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890572 890574 890567 piston ring end gap tool • accurate tool to measure ring end gap faster • the flanged design allows the piston ring to fit squarely in cylinder bore every time • each side of the tool is made for checking a standard size piston rings • for twin cam standard size pistons for 95” 103” or 110” with 3.875” or 4.000” bore 890574 piston ring end gap tool mini-valve spring tester 0 to 1000 p.s.i gauge use this tool in either a bench vice arbor hydraulic screw press or a drill press tool fits any dual rate or conical valve spring with an o.d no larger then 1.6” diameter precision gauge comes with a protective rubber boot 890572 mini-valve spring tester tappet adjustment tool • this hand tool simplifies the way to verify proper tappet adjustment • use on most hydraulic tappets oem and aftermarket • for twin cam evo milwaukee eight 890567 tappet adjustment tool 890570 890569 jims wrist pin reamers piston jet test stand if you plan to rebuild more than two twin cam engines and or lower ends this tool pays for itself • clear the jet of all assembly lubes • verify the psi number the jet switches “on” • visualize the spray pattern • for twin cam 99-17 890569 piston jet test stand interconnect seal leak testing tool • inspect properly your lower end assembly before sealing the cases • it checks the sealing of the interconnect seal oem 45359-00 • for twin cam engines 00-17 890570 interconnect seal leak testing tool use with rods in or out of motor these tools will ream your wrist pin bushings to oem specifications and are made to exact tolerances with pilots to locate from the i.d of your wrist pin bushings they are easy to use with their lead-in taper at the start of each ream 22320 fits all single cam big twins from 36-99 including all aftermarket engines 622180 890568 622181 jims top center case bolt spot facer tool tappet pump up tester • fill completely your standard size hydraulic tappets • inspect them physically • with the help of a drill press check for proper feel 890568 for twin cam 19 19.28 clear long timing plug tool 894888 fits big twin 70-98 added insurance when building a big bore twin cam engine you have seen the center right case bolt thread that has become compromised from the larger cylinder spigot bore diameter now you can get back all the necessary case bolt retention by installing one of jims through bolts kits this tool is needed to spot face the right case so the bolt head will seat flat on the case surface use on all twin cam 99-17 622180 case bolt spot facer tool 622181 center through bolt kit