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table of contents sea fishing rods  75-83 seacor range  178-190 seacor blue hdc……………… seacor jig pilk………………… seacor deep power…………… surfcast rods……………………… 76-77 78-79 80-81 82-83 reels6-25 hooks 192-197 fixed spool spinning reels………… 6-11 big pit reels……………………… 12-13 free spool reels………………… 14-19 sea reels………………………… 20-21 multiplier reels spare spools…… 22-25 cgs snelled hooks…………… 192-194 profiline snelled hooks ……… 194-195 loose hooks ………………… 196-197 lines  84-91 braided lines………………………

reels rods lines black bull spin k-don range lures the black bull spinning rods are a class of their own as you will immediately recognize when fishing them for the first time you literally can feel the power at casting at setting the hook as well as at fighting with the fish these rods are rather stiff and feature a fast and pronounced tip action therefore they are perfectly suitable for fishing with shads and plugs the high processing quality and the premium equipment will already delight you at the fishing shop coarse fishing black bull heavy spin big cat range pro carp range the perfect softlure rod with a fast tip action the presentation of large shads at any depth or distance is supported by the stiff action this rod won‘t leave you behind in any situation black bull spin sea trout black bull jet spin cw 5-38g 8-40g 10-42g cl lgth 117cm 134cm 144cm parts 2 2 2 wt 145g 180g 195g guides 7 7 7 black bull heavy spin 22-0060242 22-0060272 22-0080242 2.40m 2.70m 2.40m 20-60g

reels rods 25-2180 360/390 25-2120300r h 25-2120300g m 25-2120300y s 25-2120 300 25-2170 300 25-2180 360 25-2170300r h 25-2170300g m 25-2170300y s 25-2180 390 25-2040270r h 25-2040270g m 25-2040270y s 25-2040 270 25-2050300r h 25-2050300g m 25-2050300y s 25-2050 300 25-2090 330/360/390 25-2120 330/360/390/420 25-2150 360/390 seacor range big trout range 25-2180 420 lures lines 25-2230r 4,00oz 25-2230g 3,00oz 25-2230y 2,00oz pcc power carbon construction k-don range oz matching with feeder rod coarse fishing article number quiver tip pro carp range oz 25-2090r 3,50oz 2,50oz 25-2090g 25-2090y 1,50oz 25-2120r 3,50oz 2,50oz 25-2120g 25-2120y 1,50oz 25-2150r 3,50oz 2,50oz 25-2150g 25-2150y 1,50oz 25-2180360r 4,00oz 3,00oz 25-2180360g 25-2180360y 2,00oz 25-2180390r 4,00oz 3,00oz 25-2180390g 25-2180390y 2,00oz 25-2180420r 4,00oz 3,00oz 25-2180420g 25-2180420y 2,00oz matching with feeder rod big cat range article number quiver tip hooks swivels 25-2120360 landing nets accessories 25-2050300

surfcast rods surfcast rods 82

lures action fin shad at fishing flexibility of the angler often is the ultimate key to success this means quick adoption to changing water and weather conditions when you have the action fin shad in your lure assortment this usually leads a successful fishing day it perfectly imitates a roach which belongs to the most preferred sort of baitfish for all predators it provokes intensive vibrations thanks to the specially shaped shad tail art no 51-8607 51-8610 51-8613 length 7.5 cm 10.0 cm 13.0 cm sculpted like a roach with specially shaped shad tail cont 4 pc 3 pc 3 pc crazy fin shad the perfectly chosen material formulation in combination with the broad and flat shape which is perfectly adopted to the shape of a bleak enable the unique action of the crazy fin shad it tilts even at slow speed and flanks temptingly not only the right choice for zander and perch but also for pikes in the 13cm and 16cm versions art no 51-8707 51-8710 51-8713 51-8716 length 7.5 cm 10.0 cm 13.0 cm

feeder fishing feeder „de luxe“ mini metal feeder round for calm water and running waters Ø25mm art no 49-30006 49-30010 49-30015 49-30020 length 32mm 32mm 32mm 32mm wt 6.0g 10.0g 15.0g 20.0g feeder „de luxe“ cage feeder „bullet“ metal feeder for calm water and running waters Ø32mm art no length 49-46020 44mm 49-46030 44mm wt 20.0g 30.0g feeder „de luxe“ metal feeder round for calm water and currents Ø32mm metal feeder round for calm water and currents Ø32mm art no 49-44015 49-44020 49-44030 49-44040 49-44050 49-44060 art no 49-56010 49-56020 49-56030 49-56040 49-56050 49-56060 49-56080 49-56100 length 44mm 44mm 44mm 44mm 44mm 44mm wt 15.0g 20.0g 30.0g 40.0g 50.0g 60.0g length wt 56mm 10.0g 56mm 20.0g 56mm 30.0g 56mm 40.0g 56mm 50.0g 56mm 60.0g 56mm 80.0g 56mm 100.0g cage feeder „bullet“ cage feeder „round“ art no 49-46040 49-46060 49-46080 49-46100 art no 49-34020 49-48030 49-48040 49-48050

