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daminox it has always been one of the prime targets of our research to further optimize the hardening techniques for stainless steel watchcases the latest development which can be described as a small revolution is called daminox the daminox process is a surface hardening technique which diffuses great amounts of carbon into the top layers of an austenitic stainless steel alloy aisi 316l etc after a special pre-treatment the diffused carbon is very evenly spread within the matrix of the alloy causing a defined micro-tension which in return results in a huge increase of hardness and wear resistance furthermore daminox optimizes austenitic steel alloys especially those containing small quantities of molybdenum in terms of corrosion resistance before diffusion hardening we pre-treat the steel to achieve an initial key hardness of 400-450 vickers at this stage the watch case has approximately twice the hardness of ordinary 316l and is hardened all the way through previously hardening of austenitic steel was considered to be impossible after pre-hardening the watch case is diffusion hardened which leads to a super-tough and super-thick 1600 vickers approx 80 rockwell surface which slowly degrades into 400 vickers core hardness daminox should not be confused with other processes no dents no chipping and no eggshell-effect here the result of the daminox process cannot be compared to any other hardening process available today the result is a unique case which cannot be scratched or dented and offers a wear resistance which is simply unbelievable damasko is now able to offer both austenitic daminox and our famed martensitic icehardened steel which offers our customers two superb alternatives to chose from sintergehäuse aus 316 l mit einer dichte von 7,4 kg/dm³ behandelt mit daminox diffusionstiefe 60 mµ mit einer oberflächenhärte von 1200 hv 0.05