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tools equipment jims efi fuel pressure gauge tool this gauge is now a must have new tool since all late model harley-davidson and including v-rod motorcycles have electronic fuel injection efi if you have a customer that is experiencing any of the following engine problems you ll need this tool · hesitation under acceleration · loss of power · back firing through the intake · poor fuel economy · stalling out · engine turns over but will not start these are just a few symptoms an improper fuel system pressure may contribute to this fuel pressure gauge is easily installed in-line with the motorcycles fuel supply system all fuel testing needs to be performed with the engine running with this tool we supply you with all the necessary hose connections to do this test in about the same amount of time it takes to change a set of spark plugs 653288 efi pressure gauge apparel seats touring foot controls hand controls lighting electrical exhaust retaining ring kits for big twin and sportster models these kits of commonly used retaining rings are packaged in kal-rez polycarbonate trays with snaplock lids that prevent the contents from spilling out even if the trays are turned upside down the inside lid of each kit has a handy reference chart showing location custom chrome and oem part numbers for easy reordering when needed all of the individual rings are listed to the right and are available in replacement shop supply 10-packs intake engine gaskets replacement snap rings listed below in oem number order packs of 10 49103 clutch release finger shaft for 70-86 big twins repl oem 11000 54000 oil pump fits big twins from 57-e62 as well as sportster models from 72-76 and 91-03 repl oem 11002 also fits miscellaneous shifter and clutch parts on models from 72-10 repl oem 11143 49105 clutch adjusting screw for 71-e84 sportster models repl oem 11005 49106 pinion shaft bearing fits big twins from 58-86 repl oem 11007 49108 shifter linkage for big twins from 74-99 repl oem 11016 49109 fits clutch release lever stud on 80-86 big twins and detent plate on sportster models from 91-10 repl oem 11019 49110 retaining ring bearing housing trapdoor 80-93 repl oem 11020 pack of 10 12468 fits miscellaneous kickstart and shift levers on 65-86 models repl oem 11031 49112 fits miscellaneous shift clutch and control levers on models from 72-88 repl oem 11036 49113 foot clutch control rod end fits big twins from 65-78 repl oem 11037 49114 transmission gear for big twins from 80-05 and sportster models from 91-03 repl oem 11067 pack 10 49115 shifter cam support for big twins from 80-05 repl oem 11083 49116 clutch throwout bearing retaining clip for big twin models from late 75-12 repl oem 11096 49118 piston pin fits big twins from 73-e77 and sportster and k models from 52-l77 repl oem 22582-52 49119 piston pin fits big twins from late 77-e83 and sportster models from late 77-e85 spirallocks repl oem 22588-78 49120 piston pin fits most models from late 83-99 repl oem 22589-83 10 pcs 49121 sprocket shaft bearing fits sportster and k models from 52-76 repl oem 24701-52 49122 pinion shaft bearing fits big twins from 55-57 and sportster and k models from 54-76 repl oem 24701-54 49123 sprocket/pinion bearing fits big twins from 40-54 repl oem 24702-40 49124 idler gear stud fits ohv big twins from 32-57 repl oem 25810-15 54250 oil pump drive shaft fits ohv big twins except twin cam 88 models from 36-99 repl oem 26348-36 49127 shifter cam for late 79-86 big twins and 52-90 sportster and k models repl oem 34040-52 56355 transmission mainshaft ball bearing for 52-e84 sportster and k models repl oem 35112-52 56337 transmission roller bearing for 52-e84 sportster and k models repl oem 35113-52 56319 drive gear bearing race for 37-e77 big twins repl oem 35129-36 56301 mainshaft 2nd/3rd gear for 37-86 big twins repl oem 35337-36 56320 retaining ring mainshaft third gear 56-90 sportster and k models repl oem 35337-56 pack of 10 56303 low and second gear for 40-86 big twins repl oem 35810-36 56302 countershaft bearing for 37-e76 big twins repl oem 35920-36 tranny clutch driveline wheels tires brakes frames forks shocks sheetmetal instruments gauges lubricants chemicals tools equipment 19.45 last minute