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Catalog 1955-1956-1957 Classic Chevy Parts 2015

how to restore your golden 55 chevy 1955 56 57 chevrolet restoration parts 1955 chevy bel air door 4 door sedan 2 door convertible door armrests spin on oil filter adapter bolts back up light light switch right and left hand threaded rod 1955 chevy headlight switch retaining nut rear disc brake conversion kits chevy chevy small block valve cover gaskets gas tank sending unit for 57 chevy chevy rack and pinion steering kits chevy v8 engine casting numbers chevy power steering pump mount brackets 1955 1957 chevy front to rear brake lines rear disc brake conversion kit for a chevy 55 56 57 chevy wire harness door sill cover 350 chevy engine dress up kits 350 chevy engine dress up kit parts power steering generator parts 350 chevy engine dress up kit black saginaw power steering pump reservoir 3m black super weatherstrip adhesive intake manifold heater hose fitting gas tank sending unit filter stainless steel rocker panel moulding oil pan drain plug gasket carter carburetor metering rods and jets spin on oil filter adapter rear disc brake conversion kits rack and pinion steering kits u joint front disc brake conversion kits crankshaft pulley add on pulley rack and pinion steering kit rack and pinion steering kits dual rear wheel disc brake conversion kits power steering pump mounting bracket power steer pump mount bracket inner and outer tie rod rack and pinion conversion kits torque converter lock up kit rack and pinion power steering conversion kit upper and lower control arm bushing rack and pinion steering system door hinge seals with clips power steering control valve adjustment back up light cover retainer glove box light switch assembly switch back up light switch assembly s 10 12 bolt rear ends alternator and air condition bracket wheel cylinder made in the usa bolts for the front of the motor 1957 chevy bel air chevy steering column shift collars

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n o s i ar pmoc there’s no to 1955-56-57 chevrolet then now at home in 1957 where danny and art were first exposed to toolmaking from their father’s business older and a little wiser now dan and art danchuk still oversee all manufacturing at their company chevrolets have been a part of danny and art danchuk’s life since the 1950’s they say that the biggest influence in a boy’s life is his father and an example of this couldn’t be more obvious or apparent than in the picture above both boys danny and art followed their father’s footsteps into the tool and die business as well as acquiring his appreciation for chevy’s at their young ages they had no idea that 50 years later they would still be reaping the benefits from the skills and hardwork that he instilled into them the danchuks’ love of auto restoration prompted an entry into the world of chevy reproduction parts in 1976 the initial response was so overwhelming they

bulbs and gaskets lights #929 #393 #10248 #392 lens gasket sets each set includes gaskets for the parklights back-up lights and taillights our durable original design #930 gaskets are made of a cork and rubber combination that is designed to outlast either material alone made in the united states of america #1059 1955 392 $9.95/set 1956 393 $9.95/set 1957 394 $9.95/set #10469 light bulbs transmission indicator lenses these lenses indicate the correct shifting sequence for original powerglides or automatic transmissions that have been updated all lenses are printed in the correct colors 1955-56 turbo hydra-matic 350 400 #929 16.95/ea 1955-56 powerglide stock #298c 12.95/ea 1955-56 700-r4/200-4r #10248 $27.95/ea 1957 turbo hydra-matic 350 400 #930 $17.95/ea 1957 powerglide 1059 15.95/ea 1957 700-r4/200-4r #10469 24.95/ea we offer the whole family of light bulbs for the 1955-57 chevy don’t procrastinate replacing that burned-out bulb 1955-57 parklight taillight

interior trim billet pedals drive by wire throttle controls with harnesses the first programmable electronic throttle pedal drive by wire for the automotive aftermarket includes a programmable non-contact solid state hall effect sensor for most gm ford mopar applications also features a splined pedal arm for versatile mounting and all metal construction aluminum and stainless steel you can expect 3 times better performance over standard oem pedals coming from over 90 years of combined throttle pedal experience sensor is programmed on the pedal to optimize electrical output for quick throttle response and no pedal lag pedal assembly sold separately 2007-up gm trucks 16854 $372.95/ea 2006-up vette 16855 $372.95/ea lokar curved gas pedal with extra long upper arm and rubber inserts for a compact and clean look lokar has put a modern bend on a classic their curved gas pedal matches their other curved pedals and adds style and function to your classic this pedal assembly bolts directly

electrical alternators polished bullet alternator billet specialities top mount a/c alternator brackets designed for use with the popular gm 60 to 80 amp alternators sanden 508 ac compressor this bracket is cnc machined from 6061-t6 billet aluminum and polished to a mirror finish ideal for small block chevrolet motors that do not have mounting holes in the cylinder heads this bracket mounts to the water pump and intake manifold to ensure stability and belt tension designed for use with short water pumps gm 10si 12si alternator and sanden 508 ac compressor all polished 17045 219.95/ea billet specialities 1-piece alternator pulley with fan all polished #17046 64.95/ea chrome alternator fan and pulley kit bullet alternators are a work of art and feature superior polishing all of the sharp lines and edges have been blended even the case bolts are hidden on the sides each bullet alternator comes with a billet pulley and fan these alternators will not work with lt1 or ls1 engines all

