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free spool reel cast‘izm br a the cast‘izm br 25a combines nearly all outstanding technical features which have been developed by daiwa over the last years the 25mm spool stroke in combination with the conical aluminum long cast spool enables the construction of a compact and lightweight reel with a small body which additionally features the excellent casting properties of a big pit reel the line capacity of 320m 0.32mm monofilament line allows also fishing over greater distances additionally the manual bail turn reliably prevents an unwanted turning during the cast which can lead to the loss of your rig at powerful casts the freespool mechanism is extremely sensitive and can be perfectly adjusted to all kind of external influences wind current etc of course the cast‘izm br in this price range also offers the mag sealed mechanism – thus the body is protected against the penetration of water and dirt via the axis almost entirely ideal if fished in dusty

sea fishing reel gold silver gs 9m popular classic metal reel with manual finger-pick-up bail ►► 2 ball bearings ►► robust metal construction ►► fast snap handle ►► precision gear art no 10800-009 model 9m bb 2 ratio 3.25:1 ►► finely adjustable front drag ►► aluminum spool ►► manual finger-pick-up bail m/ømm 200/0.55 wt 775g black gold bg 90m classic daiwa metal sea fishing reel which is the favorite reel in many countries due to it‘s robustness with manual finger-pick-up bail ►► 3 ball bearings ►► robust metal construction ►► power handle ►► precision gear art no 10800-090 model 90m bb 3 ratio 3.25:1 ►► finely adjustable front drag ►► aluminum spool ►► manual finger-pick-up bail m/ømm 250/0.50 wt 830g

►► hvf® carbon fiber material ►► fuji® alconite guides ►► ergonomic daiwa® reel seat ►► premium eva handle ►► modern design 82 powermesh lure modern lure fishing with short and hard rods is getting increasingly popular the powermesh series offers you a range of premium and very lightweight rods made from best components which were especially composed for particular fields of

megaforce jiggerspin our megaforce jiggerspin series contains extremely sensitive spinning rods for fishing with small and smallest lures the jiggerspin rods include a splicedin full carbon fiber tip which is almost unbreakable these rods posess a very fast and pronounced tip action with a strong backbone perfect for fishing for perch and zander great price-performance ratio new tornado-z the tornado-z series offers a range of 3-sectioned all-round rods for medium to heavy coarse angling the three casting weight categories cover nearly all fields of coarse fishing for zander pike carp tench and eel the high modulus carbon fiber blank is well-balanced and loads over the whole length at casting thanks to its semi-parabolic action perfect for casting delicate baits like dough worm baitfish etc equipped with a premium cork handle fuji reel seat titanium oxide guides and cloth bag new team daiwa mode xt ►► hvf® carbon fiber blank ►► x45® carbon fiber

aqualite new the daiwa aqualite rods convince by slim blank diameters lightweight blanks and high quality components the rods are very well balanced and catapult your rig to long distances by using the exclusive daiwa sling reel seat at the sensor float and power float models the balance can be perfectly adjusted to the reel’s size the aqualite coarse rods offer an astonishing price-performance ratio

daiwa monofilaments infinity sensor with the infinity sensor daiwa offers a japanese high-performance line for carp fishing this line provides the desired alliance of high abrasion resistance and suppleness color brown ►► high abrasion resistance ►► high knot strength ►► high linear strength ►► optimal stretch behavior ►► made in japan infinity duo carp the infinity duo carp with camouflage design is the cult line of many carp anglers many big fish have already been netted with this line color green-black ►► optimal stretch behavior ►► high linear strength ►► extreme abrasion resistance ►► superior wet knot strength ►► made in japan art no 12986-127 12986-131 12986-133 12986-136 strength ø kg lb capacity 0.27 5.4 11.9 1790m 0.31 7.5 16.5 1300m 0.33 8.6 19.0 1060m 0.36 10.5 23.1 900m art no 12986-327 12986-331 12986-333 12986-336 ø 0.27 0.31 0.33 0.36 strength

tournament accessories tournament steel wires • blue 5kg 10ibs with the daiwa steel wires we present a combination of premium components with a thin and flexible 1x19 steel wire “made in usa” due to the special color code of the crimps you always can track back the individual strength of the wire according to the strength tournament d-snaps and sw-snaps are used for the steel wires with mounted hook the premium dt-4600 trebles are used • green 8kg /15ibs • red 12kg 25ibs • black 17kg 35ibs tournament assist hook when the fish are feeding very cautious an additional treble is needed to increase the success the new daiwa assist hooks cover the usual bait sizes   5cm for plastic lures 8-12cm 8cm for plastic lures 12-16cm 12cm for plastic lures 16-20cm art no 15505-008 15505-012 15505-017 strength 8.0kg 12.0kg 17.0kg length hook 5.0cm 6 8.0cm 4 12.0cm 2 content 2pcs tournament wire leader art no 15515-005 15515-008 15515-012 15515-017

breath magic cool neck undershirt model du-3204s functional long-sleeve shirt with round collar the special breath magic material passes moisture outwards and generates an isolating heating cushion due to the special structure of the fibers the heat of vaporization is memorized within the fibers and thus optimizes the heating effect the very smooth and comfortable material additionally offers an antibacterial function and has an anti-static effect this middle-weight version is perfectly suited for spring autumn and winter for cold outdoor conditions color black material 43 acryl 21 polyester 19 viscose 10 nylon 7 eks® acryl medium warm art no 18896-020 18896-030 18896-040 18896-050 18896-060 18896-070 size m l xl 2xl 3xl 4xl moisture air cushion for heat retention diffusion moisture drainage skin breath magic underpants model du-3404p long underpants with elastic waistband the special breath magic material passes moisture outwards and generates an isolating heating cushion due to

new prorex classic shad df the new px classic shad has completely convinced our team anglers during the testing phase – especially because we caught plenty pikes and zanders right from the beginning thanks to this lure the px classic shad convinces with many details the popular duckfin tail produces strong vibrations and thus provokes a flanking movement of the body the slim profile reduces the lure weight and optimizes this flanking action the ribs at the end of the body ensure optimal sucking of the lure and at the same time support the absorption of flavor which thus remains much longer at the lure this lure is suitable for slow as well as fast presentation – balance and action are maintained all the time 7.5cm 3g 10.0cm 6g 12.5cm 12g 15.0cm 24g 20.0cm 50g 25.0cm 100g 240 firetiger metallic ayu ghost perch motor oil ghost orange holo orange chartreuse perl rainbow trout ghost ayu blue metallic

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