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high grade medical stainless steel itan tap line is manufactured in 1.4123 aisi 420 martensitic stainless steel which lets the tools benefit from the highest possible corrosion resistance from raw material to final result all products are undergoing strict antioxidation pre-tests in our metallurgical laboratory to ensure the requested quality level of the dental environment grinded manufacturing process dc swiss is one of only a hand-full manufacturer worldwide grinding the thread profile in stainless steels compared to conventional methods like thread rolling itan tap series ensure absolute respect of tolerance and dimension for each tool even when producing large production badges of several thousand pieces no polishing with polishing cutting edge preparation cutting edge preparation means cleaning all tools from burrs and other remaining impurities as you can clearly observe on the picture on the left the difference of the surface quality is impressive the advantages are an easy-guided and smooth running tap low-vibration by significantly reducing unwanted heat generation wide program of types dimensions a wide range of tools for implant dentistry sets are offered on individual basis and in accordance with the customer’s requirement cutting thread taps can be manufactured from diameter 0.3mm with or without center plug and with the suitable shank connection just send us your request and experience a new level of functionality sharpness and grinding quality threading technology 3