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rear brake caliper for softail 100 240 v 50 60 hz 100 240 y 50 60 hz 100 vac to 240 vac 50 60 hz custom chrome europe com jims exhaust stud drill motion pro chain breaker piston pin keeper tool motion pro chain press cam bearing removal tool 06 sportster rear brake caliper harley davidson vrscdx night rod special harley davidson vrsc series rear disc brake caliper mount 2007 harley davidson vrscdx night rod special cam bearing installation tool fork stem nut wrench pivot bolt cover for softail engine piston ring end gap valve spring compressor tool mini valve spring tester harley cam bearing installation tool crank assembly removal tool harley davidson turn signal security module clutch spring compression tool hose pinch off pliers valve guide removal tool steering head bearing race tool wide glide front forks fits 99 07 touring and softail models installation and removal tool custom chrome europe oxygen sensor socket wrench tools custom chrome front brake caliper kits custom chrome forks and tools made in germany 4130 chrome moly chrome rear fender chrome bolt covers chrome inner primary cover chrome dress up kits chrome plated steel 41mm fork tubes clutch hub puller jims pinion bushing reamer tool electro hydraulic pump wrist pin bushing motorcycle wheel truing stand disc brake caliper evolution big twins cast wheel truing stand diagnostic trouble codes harley davidson motorcycle wrist pin bushings ream tool brake fluid tester

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688519 688515 anchortrax payload securing device by accel anchortrax is the perfect choice for securing your motorcycle atv or cargo in your truck bed or trailer the adjustable tracks make them ideal for a variety of loads they are easy to install requiring just 2 small holes to be drilled that actually strengthen the bed the complete kit part number cc 668041 contains 2–12” tracks 2 heavy duty anchors and mounting hardware features • provides a 1,000 working load limit with a 3,000 pound break strength • powder-coated for durability and good looks • each track has multiple tie-down points for load flexibility 668041 complete anchortrax cargo kit 688520 688516 pingel permanent wheel chocks the pingel permanent mount wheel chock can be bolted directly to the floor of any trailer the pingel wheel chock features chrome-plated heavy-duty thick wall steel construction mounting bolts nuts and washers made in the u.s.a by pingel 688519 pingel 3 1/2” wheel

tools equipment apparel for all batteries pb gel lithium seats touring 890455 lithium 895139 foot controls portable power pack by battery tender • • • • • • junior 800 selectable lead acid lithium output 12v 800ma input voltage 220 to 240vac 50/60hz charger weight 467 grams size 8,3cm x 5cm x 3,5 cm ismtm microcontroller constantly updates charge sequence for smooth transitions between charging steps • spark proof • short circuit protected • reverse hook-up protection • safety timer • selectable for agm flooded and gel or lithium lifep04 batteries 895139 800 mamp power battery tender lithium powered led light for using at night led charge indicator 400 cranking amps 1 year warranty jump start your car or charge your portable devices • reverse polarity protection • size approx 3.5in x 6.75in 890455 jump starter with usb charger 12v • • • • • 890547 hand controls battery tender

static timer this static-timing device permits you to lock your advance position while you static-time it helps reduce kickback while promoting easier starts and smoother running 20134 fits all models with point-type ignitions from 70-78 aluminum vice jaws by accel magnetic soft jaws allow you to put a firm grip on parts with a sensitive surface strong magnets attach them to almost any vice 668369 vice jaws cylinder leakage tester this tool quickly locates worn or cracked rings defective intake and exhaust valves scored or cracked cylinders leaky head gaskets and worn or stripped spark plug threads by measuring the amount of compressed air held in an engine cylinder the dual gauge is designed to allow you to monitor the input air line pressure it reads up to 100 psi this unit has precision pressure regulator which controls exact test accuracy 25-inch long heavy-duty high pressure hose and 14mm and 18mm combination threaded end with 14mm extension included for long reach plugs 400790

tools equipment apparel seats touring foot controls hand controls inner cam bearing removal tool jims twin cam inner cam bearing installer use this tool to press in the two inner cam bearings on all twin cams 99-17 except touring 17 replaces tool no.622038 20289 this tool has been designed to press from the letter side of the inner cam bearings putting all the pressure to the very outer wall of bearing shell eliminates any damage to the bearings cam or cases this tool will stop at the cases and set the bearing depth to .023” to .028” below the case surface use with jims tool cci part #622032 to remove bearings 622067 twin cam inner cam bearing installer used to easily remove the inner cam bearing insert puller collet into the cam bearing i.d insert dowel pin place remover body over collet lube threads and with hand tools the bearing is pulled from case this precision tool will also keep all pin bearings from falling into the engine case 622032 fits all 06-17 dyna s and

jims rod lapping tool fits big twins sportster and k models 45 and indian rods except twin cam 88 models includes arbor assembly 1.500 lap for 45 indian and some case races 1.625 lap for big twin sportster and k model rods 26409 lapping tool 20666 jims beta case support block tool supports the left engine case while servicing the inner balancer bearings or other engine work blocks attach to the outer side of the engine case underneath the balancer bearing pads surface includes aluminum construction and an inserted delrin pad that rests against the case to prevent marring blocks properly support the case keeping it on a level plane when using a press for bearing service work 622044 beta softail twin cam models 00-17 jims timken bearing simulator designed to allow quick and easy removal and replacement of the flywheel in the left-side crankcase permits checking of rod-to-case piston-to-flywheel and cylinder-to-flywheel tolerances 20944 fits big twins from 70-02 20727 jims sprocket

