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jims 5-speed main drive gear tool used to remove and install the main drive gear and it’s bearing without removing the transmission 20679 fits big twins from 80-06 and sportster models from 91-05 except dyna 06 641115 jims mainshaft bearing race tool used to remove and install the bearing inner race on the transmission mainshaft 20677 fits big twins from 84-19 641116 641117 side case cover puller jims 5-speed main bearing remover • use to remove the right side-case cover • will fit late model harley-davidson motorcycles including all 70-99 big twin models and 90-19sportster and 95-02 buell models • includes bracket puller bolt and set screws • made in the usa 5008153 side case cover puller sold each removes the bearing straight without damaging the transmission case can be used without removing the case from the frame 20947 for 5-speed evolution big twin models 80-06 641118 607719 5-speed transmission tool permits bearing plate trap door removal without disassembling mainshaft greatly reduces labor time when installing 5-speed kickstart kits or any transmission maintenance when bearing plate removal is necessary 08818 fits 5-speed models from 80-06 607719 electronic brake fluid tester 19 19.36 for different types of brake fluid such as dot 3 dot 4 dot 4plus and dot 5.1 the device is menu driven and displays the measurement result in the form of boiling temperature in °c and water content in 607719 brake fluid tester ebt 03 607720 brake fluid tester ebt 06 mini bleeders by motion pro • combines wrench and bleeder valve into one convenient and compact tool • bleeds brake systems and hydraulic clutch systems • internal check valve for fast easy bleeding • anodized billet aluminum handle with chromoly steel body • compact size for tight spaces • high quality internal seal • multi position handle 641115 mini bleeder 8mm 641116 mini bleeder 10mm 641117 mini bleeder 11mm 641118 mini bleeder 3/8“