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gw2000 reduced deflection solid carbide single profile multi toothed thread whirl cutters are designed to reduce radial pressure whilst climb milling in standard applications and in holes up to 2.5 x d1 thread depth gw3000 pitch guaranteed solid carbide double pitch thread whirl cutters with multi flutes ensure a complete thread profile recommended for titanium and stainless steel applications for thread depth up to 4 x d1 gwi3000 internal coolant solid carbide double pitch thread whirl cutter with internal coolant exclusive patented shank coolant exit pointing the cutting profile and consequently ensuring high-performance by cooling down constantly the cutting edges of the tool as well as avoiding any chip contact gw4100 burr-free thread forms solid carbide thread whirl cutters multi fluted with full profile form ensure a burr-free thread specifically for medical implant component applications with thread depth of up to 4 x d1 burr burr-free threading technology 5