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Catalog 1955-1956-1957 Classic Chevy Parts 2013 to 2014

how to restore your golden 55 chevy rack and pinion power steering conversion kit back up light light switch 1955 56 57 chevrolet restoration parts 1955 chevy bel air door 4 door sedan what are the parts of the book what are the parts of the books 2 door convertible door armrests spin on oil filter adapter bolts rack and pinion power steering hoses right and left hand threaded rod 1955 chevy headlight switch retaining nut chevy rack and pinion steering kits column shift to floor shift chevy rack and pinion power steering kit rear disc brake conversion kits chevy chevy power steering pump mount brackets chevy small block valve cover gaskets chevy v8 engine casting numbers 1955 1957 chevy front to rear brake lines rear disc brake conversion kit for a chevy 55 56 57 chevy wire harness door sill cover rear brake to front brake conversion kit saginaw power steering pump reservoir 3m black super weatherstrip adhesive intake manifold heater hose fitting stainless steel rocker panel moulding gas tank sending unit filter oil pan drain plug gasket carter carburetor metering rods and jets rack and pinion steering kits u joint spin on oil filter adapter rack and pinion steering kit rear disc brake conversion kits rack and pinion steering kits power steering pump mounting bracket power steer pump mount bracket rack and pinion conversion kits front disc brake conversion kits dual rear wheel disc brake conversion kits inner and outer tie rod rack and pinion power steering kit torque converter lock up kit upper and lower control arm bushing rack and pinion power steering mount back up light cover retainer power steering control valve adjustment door lock mechanisms front door lock controls door hinge seals with clips glove box light switch assembly switch back up light switch assembly s 10 12 bolt rear ends alternator and air condition bracket wheel cylinder made in the usa bolts for the front of the motor

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manufacturing is what danchuk does best there’s one word that truly separates us from the rest – manufacturing without our manufacturing plant we’d be just another distributor over the last four decades starting with the danchuk brothers and their dad danchuk manufacturing has perfected the art of tool die and parts manufacturing today we use a combination of state of the art and old school machinery to turn out the precision tooling required to produce parts so perfect that they can rarely be distinguished between a reproduction and the original as a great many of our customers have told us “the easiest way for us to tell your parts from the originals is that yours are better” the quality of our tooling materials and craftsmanship make that statement true we know that without first class tooling a quality part is near impossible to produce when we say that we make our tooling from scratch we mean just that we literally start with nothing but an

1957 #13783 $113.95/ea billet 2-gauge radio insert mounts in stock radio opening 1957 for 2-1/16 gauges 15058 74.95/ea interior trim polished billet aluminum speaker grille cover dash polished billet speaker mask the matched billet speaker bezel is designed to balance the distinctive design of the billet dash trim set by fitting integrally into the existing speaker bezel 1955-56 #1614 75.95/ea billet clock housing this polished billet clock housing lets you mount the more common 2 round aftermarket clocks and matches the billet dash trim 1957 polished for 2-1/16 clocks #15583 86.95/ea polished aluminum billet speedometer masks stock cluster designed to fit your existing chrome instrument bezel this billet speedometer mask is an excellent addition to any dashboard restoration 1955-56 #1616 76.95/ea 1957 auto #1616a 164.95/ea 1957 manual #1616b 164.95/ea polished aluminum clock delete panels 1955-56 #13784 62.95/ea this distinctively styled five-piece polished billet dash

