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aerospace application range aircraft materials tool manufacturers are often confronted with tricky challenges when working for the aviation industry the machining of hard to work materials like ferritic / martensitic steels nickel alloys titanium and other special alloyed materials demand highly sophisticated solutions titanium alloys aluminium alloys glass fibre reinforced plastics composites super alloys aerospace thread norms iso 3161 with radius the iso 3161 norm indicates the general requirements for connecting elements in the aerospace industry and differs from the conventional thread norm by a controlled root radius the thread flank angle remains identical however the bottom of the thread shows a distinct radius threading tools as per iso 3161 are marked with a “j” for example unj for un threads iso 3161 without radius thread indications labeled with a “j” in brackets for example unj for un threads mean that the threading tools will be without radius on the outside diameter these cutting tools are suitable for unj unjc unjf threads as per iso 3161 when a radius on the thread bottom is not specifically required dc swiss offers a wide range of standard tools for mj uncj unjf unfj and eg threads in the requested 4h 3b or 6hmod tolerances iso 5855 / 3161 / iso din 8140 1