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glove box light switch assembly switch bolts for the front of the motor interior door panel trim dakota digital dash gauges convertible top tack strip convertible top tacking strip ignition switch bezel nut spare tire wing nut glove box lock retainer trunk lid hinge bolts convertible top cylinders bracket convertible top lift cylinder convertible top boot snaps convertable top lift cylinders trunk lid hinge bolt kit convertible top lift cylinders gas tank sending unit inside rear view mirror gas tank sending unite gas tank sending units bucket seat mounting brackets steering column floor seal convertible top motor rebuild kit oil pressure sender fittings gas tank sending unit installation front bench seat foam gas tank sending unit used glove box light switch brake and clutch pedal assembly chevy heater control face plate heater control face plate high beam indicator light interior trim classic 1957 interior door panels 1957 interior door panel door panel trim dash trim sets interior door panel clips trim pad retainer clip interior door panels interior door panel interior door 2 panel interior door sill covers interior door edge trim interior door panel stainless trim interior car door panels interior door side trim rear quarter trim panels interior side door panel rear quarter trim under dash column trim rear arm rest interior convertible interior door panels for 57 chevy rear quarter panel interior convertible interior rear quarter panels

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interior trim #10048 #10047 #10428 dash trim #13791 polished aluminum dash trim sets if it s the custom look your after for your 5-6-7 then we have the dash trim for you these thick and durable pieces are beautifully polished due to thicker material filing and trimming of the bezels may be required for a proper fit parts #13791 and #13792 come with gauge panels so you can install stewart warner or auto meter gauges but some cutting may be required 1955-56 lines only w radio #10428 $176.95/set 1955-56 lines only w/out radio #10429 $176.95/set 1955-56 w gauge panels for 3-3/8 2-1/16 gauges #13791 375.95/set 1955-56 w gauge panels for 3-3/8 2-5/8 gauges #13792 375.95/set 1955-56 w lines polished aluminum for cd player #13793 $176.95/set 1957 w/out radio cut out #10048 232.95/set 1957 w radio cut out #10047 232.95/set 1957 w lines polished aluminum for cd player #13794 $227.95/set bel air gold dash script beautiful golden finish on this dash emblem complements the

interior trim instrument cluster gaskets it’s a good idea to replace the gaskets when replacing the instrument cluster 1955-56 #1912 $8.95/set 1957 instrument cluster bezel set these seals are essential when mounting the instrument cluster bezels part #1352 to the cluster 1957 #1237 $7.95/set instrument cluster socket kit 1955 #12248 $33.95/set instrument cluster gauge to instrument cluster seals stamping dies molds plastic injection…this set includes it all the fit is without flaw and the chrome plating is literally as good as it gets we now include the lenses and color inserts #609b with the kit you can’t go wrong with reproductions like this use with upper moulding parts #10210 and #10211 below part #1237 shown at left is included made in the usa 1957 1352 $94.95/kit #2050 1955-56 instrument cluster bezel sets 1957 instrument cluster refacing kits whether you’re replacing your dash panel lenses or just want to clean up the originals installing

interior trim auto meter gauges #12065 #12066 billet gauge adapter kit lets you mount auto meter 5 speedometer with 2-1/16 gauges in cluster 1957 #15057 $139.95/kit #12093a #12068 #12067 auto meter gauges auto meter speedometer sender will not fit tko transmissions all #12094 $119.95/ea we are pleased to offer auto meter s street rod series of dash gauges featuring precision air core movement nostalgic styled pointers gold black nickel or chrome bezels and clear domed lenses we have the match for any classic car whether your look is the american platinum arctic white designer black s aggresive number style and pointer or the timely nostalgic look of old tyme white we ve got your gauges gauges are electric and come with all the required sending units fuel gauges uses stock sender and a polished billet gauge panel billet openings are 3-1/8 for larger and 2-1/16 for smaller speedometer now features lcd odometer 1955-56 arctic white 12065 $564.95/set 1955-56 designer black 12066

interior trim with this high-tech dash system you can have digital instrumentation in your 1955-57 bezel assembly without modification to your dash one of the hottest features of this 5-gauge system is the cool blue vacuum fluorescent readout–a display that is so easy to read that even in full sunlight all the details are clear and crisp oil water fuel and voltage readings begin flashing when the car is operating outside normal running limits the display dims for night driving and an internal memory feature holds the odometer reading when the battery is disconnected the system also features tachometer readouts to 8000 rpm speed readouts to 255 mph and an automatic transmission gear shift indicator sender is not included sold separately metric conversion models and custom color displays are available by special order bezels and housings not included 1955-56 #2360 $569.95/ea 1957 #2361 $609.95/ea 1955-57 gear shift indicator sender #933 $124.95/ea phone 800 854-6911

interior trim metal rear armrest assembly 1955-57 2-door hardtop #10439 $284.95/pr armrests 1955-56 black armrests fits all front doors and can be used on rear doors except rear doors on wagons mounting screws included 150 210 12271 $78.95/pr rear seat armrest bases these metal rear armrest bases get covered in vinyl and are often rusty or missing 1955-57 hardtop #16488 $209.95/pr 1955-57 convertible #16490 $279.95/pr rear armrest with ashtray 1955-56 2-door sedan black 17937 134.95/ea bel air armrest rubber pads armrest finger cup 1955-56 bel air molded #11300 14.95/ea armrest bracket 1955-56 front or rear 2 4-door bel air #15519 16.95/ea 98 interior trim armrest bases 1955 b/a sedan #11429 $214.95/pr 1955 bel air hardtop #11430 $214.95/pr 1955 nomad only #11431 74.95/pr 1956 bel air front rear #11537 $79.95/pr molded of high-quality sturdy rubber 1955 #11427 $79.95/pr 1956 #11427a $79.95/pr 1957 #306