upholstery cardboard pull straps package shelves 1955-57 red 2-door hardtop 12913 19.95/ea 1955-57 dark green 2-door hardtop 12914 19.95/ea 1955-57 dark blue 2-door hardtop 12915 19.95/ea 1955-57 gray 2-door hardtop 12916 19.95/ea 1955-57 turquoise 2-door hardtop 12917 19.95/ea 1955-57 blue 2-door hardtop 12918 19.95/ea 1955-57 green 2-door hardtop 12919 19.95/ea 1955-57 red 2 4-door sedan 12920 19.95/ea 1955-57 dark green 2 4-door sedan 12921 19.95/ea 1955-57 blue 2 4-door sedan 12922 19.95/ea 1955-57 gray 2 4-door sedan 12923 19.95/ea 1955-57 turquoise 2 4-door sedan 12924 19.95/ea 1955-57 green 2 4-door sedan 12925 19.95/ea 1955-57 brown 2 4-door sedan 12926 19.95/ea 1955-57 red 4-door hardtop 12927 19.95/ea 1955-57 dark green 4-door hardtop 12928 19.95/ea 1955-57 blue 4-door hardtop 12929 19.95/ea 1955-57 turquoise 4-door hardtop 12930 19.95/ea 1955-57 green 4-door hardtop 12931 19.95/ea 1955-57 2-door hardtop rear black 536 $23.95/ea 1956-57 4-door hardtop rear black 536a

electrical if you are wanting to update the wiring in your 55-57 the classic update series harness kit is the way to go these kits have given the builder complete flexibility to use original stock switches and components as well as custom updated accessories such as dakota digital vintage air and ididit steering columns each kit comes with all the switches and sockets needed if installing in a convertible be sure to order the convertible top harness #15064 ignition key and tumbler not included 1955-56 #11203 $519.95/kit 1957 #11204 $519.95/kit 1955-57 convertible top harness #15064 $34.95/ea wiring harnesses classic update complete wire harnesses power braid wire wraps painless performance classic braid wire wraps the newest wire wrap by painless performance is “classic braid” classic braid is a tighter weave than power braid which looks very original in your classic car it is woven from high tech materials and features a lateral split for ease of installation

6 cylinder w standard trans 6 cylinder w automatic trans carburetion fuel #1452 1955-57 #1451 1955-57 fits std only #1453 1955-57 #1451 1955-57 v8 with standard transmission v8 with automatic transmission #684 4bc 1956-57 fits auto or std #681 1955 #687 2bc 1957 #686 4bc 1955-56 #685 2bc 1955-56 #688 4bc 1957 note 2 barrel carburetor shown note 4 barrel carburetor shown carburetor grommet accelerator linkage sleeve this grommet is necessary to connect the carburetor linkage to the carburetor don’t forget an accelerator linkage sleeve part #1877 shown at right 1955-57 #079 3.95/ea all 1955-67 gm engines use two sleeves each except for 4 barrel carburetors and fuel injected cars which use only one see part #079 shown at left 1956-67 #1877 2.50/ea 240 fuel accelerator pedal rod bushings 1955-57 through firewall #12648

#599a #600 #233 steering #597a #232 column related steering column floor seals these seals are installed in an area that is susceptible to damage from heat if your steering column floor seals have never been replaced an inspection may reveal cracked and broken seals these heavy gauge reproductions will last for years floor seals #597 through #600 need five firewall pad grommets 611 shown on page 65 1955-56 manual transmission shown 598 15.95/ea 1955-56 automatic transmission 597 15.95/ea 1955 automatic transmission w power brakes 597a 16.95/ea 1956 automatic transmission w power brakes 597b 16.95/ea 1957 manual transmission shown 600 15.95/ea 1957 automatic transmission 599 15.95/ea 1957 automatic transmission w power brakes 599a 14.95/ea steering column firewall seals located between the firewall and the firewall pad these seals bear the brunt of the engine heat at the steering column and require periodic replacement 1955-57 manual #232 $17.95/ea 1955-57 auto #233 $17.95/ea

engine gm big block 502 crate engine this is the stuff that legends are made of forged pistons/crank and rods and hydraulic roller cam will impress anyone who looks under your hood and with 500lb-ft of motivating torque will get your heart racing faster than you can say big block just choose from our catalog a carburetor starter and ignition to get a big block under your hood all 425 hp/500 torque #15381 $6895.00/ea if 454 cubic inches isn’t enough there’s the 502ho with even more power to spare this big block has all the internal goodies of the 454ho but in bigger doses just choose from our catalog a carburetor starter and ignition to get the big block 502 ho under your hood all 450 hp/550 torque #15382 $7895.00/ea gm big block zz 502 crate engine gm big block zz572 crate engine the zz502 is like the 502ho but extra spicy with aluminum heads more cam and more compression get you even more power just choose from our catalog a carburetor intake starter waterpump and

