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interior trim #12752 #16230 #12759 classic instruments #12757 #16231 #12754 classic instruments gear selectors 1955-56 black overdrive #12752 $173.95/set 1955-56 black th350-400 #12753 $173.95/set 1955-56 grey overdrive #12754 $173.95/set 1955-56 grey th350-400 #12755 $173.95/set 1955-56 tan overdrive #12756 $173.95/set 1955-56 tan th350-400 #12757 $173.95/set 1955-56 white overdrive #12758 $173.95/set 1955-56 white th350-400 #12759 $173.95/set #16232 classic instruments “belera ii” gauge sets the classic instruments “belera ii” has the nostalgic look of the original instrument layout features include a dual layer design led lighting for superior night time illumination wiring harness complete with a quick disconnect and more it installs into the original or a reproduction chrome bezel in your 1955-56 chevy and comes complete with a new glass lens it will work in any model 1955-56 classic chevy part #16232 and #16233 are shown with bezels but bezels not included will not work with ls series engines or lt1-lt4 engines ls and lt1-4 engines require that you purchase additional temperature senders to fit your engine see part #17992 for lt1-4 and 16478 for all ls applications 1955-56 black face with white font and pointers 16230 $849.95/set 1955-56 gray face with white font and red pointers 16231 $849.95/set 1955-56 tan face with brown font and red pointers 16232 $849.95/set 1955-56 white face with black fonts and pointers 16233 $849.95/set 1955-56 black danchuk signature series 16894 $899.95/set 1955-56 white danchuk signature series 16895 $899.95/set danchuk signature series gear selectors 1955-56 white th350-400 #14795 $173.95/set 1955-56 black th350-400 #14796 $173.95/set 1955-56 white overdrive #14797 $173.95/set 1955-56 black overdrive #14798 $173.95/set 86 interior trim classic instruments temperature sender replacement temperature sender unit for all classic instruments gauges all 1/8 npt #16477 $24.95/ea all 3/8 npt #17992 $24.95/ea all 1/2 npt #17993 $24.95/ea classic instruments temperature sender this temperature sender is required when using classic instruments gauges and gauge sets with any ls series engines all 12mm #16478 28.95/ea.