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literature the literature section of the danchuk catalog is where you will find all those wonderful “how to” books that show you how to do this and how to do that along with a number of automotive books that are just plain interesting reading you will also find two of the most important items available to help you with your project the factory service and assembly manuals you will find reprints of all the owners’ manuals and the chevrolet service news pamphlets that chevy sent to their service departments highlighting repair and troubleshooting procedures wiring diagrams fuel injection manuals ac system manuals accessory installation manuals and reprints of many of the items used in the dealerships of the day to assist customers in choosing things for their new car and then there are the decals and stickers jacking instructions new car inspection sheets air cleaner decals factory window stickers radiator tags valve cover decals and if you look closely you can

literature manuals chevrolet factory assembly manuals these bound books are reprints of the manuals used on the assembly line at general motors and are essential for correct car restoration each manual contains detailed assembly drawings original part numbers and more you can save yourself much time and frustration by understanding the complete assembly before you begin a project 1955 #506 $23.95/ea 1956 #507 $23.95/ea 1957 #508 $23.95/ea color accessory booklets each booklet fully documents the accessories available for each model year included are some items so rare they are almost non-existent today 1955 #501 9.95/ea 1956 #502 9.95/ea 1957 #503 9.95/ea accessory installation manuals these are reprints of the chevrolet originals used by dealers to install the wide variety of accessories available 1957 manual includes truck applications 1955 504 $11.95/ea 1956 16658 $9.95/ea 1957 505 $17.95/ea 1955-56-57 coloring book and i.d manual all #16998 5.95/ea 544

literature 56 shop supplement 57 chevrolet shop manual contains over 500 pages devoted to the 1955 model year this authorized reprint of a gm manual documents every mechanical operation involved in the care and maintenance of the 1955 chevy used exclusively by mechanics in the chevrolet garages since the car first hit the streets 1955 #522 18.95/ea supplement to the 1955 manual this book covers only the changes made for 1956 with a section devoted exclusively to factory air conditioning 56 owners will need both the 55 and 56 manuals for complete information this is an authorized reprint of the gm original used exclusively by mechanics in the chevrolet garages 1956 #523 14.95/ea filling over 700 pages with detailed information this book is a must for 1957 owners this comprehensive manual covers all engines transmissions and body styles for the 1957 model year it’s an authorized reprint of the gm original used exclusively by mechanics in chevrolet dealerships and repair

literature color sales brochures manuals pattern of profit manual published by gm corporation in 1957 this manual is a complete review of a slideshow presentation created for chevrolet service departments pattern of profit instructed service departments on the correct way to do a “quality conditioning job” quickly and efficiently a true collector’s item for the ’57 chevy buff 1957 #2764 $7.75/ea handed out at car dealerships these color booklets helped the customer to pick and choose the models colors and fabrics available sorry the brochures for the sedan delivery models are not available 1955 shown 511 $6.95/ea 1955 nomad wagon 511a $6.95/ea 1956 shown 512 $6.95/ea 1956 nomad wagon 512a $6.95/ea 1957 shown 513 $6.95/ea 1957 nomad wagon 513a $6.95/ea convertible owner’s booklets these sixteen page color booklets describe in detail the operation care and maintenance of your convertible top exactly like the original and a must-have for

rochester fuel injection manual this catalog has been compiled as a quick and easy reference when ordering clips and mouldings 1953-63 #1119 $11.95/ea body and convertible top adjustments guide this wonderful little book contains all the information necessary to eliminate the confusion of what to torque shim and/or adjust to get the lines exact for your doors windows trunk lid and convertible top a real must have for the quality restorer 1955-57 #13292 12.95/ea suggested delivered prices chevrolet dealerships used the suggested delivered prices booklets as guides for setting their retail prices suggested prices for factory installed options and accessories are also included this is another interesting addition to any ’55-56-57 enthusiast’s collection the 1955 booklet covers trucks and commercial vehicles as well 1955 #1829 3.95/ea 1957 #1830 3.95/ea chevrolet fuel injection shop manual with this manual the chevrolet service man was provided with complete information

literature manuals #15570 #15571 #15578 #15572 #15579 passenger car wiring diagrams for those who just need a wiring diagram this is it covers the complete chassis power windows/seats bulb specs light switch etc for 55 a/c info see the 1956 version 1955 #15570 5.95/ea 1956 #15571 5.95/ea 1957 #15572 5.95/ea rochester manual #15574 #15577 #15575 #15580 #15576 #15581 servicing a/c systems manual this 38-page manual covers repair and maintenance of the factory air conditioning systems the info in this book may also be applied to the 1955 a/c system 1956 #15578 8.50/ea trans service news manual volume 28 number 4 service news covers in detail the new rochester 4bbl carburetor and goes over adjusting and overhaul of this power pack item 1956 #15574 3.50/ea this 12-page “service news” trouble-shoots chevrolets 4-speed transmission and also covers major service removal dissasembly/assembly and installation 1957 passenger car vette 4-speed #15580 3.50/ea electric wiper

literature 1955-56 #16657 23.95/ea rochester carburetors from the sophisticated rochester electronic and computer command controlled ccc carburetors to the most basic model this book will teach you what you need to know clear concise text provides details on design modification rebuilding and tuning many models are covered including the 1955-57 2g and 4g the e2me e2mc e4me and e4mc models as well as the quadrajet are all fully explained in this detailed book all #1873 22.95/ea how to design,build equip your automotive workshop how to design build and equip your automotive workshop on a budget provides the necessary information as the hobbyist considers various tools designs installations and products available for their automotive workspace many of the ideas presented for workbenches and storage can be implemented at low cost or even for free if you’re extra resourceful all #16840 24.95/ea chevy muscle cars a full color gallery spanning the history of chevy’s muscle