reels rods smartrig tube leadcore pro carp tube leadcore assortment color sand color mud art no 11-00416 color sand color mud art no 11-00301 art no 11-00311 ø mm length 1.75mm 2.0 m art no 11-00302 ø mm length 1.5mm 1.5 m color mud art no 11-00312 ø mm length 1.5mm 1.5 m mepps flambeau color sand clothing the procarp smartrig silicone tubes are premium tubes made of extremely tensile and flexible silicone which can be applied universally for example they can be used as replacement for antitangle tubes for the fixation of the hair at the hook as knot protection etc they are perfectly coordinated with the smartrig complete sets regarding color and function length 1.5m ø 1.5mm bags boxes silicone tube landing nets accessories ø mm length 1.75mm 2.0 m hooks swivels protects the rig from abrasion and prevents tanglings during casting our anti-tangle tubes are sinking and perfectly coordinated with the smartrig complete sets regarding color and function

reels with 3 extra strong hooks and fish head perfect for coalfish and cod line diameter ø 0.80mm length 125cm cont 1pc lines hook sz 8/0 lures art no 55-17210 sea paternoster „tinsel flash“ coarse fishing cont 1pc pro carp range hook sz 6/0 k-don range with 3 hooks and glow bead perfect for cod and coalfish color blue-silver main line ø 0.80mm paternoster line ø 0.70mm art no 55-17505 sea paternoster „tinsel flash“ cont 1pc big trout range hook sz 6/0 big cat range with 3 hooks and glow bead perfect for cod and coalfish color red-green main line ø 0.80mm paternoster line ø 0.70mm art no 55-17506 rods sea paternoster „xl“ with 6 hooks just add a piece of baitfish and you are ready to scan the different water depths line diameter ø 0.80mm length 500cm landing nets cont 1pc redfish system „octo glow“ with 5 hooks and 7cm octopus for optimal success add a piece of baitfish to the hook perfect for redfish and hake line

fishing equipment diverse supplies finger guard especially developed for carp and surfcast fishing where heavy leads have to be used protects the finger against cuts by the line occurring with extreme long distance casts and enables longer casts as more energy can be developed made of leather protecting the finger and flexible rubber for perfect fit one size fits all art no 55-25550 cont 1pc descaler with wooden handle very practical end economic fish descaler art no 83-22300 cont 1pc polarizing fishing sunglasses depth counter mechanical line counter for direct mounting on the rod for rods from Ø15-25mm.  range from 0-999m lakemaster sporty frameless glasses which also cut a fine figure as ultramodern casual and sports glasses weight only 19g frame black/grey glasses green-grey green-grey glasses the best all-round-glasses for bright very sunny days art no 82-16701 art no 85-50700 cont 1pc line boy a great help for filling the reel with new line the suction knob of the line

bags rod holdalls rodbag model 5097 art no 65-09705 65-09730 65-09755 65-09775 65-09795 size 110 cm 130 cm 155 cm 175 cm 195 cm classical holdall with „full shock protection“ lining and three separated compartments for rigged rods the large superimposed pocket which can be opened via zippers offers enough space for an umbrella or banksticks with 2 adjustable rucksack shoulder straps carrying handle and robust eyelets material 100 polyester 600d pvc coated rod case model 5091 art no 65-09110 65-09125 65-09150 65-09165 size 115x24x32 cm 130x24x32 cm 155x24x32 cm 170x24x32 cm high-end rod case with „full shock protection“ lining with 2 separated compartments which can easily store up to 4 rigged rods with a long outside pocket which can be opened widely via zipper and closed via loop the big outside pocket 35x22x6cm with solid pvc bottom is also lined and thus perfectly protects the stored equipment with 2 adjustable and padded rucksack shoulder straps a carrying

daiwa germany industriestraße 28 82194 gröbenzell telefon +49 8142 5005-0 telefax +49 8142 5005-11