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tools equipment apparel dealers opportunity for full service on all kinds of fuel injected h-d buell indian and victory models 619084 tuning components require diag4bike software and interface afr tuning monitor the afr tuning monitor is optional but required in order to use the advanced tuning level and consists of two wideband air/fuel ratio sensors and a compact electronic unit 619084 afr tuning monitor 619083 professional tuning tool for workshops tuning centers harley-davidson engine tuning for all models 06-19 tuning strategy • the tuning system focuses on harley-davidson engines equipped with delphi efi diagnostic communication j1850 or can • the tuning system is based on diagnostic system diag4bike diag4bike is a professional diagnostic tool for harley-davidson motorcycles the basic tuning software diag4tune will be included as a free option in the diagnostic software to tune an individual motorcycle a tuning dongle must be purchased that can be used for that specific motorcycle • the tuning process does not require the installation of additional components or any motorcycle harness modification tuning is based on the modification of efi calibrations software modification exclusively via the diagnostic connector • the first step in tuning is saving of the original efi calibration the tuning operator can restore the original efi calibration at any time during the tuning process stock calibration • the tuning process is used to optimize fuel maps in case of any changes to the configuration of the engine components or accessoriesexhaust or/and intake system etc diag4tune – tuning software diag4tune is included as a free option in the diagnostic software version 12 and later 3 levels of tuning 1 2 easy manual tuning adjusting the tuning system provides the ability to adjust air/fuel ratio afr and ignition advance maps manually in a limited range of 20 limit is adjustable advanced tuning a b 3 based on new ve volume efficiency map measured by using an afr tuning monitor and then adjusting the afr map ve map measuring can be done i on a free roller station heavy roller ii on a roller station dynometer iii during road test downloading a map calibration and flashing the ecm a database for typical calibrations related to dedicated motorcycle models exhaust and intake components will be consistantly developed and available through software updates seats touring foot controls hand controls lighting electrical 642932 exhaust intake tuning dongle the key function of the tuning dongle is saving of the original efi calibration thanks to this function the original calibration can be restored at any time the tuning dongle also incorporates the tuning license exclusively for one motorcycle and must be purchased for tuning of each individual motorcycle and will be mated to the ecm of that motorcycle easy tuning dongle manual adjustment this method is the low cost tuning represented by easy mode in tuning software diag4tune easy mode provides the ability to adjust simply fuel trim table acceleration enrichment spark advance table manually in a limited range of 20 switch on/off lambda closed loop and throttle by wire speed up other functions are restricted 642932 easy tuning dongle for one motorcycle this tuning dongle will immediatly allow you to carry out professional tuning of one harleydavidson® engine can be used with diag4tune software included in diag4bike diagnostics software #653747 tuning dongle that kind of dongle is a very quick flash tuning device for efi harleydavidson® motorcycles you are allowed to tune any fuel injected harley-davidson motorcycle with the delphi ecm 2006-2017 models diag4tune downloads and stores a version of the original calibration that was saved when the dongle was married to the ecm after that you have two opportunities to flash your ecm • diag4tune preconfigured maps – diag4tune identifies your bike’s information and automatically sorts a lot of applicable power bench proven tunes for you to choose from • self made map – with #619084 and the smart power bench ii #888128 or any other power bench you are able to make your own 100 perfect map for any kind of bike 619083 tuning dongle for one motorcycle 888531 diag4tune advanced tuning dongle set of 3+1 free engine gaskets tranny clutch driveline wheels tires brakes frames forks shocks sheetmetal instruments gauges direct support by manufacturer for all retail customer lubricants chemicals tools equipment for more details check 19.49