sheet metal #16066 passenger side doors #16065 driver side complete doors 1955 57 driver 2-door hardtop #12113 $899.95/ea 1955 57 passenger 2-door hardtop #12114 $899.95/ea 1955 57 driver convertible #12115 $899.95/ea 1955 57 passenger convertible #12116 $899.95/ea 1956 driver 2-door hardtop #12117 $899.95/ea 1956 passenger 2-door hardtop #12118 $899.95/ea 1956 driver convertible #12119 $899.95/ea 1956 passenger convertible #12120 $899.95/ea 1955-57 driver 2-door sedan wagon sedan delivery shown #16065 $689.95/ea 1955-57 passenger 2-door sedan wagon sedan delivery shown #16066 $689.95/ea 1955 57 driver 2-door hardtop #16067 $689.95/ea 1955 57 passenger 2-door hardtop #16068 $689.95/ea 1955 57 driver convertible #16069 $689.95/ea 1955 57 passenger convertible #16070 $689.95/ea 416 sheet

windows glass track roller guides inner window roller guide with hardware 1955-57 hardtop convertible nomad #14970 $11.95/ea upper window stops window bottoming stops this is an important part of a door and window restoration without the window stops windows tend to rattle and may even break on some models 1955-57 2 4-door hardtop conv nomad #830 $8.95/set take the clunk out replace those worn out stops for smoother window operation these stops are located inside the door 1955-59 hardtop conv shown #184 $8.95/pr 1955-59 sedan wagon #16695 $3.95/pr channel related part #11340 can also be used on 2-door wagon rear windows with minor modifications 1955-57 front 2-door #11337 $23.95/ea 1955-57 rear qtr 2-door sedan wagon #11338 $24.95/ea 1955-57 front 4-door sedan wagon #11339 $24.95/ea 1955-57 rear 4-door sedan wagon #11340 $24.95/ea thanks for your facebook post outer window roller guide 1955-57 hardtop conv nomad #2082 13.95/ea window roller rubbers

car care covers all-weather car covers due to popular demand danchuk now offers custom fit covers that are made to handle the elements indoor and out the multiweave 2 fabric uses a 3 layer non-woven fabric that offers great protection at an affordable price.the noah fabric uses “breathable-film” technology that stops virtually all dust dirt and pollution is highly water resistant but still breathable to allow moisture to evaporate giving your classic the ultimate barrier of protection in all weather conditions from california car covers 1955-56 multiweave 2 tan except wagon 14868 219.95/ea 1955-56 multiweave 2 tan wagon 14869 $234.95/ea 1955-56 noah grey except wagon 14870 $259.95/ea 1955-56 noah grey wagon 14871 $269.95/ea 1957 multiweave 2 tan except wagon 14872 219.95/ea 1957 multiweave 2 tan wagon 14873 $259.95/ea 1957 noah grey except wagon 14874 $259.95/ea 1957 noah grey wagon 14875 $299.95/ea dash cover keep that meticulously-restored dash looking like new

order form for 50 u.s states and puerto rico only 3201 s standard avenue santa ana ca 92705 • www.danchuk.com orders 800 854-6911 • inquiries 714 751-1957 • fax 714 850-1957 please go to www.danchuk.com or call 714-751-1957 for international order forms page 2 quantity part description please be sure that you have completely filled out page one of this order form use this page to continue your list of requested parts and make sure to answer “yes” where it asks “is there a second page of parts to this order?” so we know you are requesting more than just the parts listed on the first page unit price total os/ah fee parts total on page 2 remember to add this total to page