interior trim bench seat side support springs constructed of heavy-gauge steel wire springs in a flat s-pattern our spring assembly is shaped to the seat contour and can be solidly mounted in the seat frame maintain a better seat shape and put the spring back in your ride with a new seat back spring assembly fits all 2-door models 1955-56 driver #2620 109.95/ea 1955-56 psngr #2621 109.95/ea 1957 driver #2622 109.95/ea 1957 passenger #2623 109.95/ea no matter how perfect your restoration may be if the seat you’re sitting on is sagging you won’t enjoy the ride these support springs provide the look and comfort you deserve for 195556 cars one spring is needed per side two springs per set for 1957 s two springs are needed per side and four come in each set 1955-56 #2618 $23.95/pr 1957 shown #2619 $34.95/set seat frames seat back spring assemblies 3rd-row seat spring assemblies for 9-passenger wagons the 9-passenger wagon featured a 3rd row seat to accommodate larger

interior trim sill plates sill plates it s impossible to keep your sill plates from being scuffed by foot traffic replace yours with our part #575 or #576 show quality polished aluminum reproductions they’re correctly dimensioned and contoured for a perfect fit complete with “body by fisher” tags 1955-57 best all 2-door shown #575 59.95/pr 1955-57 good all 2-door #16712 46.95/pr 1955-57 best 4-door sedan 4-door wagon #576 $129.95/set 1955-57 good 4-door sedan 4-door wagon #16713 84.95/set part #575 contains trademarks of gm corp and is used by danchuk mfg under license sill plates set for 4-door hardtops after being discontinued for years they are finally back and faithfully reproduced just like the originals with the “body by fisher” tags and screws included 1956-57 #16896 209.95/set body by fisher sill plate tags this beautiful reproduction can also be used on many other gm cars made in the usa 1955-57 exc 4-door hardtop #577 $9.95/pr

interior trim custom door panel kits design 4 included in these kits 2-door panels panel blanks front panel graphics graphic pieces 2-rear panels panel blanks rear graphics graphic pieces 2-kick panels panel blanks kick panel graphics graphic pieces 20 panel clips 2 self tapping screws graphic pieces are those with foam applied not included in these kits masking tape drill and ¼ drill bit glue of choice razor blades marker material of choice for wrapping panels hot rod 4-door custom interior panel kits 1955-57 design #1 #17365 499.95/kit 1955-57 design #2 #17366 499.95/kit 1955-57 design #3 #17367 499.95/kit 1955-57 design #4 #17368 499.95/kit 1955-57 design #5 #17369 499.95/kit 1955-57 design #6 #17370 499.95/kit 1955-57 design #7 #17371 499.95/kit 1955-57 design #8 #17372 499.95/kit 1955-57 design #9 #17373 499.95/kit 1955-57 design #10 #17374 499.95/kit phone 800 854-6911 • www.danchuk.com

interior trim floor mats 4-piece set loop additional colors plush plush loop carpeted floor mats with chevrolet crest 126 interior trim 4-piece mat sets that feature the chevrolet crest embroidered on the front mats daytona available for additional charge by special order 1955-57 black loop 17479 119.95/set 1955-57 blue loop 17480 119.95/set 1955-57 dark blue loop 17481 119.95/set 1955-57 gray loop 17482 119.95/set 1955-57 red loop 17483 119.95/set 1955-57 turquoise loop 17484 119.95/set 1955-57 black plush 17485 119.95/set 1955-57 blue plush 17486 119.95/set 1955-57 dark blue plush 17487 119.95/set 1955-57 gray plush 17488 119.95/set 1955-57 red plush 17489 119.95/set 1955-57 tan plush 17490

dynamat noise reduction products interior trim headers blowers gear-driven timing and extra-wide tires create all forms of racket in modified cars dynamat is the solution for these difficult noise problems it reduces engine and road noise and can also be used to create a neutral acoustic environment for car audio systems there is no better way to bring contemporary riding comfort to your favorite restoration project than dynamat dynamat dynaliner dynamat this premium acoustic foam has the ability to convert sound into a low grade silent heat energy easily cut it can be applied to vertical and overhead surfaces with a quality spray adhesive it can also be laid on the floor over dynamat without adhering all 1/2 12 sq ft 2444 105.95/ea all 1/8 12 sq ft 14934 58.95/ea all 1/4 12 sq ft 14935 $74.95/ea dynamat custom cut kits this pre-cut kit gives you the right amount of dynamat extreme material to dampen the door of your 2-door hardtop sedan wagon or convertible 1955-57 2-door kit

interior trim convertible frame bolt set 2-piece set includes pre-installed snaps 1955-57 15309 $1,199.95/set #16142 convertible convertible pinchweld moulding set you’ve stripped off that ragged old top disassembled the frame and refurbished it now you’re ready to put it all back together to help you get the job done right we offer this complete convertible top frame bolt set containing 300 assorted nuts bolts washers and screws instructions and detailed photos are included 1955-57 #2189 $172.95/set #16143 #16144 #16145 convertible inner quarter garnish trim 1955-57 painted driver 16142 61.95/ea 1955-57 painted passenger 16143 61.95/ea 1955-57 chrome driver 16144 91.95/ea 1955-57 chrome passenger 16145 91.95/ea convertible inner fender to cowl washer seals because the convertible body flexes these rubber seals allow the necessary give and take of the fender to cowl mount without them the front end will squeak and rattle anti-squeak kits are on page 502 1955-56