books literature how to build max perf chevy sb on a budget this book shows you how to extract serious horsepower from a small block chevy and how to do it on a budget included are details of the most desired factory part numbers easy do-it-yourself cylinder head modifications and inexpensive but effective aftermarket parts blocks best rotating assemblies camshaft selections ignition induction exhaust systems and more it also contains the latest engine-building techniques profiles current technology and includes today s affordable parts and engines 160 pages all #15757 29.95/ea how to rebuild the small block chevy rebuilding the sb chevy step-by-step videobook how to rebuild the small block chevy is a step-by-step book that shows you how to build a street or racing small block in your own garage hundreds of photos and easy to read text explain every procedure a pro goes through to assemble an engine from crankshaft to carb it covers teardown inspection replacement parts machine work

literature how-to hot rod big block chevys how to rebuild the big block chevy covers the best techniques for rebuilding chevrolet big block engines with over 450 color photos and step-by-step instructions subjects covered include history preparation tools teardown inspection parts machine work and final assembly 144 pages all #15750 29.95/ea any 396 402 427 or 454 cu in engine owner can achieve outstanding acceleration and incredible speed by applying the secrets contained in this book everything is covered manifolds headers valves pistons and more material covering all big-block chevy engines produced from 1965 to present is included all #1870 22.95/ea how-to rebuild your big block chevy big block chevy performance from a simple parts swap to a complete overhaul this handbook is the information source parts identification reconditioning and interchange as well as engine assembly and troubleshooting are thoroughly detailed reference material for all chevy big-blocks produced from

books literature how to build modify hi-perf manual trans book how to rebuild ls-series engines this is the first book of it s kind that was written to help you rebuild your ls-series engine it explains the variations between the different ls-series engines and elaborates on the features that make this engine family such an excellent design this workbench book has more than 600 photos charts and illustrations to give simple instructions on disassembly thru final assembly and provides instruction for both stock and performance rebuilds it guides you through both the easy and tricky procedures to make sure your engine works perfectly 152 pages all #15754 29.95/ea this book focuses on the manual transmissions that were standard fare with racers and in all the most powerful performance muscle cars of the day it covers the t-10 super t-10 gm/muncie ford toploader chrysler a833 and the new tremec t-5 hundreds of step-by-step photos guide you through the rebuilding processes as well as

automotive wiring electrical systems this is the perfect guide to high performance and oem automotive electrical systems it covers electrical theory techniques and equipment custom wiring harneses for racing hot rods and restorations it also covers pre-made wiring harnesses special electrical systems navagational audio video the troubleshooting of common electrical problems dash and instrument wiring and trailer wiring 192 pages all #15676 18.95/ea automotive electrical handbook step-by-step explanations of electrical theory and how components work combined with a detailed glossary of terms and symbols makes this book the number one reference source for your automotive wiring needs it covers everything from the basics to how to lay out circuit diagrams all #1861 22.95/ea books performance custom car wiring electrical book literature this book unshrouds the mysteries of automotive electrics and electronic systems the basics of electrical principles including voltage amperage and

literature books engine cooling systems book holley 4150 and 4160 carburetors engine cooling systems is the ultimate guide to designing and maintaining engine cooling systems for peak performance it covers basic theory and modifications as well as the individual components such as the water pump radiator and thermostatic control systems 128 pages all #15677 14.95/ea this is the definitive guide for 4150 and 4160 holley carbs you’ll find plenty of detailed information on tuning repairing and more all #1874 22.95/ea 554 literature sheet metal handbook sheet metal if you want to shape it shear it roll it or form it this is the book for you detailed instructions cover terms tools equipment layout design pattern making hammer forming and riveting techniques this is the perfect companion to the metal fabricator’s handbook all #1864 22.95/ea super tuning modifying holly carbs metal fabricator’s handbook this book shows you how to select install tune and modify all

literature to truly round out your skills in mechanical or body and chassis repair you eventually will need to learn how to weld automotive welding a practical guide is the perfect book to teach you it covers the kinds of welding or metalworking available or commonly used the tools required to perform welding tasks the types of welders available basic welding techniques grinding and cutting various forms of sheetmetal work frame repair and reinforcement filling holes and rust repair tube steel projects and more 144 pages all #15748 29.95/ea car care for car guys there are plenty of guides for people who are working on their cars out of necessity but this is not one of them this book is written for the person that works on their cars because they want to because they enjoy it car care for car guys gives you the critical car knowledge and advice that true gearheads possess but that could take years to acquire on your own it tells you the things you need to know before you get your

literature decals assorted decals stickers and instructions assorted decals stickers and instructions 1 new car inspection sheet 1954-60 366k $3.95/ea 2 jacking instructions 1955 642a $3.95/ea jacking instructions 1956 642b $3.95/ea jacking instructions 1957 642c $3.95/ea jacking instructions 1957 wagon nomad sed del 642d $3.95/ea jack stowage sheet 1954-60 continental kit 642e $3.95/ea 3 chevrolet envelope 509 $3.95/ea 4 owner’s maintenance schedule folder 518 $3.95/ea “chevrolet special parts” decal 3” 1766 $3.95/ea “chevrolet special parts” decal 5” 1767 $4.95/ea 5 “chevrolet special parts” decal 8” 1768 $6.95/ea 6 sunvisor sleeves 1955-57 powerglide 999 $5.95/ea 7 breaking-in instructions 1955-57 366g $3.95/ea chevrolet bowtie decal 7” 1763 $4.95/ea 8 owner’s service certificate 1955-57 366m $3.95/ea 9 factory window sticker 1955-57 all models 366v $2.95/ea 10 oil filter decal 1956-57 v8