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the patented crown during the development of our new crown we had to face the fact that literally every current crown system that works on a basis of a decoupling screw-down crown has two major weak spots that may sooner or later result in a defect the reason for that is to be found in the positive-fit coupling elements of the crown they often consist of a fairly weak hexagon bolt which with1mm width across flats another reason for a defective crown mechanism is the wrong choice of material most watch manufacturers still make use of brass german silver or rather soft stainless steel see the watch case this leads in many cases to chamfered corners of the hex bolt which makes a form fit almost impossible in such a case you would neither be able to wind the movement by hand nor to set the correct time many watch manufacturers seem to be aware of this problem and use an inferior coupling crown which is permanently connected to the movement the wrong choice of materials described above also sometimes results in ruined and worn out threads of the crown mechanism which also impacts the water resistance of the watch after extensive research we developed a decoupling screw-down crown which is constructed according to standards derived from mechanical engineering the use of a hex bolt with 2mm width across flats and the fact that the entire crown including shaft thread etc is made from our patented hardened steel 60-62 hrc results in a longevity which is second to none all gaskets of the new crown system are made of vitontm a material with high chemical and mechanical resistance which is superior to every other gasket material nitril etc currently used in wrist watches crown and pushers are also equipped with our patented lubrication cell which ensures a smooth action and lubricates the shaft and the gasket the tubes of both crown and pushers are according to industrial engineering screwed into the case using a special key almost every other watch manufacturer makes use of an inferior press fit tube our new crown system is patented.