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20629 20695 jims cam tools jims cam bearing puller once the cams are removed from the support plate this tool will remove the bearing unlike a general purpose puller this tool was designed to remove the bearing straight with no slipping or binding 20296 for twin cam 88 models from 99-06 except 06 dyna 19.26 cam bushing reamer line reams cam cover bushings from inner cam bearing for a true centerline between the two dimensions 20629 fits big twin models from 70-99 except twin cam 88 models jims cam seal installer/remover for late model big twins jims cam gear remover and installer install or remove cam seal without removing the cam cover easy-to-use tool pulls the seal and drives in a new one flat and square for a no-leak repair the tool can also be used to remove the cam cover from the case 20762 for all big twins from 86-99 except twin cam this precision tool will remove the cam gear on any single cam big twin from 70-99 and reposition it on another cam shaft in exactly the same spot pressing the gear on in the advanced or retarded position is also possible save time and ensure accuracy time after time 400340 complete kit jims inner cam bearing remover jims bearing race drivers designed like the version for evolution models it removes the bearing easily without any damage to the crankcase this precision-built tool will also keep the pin rollers from accidentally falling into the crankcase 20292 for twin cam 88 models from 99-06 19 bearing puller easily pulls the inner cam bearing without splitting the cases it also keeps the rollers from coming out during removal 20695 fits big twin models from 58-99 except twin cam 88 models cam bearing driver used to install inner cam bearing fits single cam big twins from 58-99 sold each 20699 replaces oem 97272-60 driver handle handle for bearing drive tools sold each 20666 driver handle jims inner cam bearing installation tool for big twins smoothly presses the inner cam bearing to the right depth into the right-side case when both case halves are assembled 20774 for all big twin models from 58-99 motion pro degree wheel aluminum construction with a 6 3⁄4 outside diameter and a 6 mm center hole can be used on all motorcycles to check or set up ignition timing may also be used on 4-stroke engines to check or alter cam timing sold each 5008092 motion pro degree wheel jims piston support plate using this tool will give you peace of mind when installing your rings and cylinders by providing a non-marring flat support to push the bottom of the piston agents as you install the rings and cylinder over the piston 671018 use on all harley-davidson engines