motion pro clutch tool designed to hold clutch baskets flywheels gears sprockets etc jaws open to 5 inches wide made of medium carbon steel with hardened jaws a very useful tool for holding any kind of mechanical work 5008008 clutch tool clutch hub puller pulls the clutch hub on big twin and 45 models works with 3 5 or 10 finger clutch hubs also pulls the motor sprocket on sportster and big twin models sportster transmission sprockets and the rotor assembly on big twin models from 70-89 20013 replaces oem 95960-41a motion pro clutch spring compression tool made for compressing the diaphragm clutch springs on big twins from 90-97 and sportster models from 91-03 5008137 complete kit chain and belt alignment tool 14965 14966 barnett diaphragm clutch spring compressors facilitates the removal and re-installation of the clutch plates on wet clutch models two different versions are available 14965 fits all big twins from 90-97 and all sportster models from 91-03 repl oem 38515 14966 fits

tools equipment apparel seats touring foot controls hand controls lighting engine and transmission rollers electrical a wide selection of american-made rollers for the engine and transmission of most models from 30-86 sold in resealable bags which are treated to prevent corrosion and are clearly marked with their size and oem number bags of 100 transmission rollers for sportster models fit the mainshaft on sportster and k models from 52-e84 23 used part size oem 49062 0004 9096 49063 0008 9097 transmission rollers for big twin models fit 36-e77 ohv big twin mainshaft 44 used 36-e76 ohv big twin countershaft 44 used part size oem 49064 .125 x .615 std 9084 short rod rollers fit 52 k models and ohv big twins from 51-72 36 used part size oem 49002 0004 9103a short rod rollers continued fit sportster and kh models from 54-e86 and big twins from 73-86 34 used part size oem 49029 0008 9445a 49031 002 9418 49032 003 n/a 49033 –.0002 long rod rollers fit big twins

914255 914254 914233 914256 headlight screw kits​ part 914233 fitment color finish 04-17 v-rod 02 03 gloss black powder vrsca coated thread metric system 914257 sprocket screw kits​ part 914230 914229 914254 914255 914256 914257 fitment color finish thread 91-19 sportster 93-99 pitch/unc dyna 93-99 softail 07-17 dyna 07-17 softail gloss black pitch/unc powder coated 91-19 sportster 93-99 pitch/unc dyna 93-99 softail 07-17 dyna 07-17 softail pitch/unc 914231 914241 brake caliper screw kits​ part 914229 914230 914231 fitment 07-17 v-rod 07-17 v-rod 07-17 v-rod color finish gloss black powder coated 914243 thread metric system metric system metric system 914242 914227 914244 914245 914253 fender strut screw kits​ part 914241 914242 914243 914244 914245 914252 914249 914251 fitment 04-19 sportster 07-17 softail 07-17 softail 18 19 softail 07-19 softail 914267 front fork brackets screw kits​ color part fitment 914227 04-17 v-rod 02 03 vrsca 914249 13 14

tools equipment miscellaneous kits for sportster models fits sportster models from 91-03 rocker box sockethead screw set 36378 smooth 36377 knurled fits sportster models from 91-03 motor mount sockethead screw set front upper and lower and top center mounts 36372 smooth miscellaneous kits for big twin models fits 89-93 motor mount set sockethead dyna glide models and hex head screws for top and bottom motor mounts 36384 smooth 36383 knurled fits 89-93 softail primary cover set sockethead and dyna glide model screws for derby inspection inner and outer primary 36382 smooth 36381 knurled fits 36-64 primary cover set sockethead big twins screws 25079 knurled fits 36-64 derby and chain inspection big twins cover set 25095 flat head screws fits late 76-99 lifter base set sockethead screws big twins 36366 smooth apparel seats touring foot controls hand controls lighting electrical exhaust custom chrome engine and cover sets these kits contain show-quality chrome-plated components in kits

chrome-plated ‘grade 8’ torx buttonhead screws 629521 629537 chrome-plated flat top acorn nuts chrome-plated low crown acorn nuts • assortment tray contains 16 sizes of unc or unf low crown acorn nutschrome-plated low crown acorn nuts • assortment tray contains 16 sizes of unc or unf low crown acorn nuts • can be re-ordered in individual packs of 5 or 10 for select sizes 629536 complete assortment 130 pieces part 629537 629538 629540 629541 629542 629543 629544 629545 629546 629547 629548 629549 629550 629551 629552 size 8 x 32 10 x 24 12 x 24 1/4” x 20 1/4” x 28 5/16” x 18 5/16” x 24 3/8” x 16 3/8” x 24 7/16” x 14 7/16” x 20 1/2” x 13 1/2” x 20 5/8” x 11 5/8” x 18 pack of 5 part 629521 629522 629523 629524 629525 629526 629527 629528 629529 629531 629532 629534 part 629500 629504 629505 629507 629508 629509 629510 629511 19 19.66 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 5 5 5 • assortment tray

6890419 6890421 6890389 6890429 6890430 6890431 repair manuals from clymer the most complete repair manuals available outside of the factory presented in everyday clear straightforward language each of these 7 1/2 x 10 books packs everything from tips to complete wiring diagrams illustrated with hundreds of photos drawings and charts clear easy-tofollow step-by-step explanations 6890423 for twin cam 88 softail models from 00-05 6890389 for flx/fxs/fxc softail series models from 06-10 6890421 for evolution big twin models with rigid-mounted engines from 84-99 6890430 for twin cam 88 touring models from 99-05 6890402 for flh/flt touring series models from 06-09 6890420 6890422 6890427 6890422 for evolution big twin models except dyna glide models with rubber-mounted engines from 84-98 6890424 for evolution dyna glide models from 91-98 6890425 for twin cam 88 dyna glide models from 99-03 6890431 for twin cam dyna glide models from 06-11 6890420 for shovelheads from 66-84 6890418 for