carefully press the foam air filter several times.let the filter dry for around 15 minutes observe the instructions of the filter fast drying cleaning fluid for all air filters made of foam and metalmesh not suitable for paper cartridges dissolves dirt and filteroil residue quickly and reliably for quick and simple maintenance of the filter cartridge particularly recommended before using the foam airfilter oil.application immerse the filter in the cleaner for several minutes andrinse often to dissolve dirt allow to dry and then treat with the foam airfilter oil.the product contains 648/2004 30 aliphatic hydrocarbons 696658 1,5 l can 654029 s&s high-flow air filter and adapter kit shown on stg i big sucker ness pre-filter for big suckers cover your stage i or stage ii big sucker when cleaning your bike or riding in the rain with this pre-filter rain sock sold each 654029 big sucker pre filter stg i 654030 big sucker pre filter stg ii 8.76 the new s&s high-flow filter is 1 taller than their standard filter and features a low-restriction pre-oiled filter element the low-restriction element combined with the larger surface area provided by the 1 taller filter adds up to an airflow increase of 37 percent over the standard s&s filter – the ultimate free breathing set-up for your engine the filter and filter adapters extend the teardrop housing out 1 the resulting band of exposed filter peeking out from under the teardrop imparts a high-performance street racer look kit installs in minutes and no permanent modifications are required it fits all “super e” and “super g” carburetors except when installed on buell models 601798 air filter and adapter kit 601799 replacement filter k&n recharger filter care kits a six-step maintenance system designed to recharge any k&n filtercharger air filter completely restores air flow efficiency so your filtercharger performs like new available in two different kits for those who have a preference one with an aerosol can of oil and one with a squeeze bottle of oil sold each 5561123 aerosol kit 5561125 squeeze bottle kit k&n filter cleaner and degreaser 5562931 12 oz squirt bottle sold each 5561982 32 oz squirt bottle sold each 5562935 1 gallon refill sold each k&n filter oil 5561966 6 oz aerosol can sold each 5561973 12 oz aerosol can sold each 5561974 8 oz squeeze bottle sold each