fuel #2198 carburetor related carburetor metering rods and jets carburetor rebuilding kits we offer carburetor rebuilding kits that cover a wide variety of chevrolet applications refer to the chart below to determine the kit that is best for your car use the danchuk part number located in the middle and far right columns when ordering your kit 1955-57 shown 080a $46.95/kit 1956-57 #080d $35.95/kit 1955-57 #080b $29.95/kit 1957 #080f $29.95/kit 1955-56 #080g $27.95/kit 1955-57 #080h $19.95/kit #1103 carburetor linkages these assemblies include all the components necessary to completely replace your linkage parts are faithful to the originals but far far newer 1955 4bc early #2198 $72.95/set 1956-57 dual 4bc #1103 $64.95/set worn metering rods will cause the air-fuel ratio to become too rich.these kits contain both the metering rods and jets for the carter wcfb dual four barrel carburetors 1957-61 dual 4bc wcfb 2626 2627 shown #1840 114.95/set 1957-61 dual 4bc wcfb

heating designed specifically for your classic chevy system attaches to existing holes in dash and firewall without drilling these kits now use the fully electronic gen iv sure fit system which features an electronic conversion for stock heater control levers which eliminates all control cables separate heating and cooling coils and spal permanent magnet blower motor gives you maximum capacity and performance to order call our customer service department with your application to be sure you are ordering the correct kit these kits come in 3 box sets and 2 of the 3 boxes need to be shipped oversized which incurs an extra shipping charge note the 55 with original 265 v8 with oil filter option requires a special order kit 1955-56 #2437 1,395.00/kit 1957 #2439 1,395.00/kit air conditioning complete 134a air conditioning units radiator and heater hose clamps when rebuilding your cooling system don’t be tempted to use non-original screw clamps on your hoses.these spring clamps are

emergency brake shoe lever emergency brake rollers includes 2 rollers bolts washers and nuts 1955-57 metal #15515 $15.95/set lokar emergency brake cable clevis emergency brake cable kits emergency brake rollers molded nylon rollers to replace those worn or broken originals be sure to order #1591 bolts shown below 1955-58 55-59 truck #1590 $9.95/pr lokar’s brake cable kits make it easy to fabricate brake cables when installing nonoriginal rear ends or brake kits be sure to order the needed clevis’ parts #14821-23 all rear universal black shown #14819 $159.95/kit all rear universal stainless #14820 $222.95/kit emergency brake roller bolts use these special machined shoulder bolts in conjunction with our cable rollers to restore your emergency brake system 1955-58 55-59 truck #1591 $4.95/pr billet emergency brake handle with lines 1955-57 polished #17963 64.95/ea all willwood/88-up vette rear brakes #14821 31.95/pr all 84-87 vette rear brakes #14822

sheet metal #16879 #16880 this part includes the inner and outer fender assembly 1955 driver #16879 899.95/pr 1955 passenger #16880 899.95/pr fenders inner outer fender assemblies without apron fender support to cowl brackets made in the usa 1955-56 #12823 $18.95/pr lower fender extensions 1956 inner front driver 15765 $78.95/ea 1956 inner front passenger 15766 $78.95/ea fender support to cowl brackets 1957 #17233 $25.95/pr cowl to fender mount brackets made in the usa 1955 driver #15310 32.95/ea 1955 passenger #15311 32.95/ea inner fender support to cowl brackets these brackets attach to the lower cowl forward leg and secure the inner fender to the cowl leg made in the usa 1957 #2072 $18.95/pr fender to inner fender brace this often overlooked item mounts between the front inner wheelhouse and fender at the inside fender lip and keeps the fender from shaking 2 needed per car fits both sides 1957 #17688 16.95/ea front fender to upper cowl bracket made in the usa 1955

see part #831 #832 #841 and #2071 to complete your installation 1955 hardtop 16964 $299.95/pr 1956-57 hardtop 16965 $299.95/pr windows polished stainless door flippers driver quality flipper seals flipper relining kit installs with adhesive 1 set does both flippers 1955-57 hardtop 12406 $44.95/kit flippers without the flipper seal the flipper is noisy and practically useless keep the drafts and noise out and allow the flipper to the job it was designed for rolled edge overhangs top of flipper to the outside made in the usa 1955-57 2-door hardtop #840 $19.95/pr hardtop flipper springs plastic flipper lever covers door flipper stops at front mounts inside flipper opening and is held in by glue and by forwardmost flipper screw open side faces in while front lower flap sits against windshield pillar 1955-57 2-door hardtop #831 $15.95/pr prevents scratching of the vent window frame assembly 1955-57 2-door hardtop #10161 $7.95/pr one of the cleverest solutions for the hardtop is

rust converter rust encapsulator new eastwood rust encapsulator has been tested by an independent lab to be the most effective rust preventive product yet tested against well-known brands the new eastwood rust encapsulator has proven to be superior in sunlight resistance preventing rust creep and overall durability one 16 oz net wt aerosol covers about 10 sq ft contains no isocyanates heat resistant up to 400 degrees f made in the usa ground shipping only • it’s easy to use just remove any loose rust and wax oil or grease then brush rust encapsulator on if you prefer thin up to 20 with lacquer thinner and spray • it seals and stops rust and corrosion from spreading use over or under body fillers • rust encapsulator is a great primer for floor pans and other under-body parts it fills tiny pin-holes and surface irregularities and is compatible with lacquer enamel and urethane top coats including chassis black • for the absolute ultimate rust remedy first

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